I'm rushing off to The BRIT Awards but couldn't NOT blog my amazing news regarding Company Mag....


Will blog about it properly tomorrow! :D





And breeeeeaaaattthheeee! 

London Fashion Week is over for another season and I have to say it was my best one EVER. I actually 'did' less than ever in terms of going to/backstage at shows, as my role was more desk-based, keeping the fashion week section of Company up to date with latest street style, show reports and other LFW related bits and bobs. But somehow this was way more enjoyable and rewarding than all the running about... Plus I always think you actually 'see' more fashion shows when you're live streaming etc! Tickets shmickets...

I went on a few street style missions to Somerset House - and decided to wear my Backstreet Boys tee I got in Paris which is getting more and more weathered by the day :(

(tee - Paris thrift shop 'Guerrisol', daisy flocked leggings - Topshop, shoes - Sarenza*, jacket- ancient H&M!) 

Anyhow, I did get off the laptop at some points though, like going to the Rihanna for River Island show and partay. The clothes and styling were surprisingly awesome - trust my battery to die at the one thing that I would've loved to blog photos of! 

My work chum Lexi did get a snap of me meeting the legend that is CARA at the show!!!

She was so sweet and had lots of time for us Company girls even though she was being pulled in a million directions and papped like woah. 

I also met another legend and perhaps even soulmate last night.... P'Trique! It was at the #BeautyCon afterparty!

I stole a quick interview with P'Trique too - can't wait to transcribe it and relive the epic lolz! 

Have you enjoyed LFW? Which shows have you been loving and loathing?



I Love Every Kind Of Cat - Got It?

I had a traumatic time recently when someone I work with casually revealed they didn't realise I liked cats. It felt like a slap in the face. Everything I thought I knew about myself was called into question... Have I not brandished my cat oyster card holder enough? Worn my kitty knits enough? Spammed Roxy pics enough?

Of course I'm not THAT self absorbed that I think everyone should know about my obsessions, but either way, just to prevent any future doubt, I decided it was time to up the cat ante in a way everyone would notice... Out came the eBay cat shirt!

Tee - eBay
Skirt - New Look
Shoes - Sarenza* (only available in black now)

A close up of my geekgasmic little flats from Sarenza. They're mega comfy and get bonus nostalgic points because they look like what I wore when I was 3. 

So yeah anyway, I'm Gem and I like cats. Don't forget it or I will be forced to walk about with Roxy on a lead at all times like a weirdo. Singing my anthem.

I'm off to make pancakes now! Even though I spent SIX ENGLISH POUNDS on not one but two trips to the crepe stand near my office. It's clear something is definitely wrong with the 'managing food impulses' part of my brain. But anyway I'm gonna go eat more pancakes to numb the pain, byeeeee :D

Happy pancake day, hope yours has been a cheaper one than mine! xo


New Leggings

On my latest Toppers spree, I picked up these 'daisy spot flock treggings' to stop me living in jeans all the time. They come in white too, which look awesome. I originally bought the 12 but found them roomy so switched to a 10 and found I was still hoiking them up quite a lot whilst wearing them so do go a couple of sizes smaller if you get these! 

(Jacket - Topshop, Tee - Tesco, Necklace - Primark, Boots - Bertie*)
(Photos nabbed from an Office Style Spy  session at work!)

(These were £28 but bear in mind the extra 99p you'll need to invest in a lint roller - fluff LOVES these leggings!)

I never know what to wear on top with things like this so I just went for this burn-out tee I got in Tesco ages ago... I feel like I need more 'luxe' alternatives to jersey tees in my life... Any ideas where to pick those up for a reasonable price? Topshop is ideal but £38 for an essentially 'boring' item seems a stretch to me! 

We've had a lovely weekend. Went for a walk around Covent garden yesterday and then came home and went for late lunch at The Diner in Angel which is almost opposite our flat! I've had some hit 'n' miss experiences at The Diner but our first trip to this branch was AMAZING. I recommend the Arch burger (pulled pork, cheese and a smoky sauce *drool*), sweet potato fries and the Shakes - £4.10 but it comes in a big metal cup which equates to about 3 glasses!

I'm about to attempt cooking a Pork Belly roast dinner! May also have to consider changing my name via deedpoll to Pork Belly after a very sobering incident today when I leant forward whilst on laptop and my belly literally clicked a link of its own accord on my laptop. Beginning to think the fact we've moved opposite a Virgin Active Gym is fate intervening in my life... 



Oh hi

Woohoo - we're finally all settled in our new flat in London! The internet is more or less up and running (read: we're stealing the neighbour's wifi until ours is switched on...) and we've bought and built an array of Ikea furniture! Will post piccies of our fab new pad once the finishing touches are complete... 

Set up the tripod for an outfit pic session tonight and the 'blind-slash-radiator', although not the most artistic backdrop, was the least cluttered! 

I was filming and photo-ing behind the scenes on the Company Rising Stars shoot today and couldn't resist bringing out my brand new purchase - Topshop's Cat Dress! It was a snip at £28. I've been having a hard time shopping at Toppers now I don't get staff discount, but at that price I couldn't resist. 

(Jacket - Topshop, Belt - Primark, Boots - Vagabond c/o Sarenza)


I also attempted a new trend today... An ear cuff! These are nothing new in the fash blog world but I never suited any ear-wear when my hair was cropped, and now it's growing out I thought I might get away with the 'edgy' look a bit better. Plus at £1 from Primark for a 'silver' and 'gold' one, I couldn't resist. The jury's out on whether I looked cool or odd, but I wouldn't rule out trying the look again! 

Obviously now I've moved I should in theory have lots of extra time to resuscitate this blog! Tell me what you want to see more of now I have extra content streams at my disposal (amazing restaurants EVERYWHERE = more food blogging!)

Tell me what you want what you really really want: