Come see my Forever 21 picks at Bluewater!

Ooh it's an exciting weekend ahead as I'm teaming up with Forever 21 at the launch of their new Bluewater store on Saturday! I'll be curating my own little zone of coolness in the store, with all of my fave Forever 21 pieces. I'll be hanging around all morning too, so if you're there, do come and say hey! And you might get a free giftcard if you're an early bird, too! 

I can't wait to pick all of my favourite bits... My tastes are so all over the place that my curated section *might* end up looking completely mental. Hopefully on the right side of mental, though! I'll be posting pics of my er, picks on here if you can't make it to the store launch! 

Woop! Wish me luck...

Will you be coming to the launch or visiting the swishy new Bluewater store soon? 



  1. Ah, wish I could be there, this sounds so jazzy! And many congrats to you - I'm sure your lil section will be all kinds of excellent!

    Emily Wears Things

  2. love your blog!


  3. Oof I've been swanning past the cardboard bit they've currently got stuck to the front of the store for AGES now, wondering when it was going to open! I've googled it and everything (that's intense research to you and me) but to no avail - nice to hear I won't have to wait too much longer. Sadly, I plan to be too hungover to show my face in public on Saturday, but I am hyped to get my shop on when I've recovered. Looking forward to seeing what you pick :) Cx

  4. Ahh, I wish I could come to the launch to say hi, because I've been planning a trip to Bluewater, but the idea of dragging my mother there on a Saturday is hilarious. It is bad enough I offered to drive - I've never driven on the motorway before! However, thanks for letting me know it opens Saturday, as now I know if I go on Wednesday I'll be able to see how it matches up top my favourite Stratford store - have fun at the launch! x

  5. Ahhh! I adore forever 21 it's so cheap hahaa. I think that is so cool what you are doing may have o come & see :D


  6. ahh ive just seen this! :(



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