Hey Mama

In honour of Mother's Day, let's all have a big AWWWW at these amazing shots of a very pregnant Valentine Fillol Cordier from Jalouse magazine, which I saw on Cheapskate Chic

What a gorgeous girl.

Hope you've had a nice Mummy's Day! Did you do anything nice? 

My sister and I cooked a nice meal for mum and topped it off with a big slice of chocolate fudge cake. So my silhouette is currently doing a great Valentine Fillol Cordier impression - this post will probably be the only time I'll be able to say I have a model's bod! Ho ho! Carbs4life!

PS - My new post is up over on Republic's blog! Inspired by B*Witched, as all good outfits should be! 


  1. Haha I love your 'carbs4life' motto! Amen!
    Can't believe how lovely she looks during pregnancy, knowing my luck I'll be a spotty oily wreck when the time comes x

  2. You had me at 'B*Witched' <3

    And she is gorgeous and I always think when I see photos like this that themodel will grow old and be so happy to look back at them . Molly xo

    1. Aww that's a really cute way to think! I bet the child will think these photos are awesome when she grows up too!

  3. Hi Gemma - only just recently started following your blog :)
    Completely get what you mean - have a rather round tummy after too much food!! And the weirdest bit? I rub it like I'm actually pregnant!! Lol
    Anyway love you tips and going to be trying leopard print nails soon :)

    1. Haha I know what you mean! It's scary how pregnant I look sometimes!
      Good luck with the nails, let me know how they go! x

  4. She looks amazing... My sister is preggers at the moment so there's a lot of mumma talk around the table this afternoon! Xx

  5. I had no idea Mother's Day was celebrated a month and a half earlier in the UK than here in the US until now. Cool, as are those photos. :)

  6. Wow you're right, these shots are absolutely gorgeous! Sounds like you enjoyed the mummy's day with your family and had lots of fun :-)
    xx from germany

  7. She looks lovely. Sounds like you had a nice day with your mum, and you're right 'carbs4life'! xx

  8. wow she looks amazing!!

    lol at 'carbs4life' - totally understand the feeling !!


  9. Carbs4life, haha!
    I wish I looked as gorgeous as that model when Im pregnant!

    Holli x

  10. I hope I look as stunning as this with a bump! haha


  11. Haha "probably be the only time I'll be able to say I have a model's bod", I'm the exact same, treated my mam (and myself of course) to so much food yesterday! She look so lovely though xx

  12. Hey! I just found your blog and it is AMAZING!! This is such a gorgeous post, and i love looking at all your other posts!
    :) Your new follower!

    x Hannah Rose

  13. Aw those photos of her are beautiful! How does she still look so amazing? Dear me, I dont think I could ever look that fab on a good day with the help of an army of stylists!

    Love, B.B.


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