Fur Sure

I bought a fur collar for £12.99 in H&M yesterday and it *might* have changed my life. Just look how much cooler it makes my oversized blazer jacket look:




OMG, glam-over!!!
I'm thrilled with it! My jacket was a charity shop number. I bought it in Bexhill on the day I found out I got my job at Company but have never worn it because I've felt like it's a bit too broad for me. But my new fur makes ALL the difference :) I'm wearing a bobbly old jersey H&M top and my awesome corduroy leggings from Uniqlo (which were only £14.99) - can't link as they're sold out, but worth a look if you're near a Uniqlo! My studded beauties are Jeffrey Campbell c/o Sarenza 

My 'love' necklace is from Claire's and the origami swan is H&M.

My hair's getting to the floppy mop stage of growing it out. Think I'm going to get a fringe trim at the weekend so I look more Amelie-esque. All I want is a bob. I just think everything I want to wear would make more sense if I had longer hair. It's surprising the things that don't suit you when you have short hair. Even down to earrings (I just look bizarre in them!)

Have had a lovely night catching up with my Topshop pals over a Wetherspoons roast (don't judge me!) Now gotta tidy the house so Alex doesn't detect the bombsite I have created in his absence. Think floordrobe! 



In Beauty: The Mag For Beauty Addicts!

When I was on the most recent Company cover shoot, I noticed an incredible magazine among amazing make up artist Sophie Higginson's products... it's called In Beauty. It's released twice a year to correspond with the seasons and is packed with the make up looks from all of the key catwalk shows at each Fashion Week.

It's amazing to be able to flick through it and see at a glance each catwalk look and spot the key trends and best make up looks from the shows. I actually find this easier than looking online at every key show and then trying to mentally work out which trends have emerged and remember what I've seen. Plus it's just so pretty to look at...

The downer is  that it's very very hard to get hold of**. Nowhere online seems to have it (besides this US site) and it seems to only be stocked in specialist magazine stores. Although I picked my copy up in a newsagent on Wardour Street on Sophie's recommendation which was good! 

It cost about £33 which is MENTAL, I do understand that. But it's such an amazing resource that will help me big time for the next 6 months, so I felt like it was a worthwhile cost. So if you're a make up artist, beauty blogger or beauty writer or someone that basically needs to know their shit when it comes to beauty trends, it definitely might be worth checking out! 

**EDIT: Have just seen that it is available in the Apple App Store (search 'InBeauty') where you can get the iPad version for only £11.99, and a free preview!**

I'll shut up now so we can look at the pretty pictures :)

What do you think of my new fave mag? 


Keeping On Without You

HEY! Happy weekend!

Well, it's not THAT happy a weekend for me seeing as my fiancé (or as I like to spell it, Feyoncé) is away, rendering me an emo loser. I feel like I'm missing a limb when he's not about! I go all weird and listless and talk to myself a bit. And spend longer than acceptable in my PJ's, like right now. How pathetic am I?!

Anyway, have got lots to keep me busy this weekend, though, such as seeing friends, charity shopping and getting lost in the world of eBay (a payday spree is on the cards!)

So this is what I wore to work the other day (excuse the windswept barnet)! Yes, I actually managed to take an outfit photo! This was taken on my HTC One S phone (disclosure - got it free at its launch but am under no obligation to feature!) and I can't believe how good the quality is! In fact, I used my phone to grab a few snaps for Twitter at LFW and they actually came out way better than my Canon, which can't seem to handle movement/bright lights!

I'm wearing my charity shop fur coat (from back in the days when Canterbury's charity shops weren't WHACK), a blouse from Dotty P's, my trusty jeans from New Look, Pug necklace c/o Cheap Frills and my new boots c/o Sarenza. They're by Jeffrey Campbell and are pretty much the coolest things ever. Dedicated post coming up on these bad boys and their incredible packaging SOON. 

I'm also wearing my brand new glasses from Specsavers I got with a press voucher (disclosing, not boasting)! They're by Spijkers & Spijkers (Model no. Spijkers 10) but don't seem to be available on the website yet. I picked them up in the Tottenham Court Rd branch, so if you want some, you might be able to get your store to order some from there. I feel like my face is complete now I own these! Also, it turned out my current prescription was all wonky so I have a new one and can now see everything SO much clearer. They're £125 but designer frames are BOGOF so they do work out cheaper! 

Am off to get ready for a day of charity shopping in Whitstable with my buddy Charlotte! Then I'll probs blog again tonight because I have an amazing magazine to show you guys. 



LFW Behind The Scenes: Vivienne Westwood Red Label

At London Fashion Week this year I had the amazing task of attending the fashion shows backstage to get pics of the models and speak to the make up artists/hair stylists etc. I have SO many photos so have decided to give this show a little post of it's own because the hair and make up was AMAZE to the BALLS. 

A bit of backstage background: Press with backstage access are given a call time of 1-1.5 hours before the show time to get there with time to see the looks created and listen to the head make up artist and hair stylist discuss the inspiration for the look and key products/techniques used. 

For this show, we were told the theme for both hair and make up was 'Warhol meets royalty'. Hair had either a Queen style (created with wigs) or a Debbie Harry tousled look. Make up was a literal translation of Warhol, with eyes lips and faces painted in alternating bright paint! 

Charlotte Free looking AT MY LENS. Oh my god.

Nail Rock created custom nail wraps for the show to complement the retro aesthetic of the clothing, hair and make up.

Alice Dellal looked very Zen-like with her eyes closed and lolly in mouth! 

The vibe was pretty hectic, as to be expected, but it was quite a spacious location so it wasn't as chaotic as a few other shows I'd seen... 

And here's how the show looked after all the backstage madness!

What do you think of the hair/make up for this show? Are you interested in seeing more backstage pics for other shows I went to?



Peter Pan & Polka Dots

At the weekend I was at the Prima Home Made Show, where I was holding some DIY crafty classes! I was sooo nervous beforehand but once people started sitting at my tables and joining in my customisation classes, I was in my element. It was like SuperScrimpers brought to life! In fact, I did get recognised by quite a few of the crafty punters..!

Here's the outfit I wore on Saturday:

(Dress - Dorothy Perkins, Hair band - c/o Crown & Glory, Boots - charity shop)

A close up of the lovely hair band Crown & Glory kindly sent me! I'm really into hair accessories at the moment while I try and grow my hair into a bob. Turns out a few flowers disguise the awkward stage very nicely! 

The dress is another new purchase. Only £32 in Dorothy Perkins!

Here are a few snaps from my little crafting pen! Company paper bunting:

Before one of the classes:

This adorably cool brother and sister who were 11 and 13 years old... They were pros when it came to studding! And bickering. It was too cute!

I'm just gearing up for LFW madness now. Our beauty director is away so I'm having to take her place backstage at all of the shows interviewing make up artists and photographing models... #FML #IQuit etc... Joking, totally excited beyond belief! 

Any of you guys heading to LFW? Hoping to see some familiar faces! 



Free Friday

I've had a lovely day off today! The weather has been lovely here so Alex and I headed to our secret garden in town and read books and mags respectively whilst eating Maoam Pinballs - yum!

I kinda misjudged the weather so WAS wearing this, before deciding it was too hot for my legs to me cooped up in jeans so I switched to a skirt! 

(Jacket - Topshop, Tee and Necklace - H&M, Jeans - New Look,  Hairband - Dorothy Perkins, Boots - c/o Bertie, Lippie - All About Me by Topshop)

My new dream boots were a gift from Bertie. Theresa and I have been thrilling over their boots selection at work so I am chuffed to have a pair of my own. They ooze quality unlike most of my cheap and cheerful footwear choices, and I love the zip on the inside - nothing more annoying than constantly having to loosen laces on lace-up boots to get them on! #firstworldproblems... So yeah, meet my new go-to shoes!

I'm now off to wash up and mentally practice each step of the customising demonstration I'm doing at Bluewater all weekend for Company... Most of the ideas are engrained in my mind but I'm panicking I'll forget one crucial step and then choke in front of a bunch of people trying to follow along at the demo... Eek! 

Wish me confidence, peeps... Can't be any worse than crafting to the nation on SuperScrimpers right?!

Hope you've all got lovely weekend plans? 



Photo Diary #1

A few snaps of what I've been up to recently... 

I don't think I blogged this picture, but here's me and Jessica Ennis! I had a little chat with her about her health and beauty regime. It's here if you wanted to have a read! 

Chilling in Alex's Simpsons slippers...

 Leafing through Betty Magazine... It really is beautiful!

Alex's dad bought me this amazing printed wooden block... Never were truer words said!

Speaking of which, here's your daily Roxy!

The neon nails I sported this week - I used a Jessica polish.

I got a fringe cut in the other day. I'm trying to grow my hair into a little bob and at first my theory was to keep the front long so it could grow into a Frankie Sandford-esque do, but it was looking pretty floppy and unflattering (see above) so I'm switching up my plan and keeping the fringe short and growing out the rest... We'll see how it goes! Or should I say grows!
My face is in Company!!!! I was in the contributors section in the new issue to highlight the behind-the-scenes pics and videos I got at our Fearne cover shoot. I genuinely cried a bit when I got the email saying I'd be on the contributors page! 

Tonight I interviewed JLS for Company ahead of their gig at iTunes festival. Nearly downed one of these bad boys at the bar for dutch courage, I was SO nervous! Settled for a much less expensive Rescue Remedy pastille instead. 

I needn't have been nervous, the guys were SO nice! They were sat on a sofa and invited me to sit (or should that be squish) right in between them! GREAT for picking up the sound on the dictaphone, appalling for my blood pressure! 

And a bit of #foodporn for you! I went to The Picture House with my friend Jen at the weekend. Got a lovely burger with skin-on fries. Delicious. A must-visit if you're in Canterbury, and 2 for 1 with a Taste Card on weeknights! 

And last night, Alex and I went for dinner at Café Du Soleil with his parents and I had the most beautiful Grilled Calamari to start! Another must-visit! 

Annnnd here's my breakfast choice of the moment. Nutella on toast! In case there was any doubt... I'm usually running late to the train station so eat the toast on the way. Then it takes me a good hour or two to realise I've got Nutella all over my face. Sexeh. 

I'm off to prepare for my stint at Bluewater this weekend! I'm doing a craft masterclass for Company at the Prima Homemade show! Come along and see me if you're there! Full deets HERE



Reading Festival Photo Diary!

[Warning: IMAGE HEAVY!]

So Alex and I went to Reading Festival last weekend! This fab opportunity came up at work via Gaymers, the official cider sponsor at the festival, who gave us VIP tickets and a stay in a loverly hotel! I was there to snap lots of lovely street style for Company.co.uk, but also so Alex and I could relive our youth.

I didn't get many good pics of actual bands playing because I wasn't really near enough (I'm a bit too old/appreciative of personal space to be elbowing my way to the front!), so FYI we watched: The Hives, Saves The Day, Bastille, Paramore, The Cure, Pure Love, OFWGKTA, The Cribs, At The Drive In, Metronomy, This Is Hell, Gallows, Two Door Cinema Club, Green Day, Justice, Less Than Jake and a bit of the Foo Fighters' set. 

So, if you're sitting comfortably, here are some of the sights and style at Reading Festival 2012!

This was our hotel on the high street in Reading (the mock tudor building). It's called the Mercure George and was bloody lovely. 

We were in room 212 - cue saying '212' in our best rapper voices all weekend a la Azealia Banks! 

After we ditched our bags, we had a little picnic near the entrance to the fest. I had: Ham and cheese sarnie, Alex had: a packet of cocktail sausages. And grapes. Strange boy! 

We got our VIP passes (check us out!) and headed into the guest area. The key perks were: nicer loos, places to sit and chillax a bit, the chance of a celeb sighting and free Relentless! 

This was my outfit for Day 1. Vintage shirt, backpack and hair bow, H&M top, New Look acid wash jeans (living in these at the mo!), Topshop boots. 

I bumped into some old friends of mine from my pop-punk gigging days, Jen and Martine! 

We had a snoop around all the vintage stalls! Didn't buy anything, but it was interesting seeing how much the prices were slashed by the last night of the fest!

Interesting way to sell bikini tops:

Pretty daisy print Donut stand! 

Some of my street style victims:

See all of my street style snaps (I got tons!) on Company.co.uk

Loved the OFWGKTA backdrop! The same cannot be said for the music. 

Day 2! Chilling in my floral crown - or as Alex likes to call it 'are-you-really-going-to-wear-that-thing?'

My dream acid wash jeans again! I wore the same jeans and boots the whole fest and just changed everything else to minimise luggage! 

Spotted lots of Drop Dead cat print pieces at the festival! That brand actually sells some seriously cute stuff! Cat vest:

Cat leggings!!! Coolest design ever or what?

Outfit: Crown - H&M, Jacket - Boohoo, Vest - Primark, sunnies - Topshop.

I met the singer of Two Door Cinema Club! He was oozing rock star vibes, theatrically puffing on a cig whilst working this very rock 'n' roll look:

We almost didn't get in to the 'secret' Green Day show because it was so crowded they literally cordoned the tent off so nobody could get near it. But a mutiny prevailed and thousands of people essentially barged the fence and we all got through and watched on the screens outside the tent. We did manage to get into the actual tent after I took this photo, but only just!

There weren't many bands we wanted to see on Day 3 after Green Day so we headed back to town for a bit and got some dinner at Pizza Express! Rustichella is my pizza o' choice. SO tasty. 

This was my outfit for Day 3. T-shirt is from Forever 21, necklace is H&M and the rest is as before!

Pretty fireworks at the end of the Foo Fighters set! 

Then we trudged back into town with about a zillion other people who were catching trains that night but we went back to the comfort of our lovely hotel for one last night. We didn't want to leave in the morning! 

It was SUCH a good weekend! Can't believe we were there just this time last week! Anyone else had festival withdrawal this summer? Any tips on how to cope? Do share...