My First London Pub Garden Outing!

You know summer's here when you're glugging a lovely fruity cider in a sunny pub garden. Yep, I lost my London pub garden virginity today with my friend Catherine at The Canonbury. It was very special and she was very gentle with me. 

Check me out in my potential new outfit post location! I'm on the slightly ropey roof terrace area beyond our balcony - it needs a bit of TLC but everyone knows a good brick wall is like a blogger's dream location, so it'll do! 

(Dress - Evil Twin in the Urban Outfitters sale, jacket - Primark, shoes - Sarenza, sunnies - H&M)

We had a Sunday Roast - it was lovely! 

I had a mixed fruit Kopparberg - this shiz tastes like literal jelly! Amazing.

 Then it was onto Pimm's - with a side order of gappy fringe (will be putting an end to that nonsense tonight with some scissors as I cut a new fringe in... Wish me luck!)

The walk home was mostly spent ogling the insanely gorgeous houses round my 'hood that I'll never be able to afford - sob! At least I can look...

And now I'm off to cut my fringe, which could end badly! At least I haven't been drinking Pimm's and Cider today. Oh wait.



Me me me and stuff

The new Company Mag has hit stores and inside is my first mag column and also a feature I wrote about the 'ugly food' that never gets a moment in the Foodstagram spotlight!

Since writing both of those I've also had some more exciting news - I've been promoted to Features Writer on the magazine. So I'll get to write loads more and have some really fun ideas up my sleeve that'll be hitting the pages so I hope you'll enjoy reading them :)

Woop woop! 

Also, I went back to my uni to do a bit of a Q&A sesh with the students along with some other uni alumni who have gone onto do cool stuff. They made a video of myself and another girl from my old course (Fashion Promotion, FYI) Charlotte chatting about what we did and how we've gotten to where we are now. Amazing the different paths people on my course have gone onto!

Going to see Thriller at the theatre tomorrow - so excited! Then hopefully sunning it up on Sunday because appaz the sunshine is BACK from its 8-month hiatus. Woohoo!

You got some sunny weekend plans ahead? xo


Growing Out Short Hair: From Crop To Bob In 6 Months!

I had always loved my short hair but there came a time that I decided that it was starting to make me look a bit old/odd and I just didn't feel 100% 'me'. So I decided to take on the mission of growing out a pixie crop. Which actually turned out to be a piece of piss!

I had always had the logic in mind that I would grow the fringe out first, then gradually try to grow the back out into a 'Pob' situation, like I had started to around the time of this blog post, but it never really worked out. 

What actually worked for me this time round was the opposite - the shorter the fringe, the longer the sides look, so I kept my fringe short short short and let the sides and back do their thing! 

Let's start at the er, start, shall we?

Here I am at Reading Fest on 25th August 2013 with a slightly too-long crop:

Shortly after, leaving the rest of my hair alone, I cut in a straight fringe:
Around 6 weeks later, the sides were starting to come down a bit. I straightened the life out of the sides of my hair to make them look as long as poss! 

 At 8 weeks:

Around 10 weeks into my 'growth', I trimmed my fringe crazy short and kept leaving the sides and back alone. 

On 23rd December, 4 months in:  

Mid-January - more fringe trimming. Lego-tastic!

This is around Mid-January - I started to put my hair over one ear to stop it all looking so lego-like and have more of a 'style' to it. This was a pretty messy hair day, soz. 

February 2013 - the first time my hair started to look more bob-like and less crop-like! 

And 1 month later - around 6 months into the whole growing thing - we have a little bob! Albeit a messy one. I've not had a trim or anything, I've just let it grow, so it's a bit messy at the back (I used to have it shaved at the nape, so growing that part out isn't fun! 

And here's me the other day, 7 months since deciding to ditch the crop. I've started flicking the hair out at the bottom to give it a bit of shape and style. 

So yeah! Onwards and upwards, or should that be downwards (ie: hair growing down... This whole line worked better in my head)

I've still got a long way to go and I know a time is coming where I'm going to have to have a bit of a trim to sort out my scruffy nape and get a layer or two around the crown for some oomph...

If you've got short hair and are thinking of growing it out, I say just go for it! My hair has breezed through the awkward stage so quickly and I'm so happy I stuck it out. It hasn't even been THAT awkward.

I even managed to get my hair in bunches at the weekend! Although they did look ridiculous. It was cool to buy hairbands for the first time in like, 7 years, though!

Hope you've enjoyed my journey from crop to bob!

Any more styling tips for a short-bobbed girl like me? I tried using curling tongs at the weekend. Verdict: TOO SOON. It was ridic.