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These hilarious videos by Vice of the week's 'hottest parties', featuring ridiculous interviews between Billie JD Porter and randoms at The Ideal Homes Show and a Pet Show! Alex showed me them earlier and as I am in my PJ's by 8.30pm these days, I don't have an outfit post to share right now, so here's tonight's post! 

I thought this girl was a bit of a pillock on that TV show she was in, but credit where it's due, she made me chuckle tonight!

Think I've found my new LFW video format for next season..! 

Proper lifey update coming soon! 



  1. I know what you mean, she comes across a bit bleurgh on a few things i've seen her on but this was quite funny!


  2. haha that made me chuckle, a little over the top in some places but she pulled it off XD


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  4. OMG I laughed so hard at the 'giving reki to a spider!" hahaha. I'm so at next season for LFW I have missed the last two, I'd be happy to be your film crew ...Not crew as such more one woman trying to balance in stupid heels while filming. xx

  5. "And is there any chance of Ashanti getting back with Nelly?" Hahaha. I laughed SO hard watching these. Thanks for sharing, Gem!!

  6. These cracked me up. 'don't be so modest Paul' hahaha that girl has got balls i love.


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