Photo Diary #3

Some snippets of life of late...

On our anniversary weekend, Alex and I stayed at SACO in Canary Wharf - a mega amazing serviced apartment block! We've never been away for a weekend and had our own kitchen and sofa etc, so it really felt like a (way more luxurious) home from home! 

We were on the 14th floor and we had views for miles around London from the balcony. It was Firework weekend so there was always at least 5 displays going on at any one time somewhere in the distance! Increds. 

Brrr, it was super chilly in London! Wrapped right up in my new Crew Clothing jacket! 

We went for lunch at The Diner - yum! I recommend the sweet potato fries - heavenly!

Then last weekend we were visiting family and testing out the free Banagrams game I got at work! It was so fun, if a little competitive... Alex told me off for claiming 'oh' and 'div' as proper words. THEY CLEARLY ARE. 

A photobooth snap from the Company Fashion Awards I blogged about!

A little mirror snap of my outfit at work the other day. Imagine this with jeans and heeled boots on the bottom half. (Vintage shirt, Primark everything else)!

My super healthy lunch on Friday!

One of the perks of my job is sneak peeking unreleased books! I'm currently reading 'Don't Google Heartbreak' which is pretty funny so far... 

Eating popcorn from our popcorn print bowl... Trippy, huh? 

Am unnaturally fond of this teeny bottle of Nails Inc topcoat from the latest Glossybox*! Isn't it the cutest?

Got my hair cut on Saturday. Short fringe, short at the back, everything else left to grow out. Essentially, I'm the poor man's Amelie.

The tee I wore to work today! Cat central! It's a band tee of Alex's (the band are Kids Like Us).

These are my latest shoe faves! Am wearing them constantly! They are Vagabond Grace's from Sarenza* and are my first ever patent boots. They were so comfy right out of the box and are pleasantly bouncy so are just perfect for getting from A to B in the commuter rush. In fact I've just realised I'm still wearing them and I got in from work 2 hours ago... #mynewslippers!

Off to watch Girls now! Overly awkward shows do make me nervous but the series is definitely growing on me. Are you watching it?



  1. I wasn't sure about Girls at first, but I've seen the whole series and can't wait for the next! It's definitely a grower :)

  2. Gem - I saw you on SuperScrimpters last night! Your tin can trick was my Mum and my favourite in the show. Must have for Christmas!


  3. Love the hair cut and the clothes. Glad you had such a great mini vacation!

    Boston Princess

  4. That apartment looks amazing! Oh, and now i want sweet potato fries... xx

  5. The apartment you stayed in looks awesome! Lucky girl!
    And I love that cat tee, do they sell them online?x

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  6. I read your article and loave it so much ,thank you so much.

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  7. Oh I love the wee vintage camo shirt. The Diner is one of my fave places to eat ever. They have perhaps the best milkshakes I've had in my life. Coconut and nutella...get in my belly.
    Dying to play bananagrams now! Always thought it looked a bit daft but looks like a riot! x

  8. Your weekend away sounds amazing! Loving the cute cat tee.

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  9. so glad im not the only one who watches girls. its so awkward but i watched the entire series in one day! oops!

  10. Love the new hair and that vintage army shirt!

    Rosie x

  11. I made the mistake of watching Girls with my mum, very awkward indeed. I love your hair you really suit it! xx

  12. You're really pretty! It looks like youve had some fun recently :) great photos



  13. Aw what a nice little catch up. I love the photo of you in the polka dot top & camo shirt - reminds me of Ghostworld for some reason. Also, Girls is amazing. I need to watch it immediately. x

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