I don't blog much anymore

This blog has been a total blast over the years, but when you write content for a living, the urge to get home at night, get straight into your PJ's and eat an excessive amount of Doritos is all-consuming. Some super humans can manage to fight the Dorito urge and manage to juggle blogging, jobbing, gymming and EVERYTHING. But despite getting into all sorts of hippie stuff like self help books and crystals, I haven't figured it out how to do it all. I guess I'm just an un-super human. I hope to come back some day. Mega thanks to everyone that's supported this blog along the way :)

You can still see what I'm up to, what I'm eating and what my cat's doing on Instagram - and I'm always lurking on Twitter, obvs.

* - this post was sponsored by Doritos for a ludicrous sum.
** - NOT REALLY. <3