Recent Outfits!

OUCH. I went to the beach today with my family after a good 10 minutes perusing Boots for *the perfect* sun cream... I bought a spray on aerosol type, and it turns out I may as well have just been spraying water on myself as I have unwittingly BURNT MYSELF TO A CRISP. Not amused. I'm going to look great for work this week! I'm seriously dreading going to bed tonight. Chafesville...

Anyway, here are some fond fashion memories from the past week or so before I decided to resemble a lobster with a perfectly white face (apparently the SPF in my No7 tinted moisturiser worked better than my £8 water spray). Let's reminisce: 

(Jacket: 5€ from Paris vintage shop, tee - H&M, leggings - Monki, boots - eBay)

(Playsuit - H! by Henry Holland, sandals - c/o Tesco, Jacket - c/o Dorothy Perkins, hair scarf - charity shop)

(Cardi - H&M, Dress - c/o MinkPink, boots - Charity Shop, Necklace - c/o Rock 'n' Rose)

SO, to fill you in: 

♥ All is still awesome at work. Have been doing some great stuff, including getting an exclusive tour of the Big Brother House! Surreal but so exciting! 

♥ I'm off to PARIS on Thursday until Tuesday with the boyf and his family! Can't wait! Have any of you got any shopping/eating recommendations for us? Any would be appreciated! 

♥ I'll actually be in Paris on my birthday (4th June)! I'm thinking of putting my birthday money towards an iPad to help make my 3.5 hours of daily travel a little more productive (although I must say rotating sleeping with painting nails and doing make up on the train as I do at the moment is still quite productive!) Although I've been researching blogging on the iPad and it doesn't sound too easy? I've heard Blogsy is supposed to be a good app for Blogger blogs like mine - can any of you advise me on this? Really want to be able to blog from the train so if it can't be done on the iPad I may have to explore other options!

Enough babbling from me. Time to slather myself in after-sun and weep slightly. Don't wait up. 



New Boots

Evening all! Hope you've had lovely weekends? I've had a lovely one hanging out with Alex and his family. We went for the most amazing dinner last night, which weirdly feels like ages ago! I'm sure weekends seem to be lasting longer since starting the new job... Maybe I'm appreciating them more or something, but you'd think that would make them fly by? Weird but nice! 

So, here's what I wore for a wander round town: 

(Totes addicted to my Rock 'n' Rose necklace (c/o)! Tee and Jacket - H&M, Jeans - Primark, boots, eBay)

Since starting the new job, I've been on the look out for boots with heels that are super comfy to walk in (well, run in, seeing as I'm almost constantly sprinting for trains!) These chelsea boots are some of the latest additions to my shoedrobe, which I got on eBay for £19.99. They are a bit of a bluey black which is a smidge annoying, but they are so comfy, I'll let them off.  My wishlist boots are the Topshop Alexy ones but I doubt they'll be quite as comfy! And they definitely ain't £20. 

Off to tidy the bedroom now. Trashing it is the new Sunday habit while I plan out my outfits for the week! 



my week in snaps!

Oh hiya! 

So, week two at the new job is over and everything's going swimmingly! Highlights of the week have been getting the opportunity to promote some great bloggers on the website in our Week in Style feature and new DIY fashion feature. I also did an ombre/leopard nail art tutorial for the site, and will be doing those weekly! Just like what I've been doing in my spare time for yonks, but I now call it a job - MADNESS.

So here's what I've been seeing this week...

My morning train must-haves - the make up bag (I can wake up about 20 mins later if I just do my make up on the train!), water to keep the brain going and a pad to jot down to-do's for the day and general ideas!

My train breakfast: Muller light (toffee - the only flavour worth getting!), and some Belvita biccies. I try to start the day healthily as it soon goes downhill... Keep reading...

I went to the Ann Summers press day on Thursday which was actually a rather tasteful do! It was mainly to showcase their new lingerie and shape-wear ranges, loads of which looked rather lovely in a pin-up sort of way (you can see some pics of the event here). They had these cool illustrations on the wall of the event:

Shoe heaven in the office at work!

Did you know Underground now do wedge creepers?! Not so 'in your face edgy' as their flat counterparts. Love!

Gaitane taking Alexxsia's outfit photo for the Office Style Blog

One *mental* thing about the Hearst building is the 'Good Housekeeping Institute' - a large kitchen area where food and drink brands come and demonstrate their new ranges and invite all Hearst staff for, essentially, free lunch! Yesterday, Theresa and I headed there to check out Tesco's new Italian range. I think we were the only fashion mag girls there (besides women's mags like Elle, Harper's Bazaar and Cosmo, Hearst owns a zillion other mags such as Country Living, All About Soap and Esquire) - and we went back for seconds! 

Turns out working for a fashion magazine is not the low-calorie experience I had imagined - food gets sent to the office all the time, not to mention all the yummy treats at press events! Here's a Parma Violet meringue Theresa gave me from a press day! It was amazing!

We also got sent in some muffins and Essie sent Beauty Ed Sophie some pretty cupcakes! 

Back to fash, here's a glimpse in the currently jam-packed fashion cupboard, with all of the clothes being used for upcoming shoots.

When you spend nearly 4 hours on a train every day, you learn to make yourself at home. This was me kicking back one evening and putting my feet up! I've got train-sleeping down now - my leopard print scarf makes a fine pillow! 

This is what I wore to work on Tuesday (I think!) I do have another couple of outfit photos but I left them on my computer at work so don't have them to show you now! 

(Jacket and dress - Topshop, Boots - Office, Necklace - c/o Rock 'n' Rose)

So those were some of the sights from this week! The weekend has been great so far, Alex and I woke up early (I was asleep by 10.30 last night as I was so whacked!) and read in bed for a little while before heading into town for a mooch. We're dining at one of our fave restaurants with his parents tonight, so I'm super excited about that. Tomorrow I'll just chill and blog a little bit more, too! 

Hope you're having lovely weekends where you are! 



Currently LOLing At:

These hilarious videos by Vice of the week's 'hottest parties', featuring ridiculous interviews between Billie JD Porter and randoms at The Ideal Homes Show and a Pet Show! Alex showed me them earlier and as I am in my PJ's by 8.30pm these days, I don't have an outfit post to share right now, so here's tonight's post! 

I thought this girl was a bit of a pillock on that TV show she was in, but credit where it's due, she made me chuckle tonight!

Think I've found my new LFW video format for next season..! 

Proper lifey update coming soon! 



my week in photos!

Evening all! Hope you've had a lovely weekend! 

A bit of a cobbled together post for you as I've been a busy bee what with the new job and all that! I thought "I know, I'll take outfit photos when I have time at the weekend" and then proceeded to spend almost the entire weekend loafing in my PJ's! Oops! Luckily, another blogger, Alexxsia, works at Company too (she's a fab writer and has loads of features in this month's issue!) so we're going to try and steal some time at lunch to take eachother's outfit photos for our blogs! 

Until then, a few photos of what my first week at Company has entailed! 

Afternoon tea at the Savoy to celebrate the launch of Schwarzkopf Professional's new Oil Miracle range:

Having a nose at the new stuff in the fashion cupboard! Love this playsuit by Finders Keepers!

The fashion team have been brainstorming styling ideas for an upcoming 70s themed shoot...

Does this count as an outfit pic? Haha - this is a tee I bought off eBay (for a little more than I would've liked..!)

Here's my desk! It looks even better now though, as my Mac just arrived! A bit untidy looking as I'd only just 'moved in' when this was taken...

Seeing as I'm covering the beauty side of things on Company.co.uk, my little windowsill has started filling up with products to trial and consider for future features! Eep! 

Sunny South Bank out of the train window on Friday evening:

My first week at Company was amahz... It feels like I've been there a month already, which is weird. I have learnt so much of the technical side of running a website, which has been fascinating, and I'm basically loving every minute of the job. I think my enthusiasm is making people in the office think I'm slightly strange, but any of you bloggers that have met me in real life will know I'm pretty much the most excited person ever... It's just my way! I do have my moments, though. Like when there was a kid screaming at the top of its lungs for fun for an eternity on the (delayed) train home on Friday. I definitely didn't want to kick it in the throat... But besides my commuter rage, I'm a truly happy soul! 

I look forward to updating you with more of the stuff I'm getting up to and shall try and get into a routine of taking outfit pics to share, too! 


OOH, also!!! If you'd like to be considered for Company's Week In Style feature, please email 7 outfit pics (along with a couple of sentences describing your outfit) to weekinstyle@company.co.uk! Don't forget to tell us your blog link if you have a blog! x


New Kid On The Block

Sooooo, today was my first day at Company Magazine! 

It was a fab first day, much of which was spent getting my head around the content management system - a bit like Blogger but marginally less user-friendly..! I sit with Theresa the Web Editor (aka 'boss'!), Sophie the Beauty Editor and Georgia the beauty intern, so there are beauty products absolutely everywhere! It's heavenly. 

Part of my job is to update readers of Company.co.uk with my Daily Beauty Lust Have (the first of which I wrote up today about Bourjois' new magic polish remover!), and also take lots of street style pics. So if you're in London and looking hawt, I'll be coming to find you! 

So here's what I wore on my first day. Company's Editor Victoria and I ventured out into the street together to take each other's outfit pic!

You can see all of the item details in my blurb on today's Office Style Blog, and keep an eye on the Company HQ tab for mine and the team's future outfits! 

Off to bed now, am knackered after my 5.15AM start (which really wasn't necessary, I just wanted to be extra prepared - won't be trying that one again!) 

Looking forward to tomorrow's outfit, which I'll hopefully update you with on here! A bit more of a girly affair...

Nighty night!


My week in photos!

Think of this as one of those token Instagram blog posts, but without all the Instagram (only blogger without an iPhone alert!)

What I wore on my last shift at Topshop:

(old Topshop dress, H&M kids jacket, charity shop boots)

Cards from friends and family re: the new job! Guess which one is from my hilarious mother?

Pretty flowers from my brother! I didn't have a vase (not used to receiving flowers - HINT Alex, if you're reading...) so bunged them in an old food jar! Cute, huh? 

Sofa snuggles with Roxy <3 (Lighting looks a bit brothel-tastic, but it's just our red curtains!)

Saw this in a charity shop! I've never met this Beryl, but I'm pretty sure we'd be best friends.

Wearing some skinny cords that I found languishing in my wardrobe and was delighted to find I can fit into them now (have recently lost 8lb of festive chub). The glee was short-lived when I sat down and the button popped off the waist. In my defence, the button appeared to be sewn on with very cheap thread...

Good old mirror-photo taken where I used to work! It was the first outing of my new Office boots, which didn't hurt too much, but were a bit chafey towards the end of the day... Is it wrong that I yearn for dry skin on my feet? My feet are so sensitive and blister really easily. Any tips for acquiring pain-proof solid feet? Boyf's mum suggests walking round barefoot at home, will try this!

(H&M cardi, dress and hairbow, Office shoes)

If my child self could see me whining about my sore feet now... Look at me in my white belt - I was badass!! 

How cool were my mum and dad? Mum was very ahead of the trends with her leather trousers and topknot! 

Fancy food! Went for a lovely lunch with my boyfriend and his parents today at Cafe du Soleil, and had yummy Calamari to start! 

This weekend I'm going for dinner with friends, attempting to erect this new rail I bought as my wardrobe is at max capacity and generally preparing for the start of my new job at Company on Tuesday! 

Do you have any fun plans for the long weekend? 


DIY House of Holland Inspired Bleach Jeans

* Thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments and tweets about my latest post concerning my new job! xxx *

I love the bleachy effect used in the latest House of Holland collection! If there's one designer brand I would be tempted to splurge on one day, it probably would be House of Holland, but for the time being, the best I can do is DIY my way to the designer look! Well, you know how I get with bleach. 


You will need

 Jeans, bog bleach, paintbrush, washing machine! 

Get some jeans - mine were these ones c/o Republic! Lay the jeans out on a safe working surface. Tiled floors (or a garden table, in my case) work well! Bung some bleach in a mug, use a chunky paintbrush to pain the bleach on erratically! 


Wait some more - until the bleached bits are all fully white!

Wash in the machine and then wear those babies! I went a bit overboard with my bleach, but it was so fun I couldn't help it! 

(heels - old Topshop, blouse - H&M, headscarf - charity shop)

What do you think of my latest DIY effort?