London Fashion Week Video Diary Finale!

Well, the final instalment of my London Fashion Week video diary series is finally here! I have been so busy in the last month that I haven't had time to sit and edit it all down, but this weekend was perfect for sitting on my derriere and watching endless videos of myself play the fashion week fool for your amusement/bemusement! *FUN!* Anyway, the way I see it, the next LFW isn't for another 5 months, so what is the hurry?

This lovingly compiled footage features loads of cool stuff - backstage beauty, after parties and, Kanye West! Oh, and myself being a drunken buffoon. My Twitter followers may have witnessed my epiphany a while ago that I am essentially just 'Louie Spence with tits': a faux posh, exaggeration-loving show pony! It's at its worst when alcohol is in the mix... 

Despite the various delays, I've loved creating these little diaries for you guys. I hope they've been interesting in some way as I've really tried to get across what it's really like at fashion week. 

Check out more of my LFW antics here: 


Let me know what you think of my LFW diaries! 


  1. 'it's like it knows how drunk i am!' love it! haha


  2. such a good video gem, always enjoy watching these! giggled so much at your amazement at the restaurant buzzers.. we have those in our students' union and i was baffled by them the first time i was handed one! bizarre.


  3. Ah glad you managed to upload this finally, this is hilarious and all of the fashion week emotions have been captured perfectly! Especially love how you photobombed the pic of Nicola Roberts/Mollie King, classic!

  4. Haha your videos are hilarious! :D

  5. haha I love your lfw diaries! --> kanye's head
    also your camera goes blurry when you're drunk, coicidence? ;)

  6. this video cracked me up...especially the photobomb at the end haha!

  7. your LFW videos are my favourites Gem, so funny ha! Love Jen's proper Northern accent too! Reminds me of home xx

    1. Thank you! I never think I have a proper northern accent until I hang around with southerners! ;)

  8. aw I've loved watching your fashion week vlogs!xx

  9. Hahahaha that photobomb was brilliant!

  10. Your photobomb was hilarious! At least you can say you were in a picture with Nicola Roberts and Mollie King! Looked like great fun

  11. I love these videos! I can't wait for the next set from the next fashion week :)
    R xx

  12. love me looking gorm in this video haha


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