Ready For This Jelly

I am adoring the influx of jelly sandals on the high street at the moment. I think they stir up a nostalgic pang in most girls and the great thing is that they are super cheap! My first ever pair of heels were bright green jelly sandals... I couldn't afford 'real' heels with my pocket money, so was ecstatic to find some jelly ones for cheap! Check out my little round-up below of jelly heels and flats from the interweb! 

JuJu Jellies - Amazon
Office Visionary heels - Office
Topshop Huey sandals - Topshop
Socks - Topshop

What do you think of the jelly sandal trend? 


Sunshine Style

All this basking in the wonderful sunshine we've been having has reignited my relationship with pretty dresses. It feels like I've spent the whole of winter moping about in jeans (and the occasional skirt) and it feels nice to finally want to delve into the dress section of my wardrobe again. I haven't been quite ready for bare legs just yet, though - unless you count my little sunbathing sesh on the balcony of Alex's parents' flat!

 The fancy florals I've been sporting over the weekend:

(dress - c/o Republic, jacket - c/o Dorothy Perkins, sunglasses - Topshop, headscarf, bag, boots - Charity Shop)

(Literally as above, besides the dress - c/o Motel!)

In other news, I've been having fun with this awesome wig that Wonderland Wigs sent me (RRP £19.79)! It's a minty-turquoisey and super soft A-line bob (are people still calling them 'pobs'? Thought not...) If you're looking for a cute wig for fancy dress or just a fashion statement, Wonderland Wigs is definitely worth a browse! You can see my Katy Perry inspired look featuring my new wig over on the Republic blog

In even more other news, I finally joined Pinterest the other day! Woop! Add me if you fancy, and if you have Pinterest, leave a comment with a link so I can check out your boards! 

Have you been having fun in the sun where you are? Has the sunshine made you do a style u-turn? 


Fashion Friday

Style Compare is a great website I've blogged about in the past. It lists over 50 fashion retailers on one website, making shopping dangerous quicker and easier! I often use it as a blogging resource if I'm looking for different kinds of one thing, like I did in this post about creepers! 

Fashion Friday is Style Compare's weekly competition on their Facebook that offers fans the chance to win £100 worth of fashion prizes every week. This week's competition is to win £100 towards any blazer on the website, by stating whether you prefer polka dots or stripes... Toughie, but I'm a polka dot girl at heart!

I will certainly be entering as I have been on the lookout for the perfect blazer for a while after seeing Charlene from Strutt always looking SO amazing in them:

I don't think blazers tend to suit me because of my short hair.. I feel like I'm on The Apprentice or something... The last time I wore one to work at Topshop, someone said "very professional"! NOT the look I'm going for. I think a more cropped one like Charlene's blue one is the answer. Hopefully, I'll win this week's Fashion Friday and can finally find my perfect match! 

It's worth keeping an eye on the Style Compare Facebook page, as their Fashion Friday competitions are great - I entered last week to win £100 to spend at Urban Outfitters!

Have you entered a Fashion Friday competition before? 

If you enter this week's, good luck!

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dizzy with sunstroke

I've been spending a lot of the last week in Bexhill catching up with Alex's family and my own. We used to live there when we first got together and it's such a sleepy town that it drove us slowly mad and we were gagging to escape to city life in Canterbury. After a few years of living here, we're pretty much over the crazy-busy streets and extortionate rent/bars/shops. 

After some time on the other side of the fence, we can appreciate what a lovely little place Bexhill is, and are even hoping to move back there later this year to save some money before hopefully buying a place in Brighton! Summer in a city like Canterbury is just rubbish... Now I'm all growed up, I've realised that the few things I need to be happy are sunshine, a beach on which to enjoy it and an absolute plethora of charity shops - all of which Bexhill has in spades!

I met this cute little chap, Maxy, on the train. His owner was a little old lady on a long trip to Chichester. I helped her with her suitcase when we had to change at Ashford! Love how he's smiling for the camera in this picture :)

OMG - so, there was recently an incredible Andy Warhol exhibition at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill (featuring the original screen print he used to make his infamous Marilyn print). We were walking past the Pavilion when a maintenance guy (we assume) was oiling the hinges of some big (and usually locked) windows that a couple of posters were in... Me being me, I asked if we could have one, he said yes and gave us all three that remained! Two of the Marilyn ones, and one Chairman Mao. SCORE! We're getting these babies framed as we speak! 

A couple of photos of the view from the De La Warr:

A couple of shots of my low key outfits, taken on the roof of the Pavilion on different days (Alex's parents live right opposite, so we often go there for a mooch!) 

Hat, jeans, glasses - Topshop. Boots, bag, shirt, jacket - charity shop! 

(tote - Topshop, tee - Gap, leggings - Monki, shoes - charity shop)

You may have noticed some cool additions to the footwear department in these pics. Well, I have been having an absolute RIOT in the famous Bexhill charity shops, which have been mentioned on this blog many times before. Here are my latest purchases (click to enlarge!)

Velvet lace-ups £5, navy bow mini-heels - £2, AMAZING BROWN CHELSEA BOOTS for £2 that I've been harping on about on Twitter (quite rightly), an adorable new bag for my camera - £1.30, a crazy squirrel sweater with built-in collar - £3, and I didn't buy these, but there were 3 pots of Mac Pigment in the YMCA for 99p each! Clueless pricing is my absolute fave.

Other fun things I've been doing include taking Alex's parents to the Odeon 'Senior Screen' - if you haven't heard of this you MUST listen to me very carefully right now. Every week at most Odeons, they have a film screening in the morning of a recent movie and it costs £3 for a ticket (for ALL, not just seniors, and if you're lucky enough for your local Senior Screen to fall on a Wednesday, you get Orange Wednesday discount too!) and you get free tea/coffee and biscuits too - AMAZING! I think it's quite a little-known secret, because Alex and I were seemingly the only under 35's in the room! 

We saw My Week With Marilyn and we all adored it. 

I headed over to Brighton on Tuesday evening for dinner and drinks with my homegirl, Danielle! 

Yeah, I bought a Smirnoff Ice AND WHAT? It was cheaper than a mixer and to be quite honest, I happen to think they're pretty awesome.

We dined at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, which I've never been to. It was glorious. The halloumi bites were incredible, and the cheese and bacon burger was delightful! 

The rest of my week off will include accompanying Alex and his parents to see Paul Merton tomorrow night in Eastbourne (I'm not really into live comedy but I'm told this guy is funny), more charity shop shopping in Bexhill on Saturday (why not?) and then seeing the Bootleg Beatles back here in Canterbury on Sunday, with Alex, his parents and my brother (Beatles fanboy numero uno). Should be good fun! 

If you've got this far, you really deserve a medal! 

I've kinda hogged the conversation, tell me what you've been up to? Any of you had any charity shop successes of your own lately? If so, do tell me what town it was in. I dream of hosting some kind of charity shopping blogger bus tour... Give me destination ideas! ;)


Socks and Sandals

If you follow me on Twitter you may know this is my long-awaited week off work and I've been a busy bee catching up with family and friends (and charity shopping to AMAZING success - more on this soon). It's been fabulous so far. I haven't sorted through the pics of what I've been up to but wanted to get this outfit photo from the other day up before it gets buried under a bunch of new photos! 

I'm wearing a couple of newcomers to the wardrobe. My mint-turquoise-mauve headscarf, which ties the perfect sized bow, was a charity shop find for 75p. My jacket and sandals were free from Dorothy Perkins, who I have been working with on a project lately - all will be revealed! 

(Breathless t-shirt - eBay, jeans - Topshop, necklace c/o Temporary Secretary (sold out)

(Excuse the door... My diva photographer/boyfriend refuses to leave the house to do my garden outfit snaps and just stands in the doorway!)

I am a little bit in love with these sandals. They have a diddy gold heel on them, which is perfect for flats fanatics like myself. I usually end up a hobbling freak in the lowest of heels, but I wore these throughout an entire shift at work and they were super comfy and generally adorable. They are only £30 on the site, which I think is very reasonable indeed! 

I'm going off to watch the new series of The Apprentice now! SO excited. I'm really hoping for another Stuart Baggs 'the brand'. What a guy. I was convinced I was sat next to Nick Hewer on the train the other day so I took loads of secret photos of the side of this man's head and started texting them to anyone I knew that would care. Then, through the joys of technology, I saw on Nick's Twitter that he wasn't even in the country, let alone on a train to Canterbury next to a stalker freak... Lily will be the first to tell you my celeb spotting skills are beyond naff! Sigh!



Hey Mama

In honour of Mother's Day, let's all have a big AWWWW at these amazing shots of a very pregnant Valentine Fillol Cordier from Jalouse magazine, which I saw on Cheapskate Chic

What a gorgeous girl.

Hope you've had a nice Mummy's Day! Did you do anything nice? 

My sister and I cooked a nice meal for mum and topped it off with a big slice of chocolate fudge cake. So my silhouette is currently doing a great Valentine Fillol Cordier impression - this post will probably be the only time I'll be able to say I have a model's bod! Ho ho! Carbs4life!

PS - My new post is up over on Republic's blog! Inspired by B*Witched, as all good outfits should be! 


London Fashion Week Street Style: February 2012

Oh it all seems so long ago now, but I still have heaps of London Fashion week snippets to share with you! The way I see it, it's like FIVE MONTHS until the next one, so really, what's the hurry? 

Tonight, I'm going to share my favourite London Fashion Week street style photos. You may have spied some of my photos over on Mink Pink's Facebook a few weeks back, but here are a whole bunch more! 

Here's Zoe single-handedly altering my opinion on double denim: 

Loved how simply chic this look was. What an awesome necklace. And an awesome name, for that matter. Quick shout out to the brunette in the funky scarf, simply because I feel a bit guilty that she's such a prominent feature of this photo. 

Fritha rocking a baroque print! 

Another redhead in creepers, the lovely Laura! Love the backpack! 

POW! My blogging bezzie Jen looking fierce in her neon dress! 

More poppy brights from this pastel-bonced beauty:

Oops, I've accidentally included Polly twice, but I can't delete it now because I'll feel even more guilty about Scarfy Chick. Maybe being in the background twice is as good as being in the foreground. I think so, don't you? Scarves <3

HAIR OF THE YEAR. Amazing girl. 

Aww I loved this girl loads! Her and her buddies had travelled down from Glasgow. I asked to pap her and she said she recognised me from the blog! Always a funny feeling :)

This chick was shamelessly channelling Cher from Clueless! I could not get enough. I think she could've been someone.. She had a very 'someone' vibe. (EDIT: Super sleuths have identified her as Amy Willerton who won Katie Price's tv show...)

Clashy florals! I'm not sure about this trend on the whole, but liked how this lady did it. 

A bit of eye candy for da ladiez. I already have a boy who looks better in skinnies than I do, so this one's all yours: 

Ahh this girl was so beautiful. She has the camera case I want, too! 

I always have much respect for other girls that wear comfy shoes to fashion week. 

Although I ALSO have respect for ladies like Leanne that can handle life up there on heels! I adored her polka dot dress and big bow! 

When the pap becomes the papped. I gave this stylish lady a taste of her own medicine:

Not the best photo of these girls because I was a bit overwhelmed by the metaphorical double rainbow of awesome  style:

There were lots of chunky shoes on show. I was deeply interested. 

These girls from the Mark Fast queue were a bit annoying really, but made up for it by being visual babes:

A lesson in layering AND florals AND chunky heels from this lady. Love it! 

I think I have a thing for redheads... 

Loved this pale and interesting chick. I have bookmarked her as inspiration for when I eventually tackle the printed trouser trend! 

Oh my god, it's all over. That's it. Done. Was it good for you? 

Hope you've found some inspiration here, as I have! 

Oh and if one of these photos is you and you've got something you want me to link to, holler. And if you're one of the blonde girls from the queue, you weren't annoying really, just joking!!!! (I'm not). (I am). (I'm not).

Look, I've had a really long day and am clearly struggling mentally so I'm going to bed now!