Photo Diary #1

A few snaps of what I've been up to recently... 

I don't think I blogged this picture, but here's me and Jessica Ennis! I had a little chat with her about her health and beauty regime. It's here if you wanted to have a read! 

Chilling in Alex's Simpsons slippers...

 Leafing through Betty Magazine... It really is beautiful!

Alex's dad bought me this amazing printed wooden block... Never were truer words said!

Speaking of which, here's your daily Roxy!

The neon nails I sported this week - I used a Jessica polish.

I got a fringe cut in the other day. I'm trying to grow my hair into a little bob and at first my theory was to keep the front long so it could grow into a Frankie Sandford-esque do, but it was looking pretty floppy and unflattering (see above) so I'm switching up my plan and keeping the fringe short and growing out the rest... We'll see how it goes! Or should I say grows!
My face is in Company!!!! I was in the contributors section in the new issue to highlight the behind-the-scenes pics and videos I got at our Fearne cover shoot. I genuinely cried a bit when I got the email saying I'd be on the contributors page! 

Tonight I interviewed JLS for Company ahead of their gig at iTunes festival. Nearly downed one of these bad boys at the bar for dutch courage, I was SO nervous! Settled for a much less expensive Rescue Remedy pastille instead. 

I needn't have been nervous, the guys were SO nice! They were sat on a sofa and invited me to sit (or should that be squish) right in between them! GREAT for picking up the sound on the dictaphone, appalling for my blood pressure! 

And a bit of #foodporn for you! I went to The Picture House with my friend Jen at the weekend. Got a lovely burger with skin-on fries. Delicious. A must-visit if you're in Canterbury, and 2 for 1 with a Taste Card on weeknights! 

And last night, Alex and I went for dinner at Café Du Soleil with his parents and I had the most beautiful Grilled Calamari to start! Another must-visit! 

Annnnd here's my breakfast choice of the moment. Nutella on toast! In case there was any doubt... I'm usually running late to the train station so eat the toast on the way. Then it takes me a good hour or two to realise I've got Nutella all over my face. Sexeh. 

I'm off to prepare for my stint at Bluewater this weekend! I'm doing a craft masterclass for Company at the Prima Homemade show! Come along and see me if you're there! Full deets HERE



  1. Your new hair looks lovely! It was so nice seeing you in this month's Company, the interview with Fearne was great (: xo


  2. So jealous of you interviewing JLS! I've been a huge fan since x-factor and have met them multiple times, they're the nicest down-to-earth people i've ever had the pleasure to meet - you didn't need to be nervous! Glad they made you feel welcomed. :-) (I also LOVE the wooden block!)

    rachelpan xo

  3. Jealous of all these people you're getting to meet, your job sounds awesome!

    Alice x

  4. Love your hair! So jealous you got to meet fearne!
    your job sounds amazing! xx

  5. Your life is incredible, I am always envious!

    Is Jess Ennis a complete babe?



  6. you are beyond amazing gem i wish i was you :) you must be having a wonderful time go you!!! xxxx

  7. my boyfriend got me that wooden block sign only mine says and a Dog lol :) x

  8. I bought Company this morning actually and I saw you and I was like "Gem!"

    Loving the new fringe.

    Good luck at Bluewater!

  9. I was all 'eee' when I saw you in the mag! :D Sounds like you've been having an awesome time, lucky you getting to chat to Jess Ennis and JLS! x

  10. Love the fringe, looks fab on you! Well done for your credit in the contributions page, thats amazing! Such a cute wee cat!
    Lianne x

  11. I just read company magazine! Loved it! You must of loved featuring in it! Lucky gal :D XO

  12. Isn't the food in Cafe De Sol amazing? And you've made me gutted I have not visited The Picture House yet - hopefully it is still there when I get back in 10 months time!

  13. Every time you tweet/blog about your job I get so jealous, it sounds amazing! The celebrities you get to interview are so cool, and congrats on making the contributors page (:

    Jessica xo

  14. Look how ace your job is, amazing! I am so jealous that you've met Jessica Ennis, she's such a hero.

    & aww, love that you are on the contributors page! I work at an events magazine & the first time my name was printed in the magazine I was SO chuffed & showed off to everyone, ha. x

  15. How exciting to interview Jess Ennis and JLS! All the Js. I love that wooden block thing! Amazing.

  16. Awww it looks like you're having so much fun Gem :) you deserved the job because you're so talented at what you do!I hope one day I can follow in the same footsteps as you , my dream jobs is to be a fashion journalist at Company. #onecanwishh xxx

  17. You literally have the best job ever, I'm so jealous but very well done to you :) well deserved!!

    Nutella! Great breakfast :)

    allaboutthegirlblog.blogspot.com xx

  18. just been reading Company today and thought I recognised you in it! bet that was an amazing experience for you :D xx

  19. Both you and Jess Ennis look beautiful. It must have been so wonderful and inspiring to meet her! Congratulations on being featured in the contributors section, I still need to pick up this month's issue!

  20. What a moment! I love Jessica Ennis.
    Such an inspiration + THAT BODY!
    Jeez loooool


  21. Love your fringe! I did the same when growing out a pixie crop, so much easier. I went for a little 90s fringe instead though!

    Good luck tomorrow!


  22. Just come across your blog and absolutely love it, its a definate follow :) that nail yellow nail varnish is gorgeous as well.
    If you could take a look at my blog and give me and constructive criticism id really really appreciate it.




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