London Fashion Week Diary: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of my LFW Diary! Check out Day 1 here if you haven't already and get in the loop! 

Our first stop was the press lounge to gather our thoughts and rehydrate after a stressful morning... You may remember I lost my debit card the night before, so I phoned Pret in the morning to see if I had left it there the day before (Jen thought I had). They said nothing had been found, so we then had to find a Halifax so I could get some emergency cash and cancel the card. We walked along a long road of closed banks (it was Saturday) but luckily Halifax was open, so I got my cash. They made me ring up to cancel the card but a fashionista like me does not have time for such mundane tasks, dahhlings, so I put it off until later. We passed Pret on the way to Somerset House and I nipped in on the off-chance. Turns out they had it (I must've ring the wrong Pret)!! Phew. So I now had £100 cash burning a hole in my pocket as well as plastic. And a hotel room in Westfield. Danger! 

Zee press lounge:

An outfit snap - I went for a comfy look today, much to the indifference of the street style photographers! 

(Jacket, glasses and jeans - Topshop, tee - H&M, boots - charity shop, necklace - New Look)

(The necklace was only £2.99 and New Look are having a BOGOF at the minute, so it was the bargain of the century!)

The Topshop New Gen T-shirt exhibition I mentioned in my Day 1 Diary

Little photo sesh on the cool background! 

We wandered around some more of the exhibition - I adored the pieces in Simone Rocha's collection!

Sister by Sibling had some awesome Barbie dolls modelling their designs!

The life-sized designs - knitted, glittery leopard print = ABSOLUTE YES.

The scrum outside Simon Rocha's show! It was too packed out, so we didn't get in. 

Yeah, I stalked Fred Butler for a bit.. She seemed to be looking for her ticket to the show! 

We did lots of street style photography - I will be sharing mine with you soon! Here, Jen is papping Laura

Everyone else has the same idea at Somerset House. Papping away!

We then checked out some more of the exhibition. This was shoe designer, Julian Hakes talking to buyers about his incredible shoes. He is first and foremost an architect, and used these principles to sculpt a new type of shoe. Check out his 'arch-less' designs in the background! 

Fun accessories from Yang Du.

We were all ogling the stunning jewellery by Maria Francesca Pepe! 

Then we decided to queue for John Rocha. In the freezing cold rain. I'm not sure if I missed the 'If your name ends in Rocha, hate Jen and Gem' memo today, but just like Simone Rocha earlier in the day, we didn't get in. Sigh! 

Lily queued up for a while with us, along with Emma and Kate, but perhaps they could psychically sense the oncoming rejection as the 3 of them made a getaway! Here was Lily, fitting in with the decor with her Topshop bag! 

Not to be deterred by the rain and rejection, Jen and I headed to the Kinder Aggugini show at the Embankment Gallery. Jen was thrilled to notice the bright light I was stood in front of made my ear glow! Haha!

We got into this show using a mixture of manners, charm and guilt-tripping (all will be explained in my video diary!) I absolutely loved this show. It was based on the postmodern notion of artists copying the work of other artists - Aggugini took various prints and references and mixed them all in together. This mishing and mashing was quite literal in garments that were all sewn together from different materials entirely. A key print was cowboys with horses, key colours were green, blue, red and gold and the looks were styled with customised Dr Martens loafers! The makeup was lovely too, with rose gold glitter being applied directly to lips. A shout out to the soundtrack, too - a mash up of country songs and nineties/noughties hip hop and pop - think Usher, Justin Timberlake, Kelis, Beyonce and Dolly Parton! AMAZING. 

After that, we said goodbye to Somerset House and headed back to the bright lights of Westfield for some shopping and dinner!

I gave my outfit some more relaxed tweaks for our wander. Cue beanie, desert boots and my cosy 'fur' coat!

OH, Nandos. How I love you. Yes, just like Day 1, our adventures ended in a hearty meal. My signature Nando's order is the butterfly chicken breast (lemon & herb), chips, mash and halloumi. Yum! 

Hope you enjoyed this second instalment! Loads more to share from Day 3 and 4! No two days are the same in the world of LFW! 


  1. Looks totes amaze. If you have a spare sec, could you please vote for me to become Grazia Fashion Blogger of The Year?
    Here is the link
    Love your blog Hun. Xx

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time! :) Those arch-less shoes look amazing! Looking forward to more from your LFW instalments!

    Caroline x

  3. Looks awesome! wish i went. Where is your coat from?? simly gorgeous dah'ling! xx

  4. Loving your day-by-day adventures and especially those desert boots!! I was laughing when you found out about your card, it sounds like something I'd do!

    Looking forward to the rest of the days and your vlog. :)

  5. Oh nandos!
    I've been meaning to try the butterfly chicken but i always opt for the burger (hot)! hah

  6. Love what you were wearing! Simple but yet chic! Glad you had fun at LFW!

    - Ally @ Styled With Leather

  7. ooo it looks like so much fun! I love the glittery leopard print knits xxx

  8. Haha the Barbie models are so cool! And the show you went to sounds really interesting, looking forward to day three and four. :)


  9. Loving the photos (the one with your glowing ear in particular lol) Keep the posts coming!

    Ginger Pickle ♥

  10. Just enjoyed reading both of your LFW posts - sounds like you had a really fun time :) Your outfits were fab as usual. I NEED that cute silver Tatty Devine cat ring!


  11. Gem, I'm so impressed you went for a chip/mash combo in Nandos... some people think that's weird you know?!

    Can never have too much potato in a meal.

    The (used to be with) It Girl

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  13. Thanks for the diaries, Gem. Us mummy bloggers who wish we could be there, really look forward to your posts x

  14. Rather relieved about the card! Great second instalment. Looking forward to the others. x

  15. Perfect pink lippie, Gem! Looks like you all had a good laugh at LFW, really been enjoying hearing all about it in everyone's blog posts :D

  16. such lovely photographs hehe :) x

  17. I really want some doc marten loafers now!

  18. Yay there is me... I'm famousssssss

    Love ya <3

  19. Looks like so much fun! OH it is such a dream to go to LFW! So lucky.


  20. ha i love the barbie models! what a good idea. everything looks great:) love the outfit, looks like you had another fun day :) xx


  21. You look lovely...hope you enjoyed yourself!

    Sophie x

  22. Chips and mash? Madness.
    Love the Barbie dolls, what a fun idea. I'm loving LFW posts from you, Jen and Lily. Sounds like you guys had lots of fun.

  23. Wow looks like you had an amazing time! Lucky girl! Loving the bright colours and dolls, such a cute way to show off a colleciton xx :o)

  24. I'm really enjoying your LFW posts - looks like loads of fun! x

  25. Chips and mash?? Potato in two forms?? I concur with Caramel Latte Kiss! You are crazy!! x

  26. I remember on my first day of middle school I was utterly confused as to why the dinner ladies wouldn't let me have jacket potato and chips...so go you with double potato! xx

  27. http://www.asos.com/ASOS/ASOS-Skinny-Belt-With-Cat-Print/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=1947737&cid=4174&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Black

    bit off topic...but you like cats :)

  28. So lucky getting your debit card back! I would have DIED if I'd have lost mine!! And you really do make LFW look really excited. Utterly determined to go next year, I won't even mind the rejection!

    Gemma x


  29. Another brill summary! Lovely photos, just looks so exciting and fun. I'm really loving the 'comfy' look, beaut boots! That Nando's looks delishh, saw your tweet about outrage at the double potato action but I think that sounds like a pretty inspired idea


  30. Quirky and beautiful! One day I hope to be able to have the confidence for style like yours.

  31. I'm really enjoying your LFW posts! This is a really cute OOTF btw :)


  32. Absolutely adore the owl bags from Yang Du! xxx

  33. I am reading the whole series of your diary, love love love it! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  34. great post!! loved every inch of it :)



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