Slendertone Challenge: Week 1

After a lot of wondering whether to invest in a Slendertone belt, fate answered my question when I was recently invited to take part in a Slendertone 30 day challenge! 

First things first, here is what the Slendertone Abs belt looks like:

This is the belt I am reviewing, but there are cheaper alternatives on Amazon

From the horse's mouth (aka. website): 

"Slendertone Abs Female delivers targeted muscle toning, designed to help achieve deep muscle training. Slendertone Abs Female stimulates all the abdominal muscles, not just the superficial fibres, by activating the core muscles which are essential for your core stability, posture and defining your shape.  Slendertone Abs can be used without any physical activity or while doing physical activity. Slendertone's patented 3 electrode arrangement ensures optimal recruitment of all abdominal muscles, ensuring the entire abdominal musculature, including the deep internal oblique and transversus abdominus muscles and the more superficial rectus abdominus and external obliques.  The medical grade pads ensure the stimulation is spread over the pad area evenly, allowing a more comfortable workout"

So, when I want to use the belt, I stick the three pads to my stomach, fasten the belt tightly and then begin one of the programmes. To make the 'workout' my own, I have added my own step which is sucking my tummy in almost continually for the 25 minutes with the hope that if the Slendertone is zapping my tummy while its at its flattest, it will freeze in that position over continued use... I have no idea if this will affect the end result and I realise I probably sound a bit mad, but hey ho! 

To begin a session, you use the up arrows on the remote to increase the intensity of the electric signals being passed to your stomach muscles. This belt goes from 0-150. For my first few sessions, I didn't venture past 25, which felt like a tickling sensation. After my 7th use, I'm now up to 65 and it's more like a vibrating, slight pinching sensation. It isn't exactly pleasant, but it's not painful. I can't see myself venturing anywhere near the 150 mark! The sensations come in waves and aren't constant, mimicking the effect sit-ups have on your muscles. Slendertone claim 20 minutes is the equivalent of doing 120 sit-ups! 

I haven't felt any after-effects such as achey muscles yet, like you would if you were doing crunches. I hope this doesn't mean I'm not on a high enough setting, but I will keep trying to increase this! Sometimes a bit of next-day-pain is useful to know that your muscles have been working.

Obviously I can't report any visible difference after week 1, but I can tell you that Slendertone fits much more seamlessly into my routine (sitting on the sofa watching telly) than any other toning attempts I've made in the past, which all require me to leave the sofa and even exert some effort. Not cool. It's nice to feel that I'm being proactive about my physique and posture without actually doing anything! 

I have high hopes for my 30-day challenge. Slendertone sounds like the ultimate lazy girl's answer to a flatter stomach. I just hope it isn't too good to be true! You know I'll tell it like it is, freebie or no freebie, so stay tuned to hear more about my progress over the coming weeks! 

Have you tried Slendertone products before? If so, how did you get on and do you have any advice to share with a newbie like me?


  1. Sounds good Gemma. Good luck with it! Looking forward to seeing more updates x

  2. I've always wanted to try a sort of weight-loss-aid thing! For some reason it makes exercise/dieting seem a lot more interesting, haha. You'll have to let us know how it goes later on!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  3. My mum is obsessed with slendertone and uses it on the highest setting because she "enjoys the pain"...it hasn't had much effect (but then she has had four children so I'm sure that plays a part). I can't say I enjoy the effect it has, I think I prefer crunches when I can be bothered! Looking forward to seeing how you get on with it! xx

  4. Being the lazy bum I am...If i can just stick that on while watching TV and binge-eating, and it'll tone my belly to be like total washboard surfer chic by summer? Then count me in LOL


  5. I didn't notice any difference after using my Slendertone but I have quite a bit more fat than you so hopefully you'll get better results.

    I also found it weirdly enjoyable so I think it's a good thing I gave up on it before I developed a strange fetish! *blush*

  6. I could do with aonsie style one to tone my whole body in. :] XXX

  7. Sounds totally for me! You'll have to keep updating the effects, if it works I may have to buy one! I'm not one for exercise x

  8. I have been using a slender tone for a couple of years.. Can't really report any benefits, but I am slightly flabby since having children, have gone from a size 10 to 12 so not thaaaat bad, but I think having fat layers does effect it as you aren't zapping the muscles.... Just the fat.

    I might dig mine out again now seeing as I had another baby do am a bit more wobbly round the edges now!!

  9. You are kind of messing up the experiment by pulling in your stomach muscles. If you did that with out the belt you would train your stomach muscles to pull in anyhow. You will get better experimental results if you let your stomach muscles relax. otherwise you can assume your flatter tummy comes from the work you did pulling it in, not the belt.

  10. How retro. I hope it works, it just seems too god to be true, then again, they've been going for years. Yeah, it must work. Can't wait to see the results. X

  11. I tried one on once, I don't think it was a slendertone, more like a dodgy one we found at the car boot about 10 years ago! It was evil! felt like it was giving proper electric shocks! I think technology has improved by then so I'm excited to see your review after a few more weeks :)
    Rachelle x

  12. im looking forward to the end result! x

  13. The thing is, this is like doing a ton of sit-ups but no cardio; which means if you don't burn off the fat around the muscles, you'll not be able to see much of a difference as no matter how toned & strong the actual muscles are, there'll be a layer covering them. I'll be interested to see if it works in the long term!

  14. I'm not convinced of the "science" around this product I'm afraid! I think if it was this easy then there wouldn't be 100s of people slogging it out at the gym all the time!

    I also like how it's called a "weight loss aid" i.e. you still have to exercise and eat well but this will "aid" your weight loss when clearly the weight loss comes from the good diet and exercising!

    It's great that your reviewing this though Gem! I love reading about stuff like this and despite my cynicism there is always a little part of me really really really hoping it works!!

  15. My brother mentioned this to me before but I'm sure that used along with a good diet it'll be beneficial. Looking forward to the updates!

  16. The thought of exercise makes me feel a bit sick so this sounds perfect for a couch potato like myself! Cannot wait to see the results Gem!
    Em xx

  17. Ooh I want to get one of these, I probably will if it works for you. It seems too good to be true though!


  18. Can't wait to see how you get on! Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

  19. looks like my kind of excersise...the sit down kind haha

  20. Love that you are trying this, and that we can trust you to give us an honest review. Heard so much about Slendertone over the years so keen to hear whether it really works! xx

  21. I'm really interested to see your progress as I have constantly tried to tone my stomach through exercise but had not real luck. I had heard that the Slendertone is a bit painful and not very pleasant but I guess they must have had it on a high setting.

    Good luck! Can't wait to see the results :D

  22. So glad you've done a review on this sweetie. I've always wanted to try one of those belts. But I didn't know if the product was going to be one of those ' too good to be true investments'. Keep posting on the results you're getting. I'm wanting to shed weight on my hips/tum. xx

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