Reading Festival Photo Diary!

[Warning: IMAGE HEAVY!]

So Alex and I went to Reading Festival last weekend! This fab opportunity came up at work via Gaymers, the official cider sponsor at the festival, who gave us VIP tickets and a stay in a loverly hotel! I was there to snap lots of lovely street style for Company.co.uk, but also so Alex and I could relive our youth.

I didn't get many good pics of actual bands playing because I wasn't really near enough (I'm a bit too old/appreciative of personal space to be elbowing my way to the front!), so FYI we watched: The Hives, Saves The Day, Bastille, Paramore, The Cure, Pure Love, OFWGKTA, The Cribs, At The Drive In, Metronomy, This Is Hell, Gallows, Two Door Cinema Club, Green Day, Justice, Less Than Jake and a bit of the Foo Fighters' set. 

So, if you're sitting comfortably, here are some of the sights and style at Reading Festival 2012!

This was our hotel on the high street in Reading (the mock tudor building). It's called the Mercure George and was bloody lovely. 

We were in room 212 - cue saying '212' in our best rapper voices all weekend a la Azealia Banks! 

After we ditched our bags, we had a little picnic near the entrance to the fest. I had: Ham and cheese sarnie, Alex had: a packet of cocktail sausages. And grapes. Strange boy! 

We got our VIP passes (check us out!) and headed into the guest area. The key perks were: nicer loos, places to sit and chillax a bit, the chance of a celeb sighting and free Relentless! 

This was my outfit for Day 1. Vintage shirt, backpack and hair bow, H&M top, New Look acid wash jeans (living in these at the mo!), Topshop boots. 

I bumped into some old friends of mine from my pop-punk gigging days, Jen and Martine! 

We had a snoop around all the vintage stalls! Didn't buy anything, but it was interesting seeing how much the prices were slashed by the last night of the fest!

Interesting way to sell bikini tops:

Pretty daisy print Donut stand! 

Some of my street style victims:

See all of my street style snaps (I got tons!) on Company.co.uk

Loved the OFWGKTA backdrop! The same cannot be said for the music. 

Day 2! Chilling in my floral crown - or as Alex likes to call it 'are-you-really-going-to-wear-that-thing?'

My dream acid wash jeans again! I wore the same jeans and boots the whole fest and just changed everything else to minimise luggage! 

Spotted lots of Drop Dead cat print pieces at the festival! That brand actually sells some seriously cute stuff! Cat vest:

Cat leggings!!! Coolest design ever or what?

Outfit: Crown - H&M, Jacket - Boohoo, Vest - Primark, sunnies - Topshop.

I met the singer of Two Door Cinema Club! He was oozing rock star vibes, theatrically puffing on a cig whilst working this very rock 'n' roll look:

We almost didn't get in to the 'secret' Green Day show because it was so crowded they literally cordoned the tent off so nobody could get near it. But a mutiny prevailed and thousands of people essentially barged the fence and we all got through and watched on the screens outside the tent. We did manage to get into the actual tent after I took this photo, but only just!

There weren't many bands we wanted to see on Day 3 after Green Day so we headed back to town for a bit and got some dinner at Pizza Express! Rustichella is my pizza o' choice. SO tasty. 

This was my outfit for Day 3. T-shirt is from Forever 21, necklace is H&M and the rest is as before!

Pretty fireworks at the end of the Foo Fighters set! 

Then we trudged back into town with about a zillion other people who were catching trains that night but we went back to the comfort of our lovely hotel for one last night. We didn't want to leave in the morning! 

It was SUCH a good weekend! Can't believe we were there just this time last week! Anyone else had festival withdrawal this summer? Any tips on how to cope? Do share...



  1. I love festivals, but as I'm older now staying in a hotel is so much nicer and better than camping! The option of a nice, warm bed and being able to have a hot bath and hot chocolate at the end of the night always wins me over!

  2. Sounds like you had such an amazing time! I love festival fashion and you snapped some great outfits for the street style feature.
    The cat leggings are amazing !x

  3. Sounds like fun! I went to Reading a few times when I was younger but I think I'd feel too old if I went now... Hop Farm for me next year I think :)


  4. Hahaha titty baskets, oh my. So gutted I missed out on At The Drive In and The Cure!


  5. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Unfortunately I had to sell my Reading ticket because I couldn't afford to go and this is the first summer in 5 years I haven't been to a festival, so I'm having major festival withdrawl!

  6. Love this post, it sounds like you had a fab fab time, not jealous at all :) The bikini baskets are weird….i find the word 'succulent' a little odd!!!! lol.

    Loved the street style pics too!!! Shall be bobbing over to Company to have a goosey gander!

    Have a fab sunday!xxxx

  7. I would have loved to have gone to the reading festival, it looked like so much fun! :) great outfits, I loved what you done with re-wearing the jeans, looks fab everytime! x

  8. I'm so jealous of that Green Day set! I saw them at Reading 8 years ago when I was 12 and have always said if Green Day played there again I'd get tickets, so sad I missed it!
    Great Reading photos though, I can imagine it being so lovely to have a hotel to go back to.

  9. I've still got serious post festival depression! And you're so lucky you got to see the end of Foo Fighters - I got right to the front and then got knocked out in the mosh pit and taken away in an ambulance about 20 mins into their set, embarrassing I know haha. Looks like you had a much cleaner time than I did!


  10. Looks like fun! Nirvana girl looks really angry haha!

  11. Sounds like you had a super time! You're so lucky to have a nice hotel :) I went to Reading a few years ago when Blink 182 and Paramore were playing :) It was the best! x


  12. Perfect way to spend a festival, and I love that shirt you have on in the first outfit snap.
    Never been to Reading, but a Glasto regular. Love the atmosphere.

  13. i haven't been to a festival in two years, i'm determined to next year! love all the street style snaps, and of course your outfits too.

    Laila x

  14. great outfits!


  15. two door cinema cluuub aaaaaaaaaaaaaw <3

  16. Wow lucky you got to go there for free!

    Looks like fun!


  17. Hope you had an amazing time Gem! I love seeing so many outfits in one post, so much inspiration, those cat leggings are too amazing :)

  18. Love your outfits! So jealous you saw At The Drive In...one of my favs:)

  19. The bikini top adveritsing made me laugh...creepy! Looks like you had a fantastic time though, and I love the flower crown!
    Faye x

  20. Staying in a hotel and having access to nicer toilets would definitely make festivals more palatable to me! I know some say that that isn't the 'full' festival experience but pfft. In that last outfit photo of you it looks like you're at coachella or something!

  21. Was it as fun staying in a hotel? I went Leeds this year and I loooove the whole festival atmosphere! The feeling of knowing when you get home you can just sleep in a bed after a nice shower haha.

    Did Justice remix 'on to the next one' into d.a.n.c.e?

    looks like you had fun!:)



  22. I love the style photos! It is so cool that you guys got to go, my favourite photo has to be the one of the "TITTY BASKETS" hahahaha this made me laugh!



  23. Great photos, loved this post x

  24. aaargh Alex Trimble! I love that guy, in a band and has a quiff=dream man. I was there and The Maccabees were my highlight. 16 yr olds need to wear more clothes, I was shocked. They all looked like mini skanky Rihanna's, ikky.

  25. The singer from OFWGKTA said "fuck this" and walked off stage when I saw them at a festival last year. Charmer!
    Loved this post and all your outfits. I have many, MANY are-you-really-going-to-wear-that-because-if-you-are-I-have-to-pretend-I-don't-know-you outfits. Generally, if my boyfriend thinks it's strange it means it looks good. x

  26. Looks like so much fun! I'm still really gutted I didn't get to go :( x x

  27. Gem, I absolutely *adore* your blog! xx


  28. Brilll post, loved the festival style inspiration for Bestival this weekend especially those incredible cat leggings!! All of your outfits were lovely too, I think I'll be picking up some of those acid wash skinnies!


  29. Love your outfits, so cool! Shame you didn't like odd future, they're cocky but its entertaining lol


    Nida xoxo

  30. i am so jealous! would have done anything to be there!


  31. Some amazing shots. I love your floral headband and just been checking out your street style snaps! x

  32. Ahhh thats so cool. I go to Uni there and your picture of the highstreet made me so excited!!!!


  33. I LOVE your flower headbands - they are amazing! xx


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