London Fashion Week Diary: Day 3

Welcome to the third instalment of my London Fashion Week diary! Check out Day 1 and Day 2, too!

The morning began with a visit to the legendary Premier Inn breakfast buffet! The buffet was a godsend because we didn't have time for lunch most days during London Fashion Week and this kept us going until dinner.

DSC04118-1 (dragged)

Another perk was the free Wifi. Ours was courtesy of Premier Inn (as was the hotel room for those that didn't see Day 1's post!) but I believe it was only £3 for 24 hours of Wifi anyway, which is very reasonable. Loved this little graphic - haha!


Before catching the tube into town, I grabbed a Mocha from Starbucks in Westfield. It's the only coffee anywhere I enjoy drinking without having to put 3 heaped sugars in!


Jen touching up her nail polish on the train! Can't quite remember the colour but I believe it was Models Own Pink Punch...


That day I was going for a comfy take on the pastel trend. The shirt was a find in Whitstable's charity shops on Valentines Day, courtesy of the boyfriend :)


(Socks, sunnies, sweater and jacket - Topshop, necklace - New Look, jeggings - H&M, boots - charity shop, lipstick - All About Me by Topshop)

The schedule was rather quiet when we arrived on Sunday so we sat back and watched all the pretty people go by, leaping up to take street style shots when we spotted the right people! I'll be sharing my Street Style shots very soon! Didn't want to include it in these diary posts because I'd be sued for giving you all RSI due to the scrolling!


A quick snap of Zoe and Elisabeth - isn't Zoe's hair a dream?


After lots of street style snapping, we headed to the Vauxhall Fashion Scout venue up the road to see the House of Evolution show, showcasing the work of 3 designers - DeladaZeynep Tosun and Nadine Merabi. Amy of Wolf Whistle works for Katch PR and allowed us to go backstage and get some photos!


The makeup was being done by The Body Shop... Check out the supplies!!


Being backstage at a fashion show can be quite overwhelming... Everyone is so busy, and all the photographers are falling over each other to capture it all! You feel majorly in the way, but also majorly excited to be witnessing the secret pandemonium that takes place before the polished performance on the catwalk!



Epic smokey eyes for the Nadine Merabi show!


This was the crazy hair styling for the Zeynep Tosun show... Not sure it'll be top of the hair trend charts this Autumn, but it worked really well on the catwalk!


The hair for all of the models was a two man job - at least! I always find it so interesting to see the models just go about their business (texting, tweeting, lunching) whilst being pulled every which way during the hair and makeup! They're obviously so used to it it's like they don't even notice chaos around them. The world of modelling is such a strange one, it always completely fascinates me during LFW!


This model (and of course the dress) looked exquisite!


There's more behind the scenes footage on my LFW video, which is coming soon... Honest!

Once we'd taken some pictures backstage, we headed to the press lounge to wait for the show to start... I checked out my copy of The Daily - a newspaper distributed daily at LFW about LFW, featuring show reports, interviews and features.


The show was very delayed, but worth the wait! It was a great experience to see 3 fashion shows in 1! I adored these huge backpacks in the Zeynep Tosun show - I could totally use one of these for the next LFW with the amount of bits and bobs you accumulate!



As for celeb watch, I think I've failed you guys today... It's X Factor reject, Kitty. I promise I'll make up for it in Day 4's diary..! ;)


We headed out to Vapiano's for dinner. I've never been, but found it so cool! Each section of the menu has its own 'station' where you go and order food and have it prepared in front of you. You have a little card that you have to scan whenever you order something and it logs everything so you can just swipe and pay easily at the end. No more awkward flagging down of waiters! Don't you just hate that?!


We shared a meat platter to start:


And I got a BBQ chicken pizza for my main. I couldn't finish it (obvz, it was MEGA!) but it was divine.


We had two party invites on Sunday night. The first was the House of Evolution one, held at Cirque du Soir, some crazy circus themed nightclub!


Fire breathing burlesque? Dunno about you, but it's all I look for in a decent nightclub! Joking aside, writhing women were the first thing we saw when we got into this club and I was rather surprised..! I'm a bit of a prude so I was just a giggling wreck, taking photos on my phone and sending them to Alex. Haha!


Free candyfloss!!! Now you're talkin' my language.


We hung out with Amy for a while on these crazy beds within the nightclub! There was enough vodka flowing that I didn't think about how hygienic our hangout spot may or may not have been... Even when the bed next to us became occupied by some very loved up gents - haha! This was a definite eye opener for me in the world of London nightlife!



This photo definitely seemed like a great idea at the time (on the plus side, my blue bow is fetching!):



After a couple of drinks and lots of giggles with Amy, we headed off to our second invite of the night, the Bitching and Junkfood party at Whisky Mist. We were trying to be the first 100 as there were meant to be goodie bags for them (don't mean to sound like a freebie grabbing loser but I LOVE Bitching and Junkfood so didn't want to miss out!) but alas these were nowhere to be seen... Yasmin was DJ-ing, which was cool, though! And we bumped into my friend Steph from Deer Brains, so that made the drunken hike to Mayfair worthwhile.



Then it was back to the fashion trashpit that was once our lovely hotel room to get some beauty sleep and prepare for Day 4!


This night is much funnier on film, am going to get cracking with the editing now so you'll see what I mean!

Hope you've enjoyed my latest LFW diary day!!



  1. All that food you guys had is making me hungry! Droooling over here. The House of Evolution show look amazing, all the models are ridiculously gorgeous. And hurry with your LFW, your last one really did make me laugh!

    Gemma x


  2. Looks like great fun! I love watching the pretty people go by whilst sitting in Starbucks sometimes...always great for a bit of inspiration.

    Great post by the way :) xx

  3. Dammmmn wish I'd come into London on Sunday now, the hungover-ness at work would've been worth it! I could've hijacked your Premier Inn room, ah if only. Glad you had fun and am definitely having more days off next season for maximum frolics!

  4. I went to the House of Evolution party at Cirque De Soir last season, amazing, right?!

  5. I am just loving this photo diary darling, looks like you much fun - Kitty Brucknell what a walking fashion disaster but amusing at the same time haha!

    Eda ♥


  6. amazing! That looks like sooo mcuh fun! LOve how you took photographs of everything!! loved this post! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  7. LFW looks so cool! Can't wait for your video diary xxx

  8. beautiful photographs, i just love your blog sweetie, lfw looked amazing,

  9. ah cirque du soir! can't compare that club with anything in the world! the fire breathing girl is actually a friend of mine who worked with me in a rock bar! she gets to travel around the world with that club, they've just been back from dubai - talk about being prude! haha
    can't wait for the vid!

  10. looking forward to the video...found your last fashion week ones very amusing haha!


  11. wicked shots!
    OMG yes backstage of house of evo was manic, ridic!

    J x

  12. ah cirque du soir! can't compare that club with anything in the world! the fire breathing girl is actually a friend of mine who worked with me in a rock bar! she gets to travel around the world with that club, they've just been back from dubai - talk about being prude somewhat of a revelation to hollister.! haha

  13. I worked backstage on the Vauxhall fashion scout screwing in the lights bulbs into the mirrors and putting on the vinyl stickers and all that kind of boring stuff, backstage it really isn't glamorous! Interns aren't treated very nicely, but your fashion week looks like so much fun! Glad the shows were good. (:

  14. lovely shirt - looking forward to the video!

    laila x

  15. Eeee really great post and photos again, the closest I got to LFW this season!! Devo that your floral shop is a charity shop find, so in love with the colours and the print!


  16. That floral shirt is amazingggg!! xx

  17. look like you had fun!!

    xo katrina


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