Blogger Crush: Forever 21!

On Saturday, Forever 21 opened their first store in Bluewater shopping centre, and asked me to come along and choose my favourite pieces in the store, hanging little 'Blogger Crush' signs on my selections!  It was amazing to be a part of their store launch and it definitely opened my eyes to what an amazing store it is! When I went to the Stratford store with Jen last LFW, I didn't find anything to buy, but the current product is so strong (and CHEAP!), I loved it and ended up going on a massive shopping spree this time round!

I'll save my haul post for another day, but here are some pics of the launch and my fave pieces...

The outside of the store: 

The queue! 

The store interior:

The accessories section was stunning! 

Some of my blogger crush items... Studded biker jacket:

 Cross sweater layered with a studded blouse:

 Heeled brogue boots (£29.75):

 Adorable apple print peter pan collar dress (£19.75):

  Pretty polka dot pleated dress: 

 Me cheesy-posing with one of my picks - a spotty cropped blazer:

Coffee break with the PR, Sarah. She was so lovely and really made the experience so fun (as if essentially ogling clothes all morning was ever going to be un-fun, but still...)

All the stuff I tried on after my curating duties were over! 

After all the Bluewater fun, Alex and I stopped off at pretty Rochester on the way home for a mooch in the sun and a root in the charity shops. Naturally, I changed into flats for this... Yes, the outfit is pretty much what I wore in my last outfit post, but you know how it is when you have a go-to, right?

(Floral crown - H&M, sunnies - Topshop, tee and skirt - Primark, sandals - c/o Tesco)

Such a fun day all in all! And it's another fun week coming up as I'm interviewing JESSICA ENNIS tomorrow!!! (omgomgomg - regretting the Maryland cookies I just downed)! And then heading to Reading Festival on Friday! Eep!

*And breathe*



What I Wore 16/8/12

Today I was filming/photoing behind the scenes on Company's November cover shoot! It was super fun and the cover star was sooo lovely - super hush hush so I can't spill for now! I also walked half an hour from the studio to Brick Lane to indulge hipsters take some street style snaps, so my creepers came in handy today when I wanted a break from heels but still wanted to look 'directional'! 

(Top & skirt - Primark, Jacket - Kate's Instagram sale! Creepers - c/o Sarenza)

I'm looking a bit weary in this photo as I had just got in! Need to start making time for tripod outfit pics in the morning but I barely have time to eat brekkie let alone pose for pics at the crack of dawn. I literally walked to the station with two slices of nutella on toast in my hand and had to get the guy to open the wheelchair gate for me because I didn't "have enough hands to put my ticket in the machine" what with my (by then half eaten) toast! Haha. The glam life of me, eh? 

My awesome jacket was purchased after I saw Kate was selling it on her Instagram! It reminds me of my H&M jegging biker, but have been looking for an actual denim one. So paying £13 for this was a bit of a dream! So chuffed with it. 

Off to wind down before a busy day of work and then heading to Bluewater tomorrow for my fun Forever21 project! I'll be selecting my favourite pieces and then they'll be shoppable on the Saturday when the store launches! As I said in my post yesterday, I'll be around until midday at least, so do come and say hi etc. I'm so excited!!

What's new with you? 



Come see my Forever 21 picks at Bluewater!

Ooh it's an exciting weekend ahead as I'm teaming up with Forever 21 at the launch of their new Bluewater store on Saturday! I'll be curating my own little zone of coolness in the store, with all of my fave Forever 21 pieces. I'll be hanging around all morning too, so if you're there, do come and say hey! And you might get a free giftcard if you're an early bird, too! 

I can't wait to pick all of my favourite bits... My tastes are so all over the place that my curated section *might* end up looking completely mental. Hopefully on the right side of mental, though! I'll be posting pics of my er, picks on here if you can't make it to the store launch! 

Woop! Wish me luck...

Will you be coming to the launch or visiting the swishy new Bluewater store soon? 



Life Instagrammed

Here's some of the things I've been snapping lately... 

This APPALLING advertising sign for a bar called Ukai in London... Hope a free STD test is included in that 2 for 1! 

I plucked up the courage to wear my H&M floral crown to work last week... It felt a touch too flamboyant for the office, but @CompanyEdVic complimented it, so that quelled the doubt! 

Wearing my lovely Moheda clogs c/o Sarenza which I'm a tad addicted to! They're sooo comfy!

Some sweeties got delivered to the office, and I had Black Jacks for the first time in years! They are SO good! Also wearing my new creepers c/o Sarenza - I can't believe how instantly comfy they've been. I thought they'd need to be broken in but they were ready to rock and have been worn to Company HQ twice this week! 

Sometimes I just can't express how much I love this girl. My heart feels like it's going to BURST with happiness every time I cuddle her. Is this normal? Look how happy she is on my little jegging-clad leg. ^_^

Got sent this slightly hilarious box shaped like a giant 17 mascara to promote one of their new releases. Of mascara, in case you were wondering! Definitely going to start doing more beauty content on the blog seeing as I have beauty products coming out of my ears at work (hard life!) 

My George lippie print dress is still going strong about 5 years on! 

Got sent Krispy Kreme and delish Gaymers Cider on the same day... It was a bit like heaven! No, I didn't get drunk on the job but we did crack the Gaymers open at 5.30 sharp to send off one of my dearest Company pals, Catherine, who has moved on to More Mag! 

I went for dinner with Jen and Kristabel last night. We went to Bodean's and it was ridiculously yummy. This snippet from the menu says it all, really. 

I missed my train by seconds after dinner because I was running (in heels) so enthusiastically to the station that I mistook the 'platform 4' for a 'platform 6' in haste. By the time I'd ran back to the correct platform, I was too late. And horrifically sweaty.  So I decided to use my holy grail blogger perk - my Haagen Dazs card (free ice cream, basically) - and cooled off with a chocolate and coffee cooler! It was divine and defo prevented one of my cry-baby train station moments I seem to be so prone to!

Wanted to steal these cat-adorned boxes from the fruit stall on Berwick Street near work! If I see any again, I'm totally going to! 

I wore my trusty Backstreet Boys tee from a Paris thrift shop to work yesterday, which received a lot of lolz! I'm going to wear the outfit again this weekend and get a proper snap so you can enjoy it in all its glory. 

Kay, so you're pretty much up to speed with what I've been snapping lately! 

This weekend, Alex and I are heading to Bexhill to catch up with our families and raid those legendary charity shops I've been blogging about for 5 years on this here blog! Wish me bargains... 



Fashionably Late

This title refers to both my blog posting behaviour and also my unfathomably late adoption of the creepers trend! I've been championing the trend for ages but have never actually owned my own pair! Partly because I couldn't afford decent ones but mainly because I decided I'd look like a poser prat.

Out and about on my street style missions for Company, I've seen them worn in all kinds of ways and I've decided it is totes possible not to look like a poser prat. Especially when I wore them yesterday, when all I resembled was a slight tramp - (My solution to bed head? Brushing hair? Lol, no. Just chuck a bow at the problem.)

So yesterday, Alex, my new creepers and I went for a mooch around town and a reading session in our favourite secret garden!

(Bow - charity shop, Cardi - c/o Romwe, necklace - c/o Rock 'n' Rose, Tee and Jeggings - H&M, creepers - c/o Sarenza)

(TUK creepers - c/o Sarenza)

I've spent the weekend reading The Making Of Us by Lisa Jewell which I picked up at work - I haven't got stuck in to a good bit of fiction in longer than I'd care to remember but I have barely put this down since I started it on Friday afternoon! In fact, I finished it this morning and highly recommend it! Bit of an emotional roller coaster but aren't all the best books?

We also nipped into the Courtyard Bazaar, Canterbury's lovely monthly affordable vintage fair run by the owners of one of the coolest Cafs in town, Boho. The next fairs are being held on September 1st and 22nd, so if you're looking to buy (or sell) some cool vintage bits, head here!

I'm off to town to do some refunds (which will inevitably become exchanges...) and will be hopefully blogging again soon with some pics of what I've been up to at work etc :)

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend so far! x