O&FOTD. Catchy?

Today my friend Emily and I went back to University for the first time since July to (very belatedly) collect our work. We were told most of it had been 'destroyed' but luckily all of our stuff was still there. One of my old tutors told me my dissertation was the only First given on my course, and had been double-marked by someone from Central St. Martins, so I was super chuffed! After this, we were then going to go to Rochester Castle, but we opted to save it for a sunny day and head to the bright lights of Bluewater instead!

The 'outfit of the day':

(Hobbs t-shirt and black desert boots: charity shop, jacket and jeggings: H&M, skirt: Topshop)

This was my 'face of the day'. I have been trialling a little pot of Clinique Even Better foundation based on some Twitter recommendations. I am finding it quite a nice change from the matte finish of Estee Lauder Double Wear, but I did get a sample of Clinique's Repairwear foundation today too as anti-ageing is a bit of a concern for me these days! Most depressing sentence OF ALL TIME. Anyway, I am also wearing a little swipe of the Bourjois chocolate bronzer to warm things up a bit. As much as you can when your skin is doing an impression of Casper at all times. Constant Casper. That would be an awesome name for a new brand to rival Nicola Roberts' Dainty Doll range for the pale and interesting! I have finally found my calling!!!

As for my incredibly exciting haul... I bought two hairbrushes in Boots and a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Okay, two. Bank balance: happy. Waistline: constant turmoil, but some things never change! Although I AM pondering buying a Slendertone, so watch this space. Any of you tried it?

That's all, folks! I'm off to organise my wardrobe, wash up and then watch episode 2 of the new series of Sherlock. We've only just got into it but have had a marathon of it for the past week. It is amazing!

Back tomorrow!



  1. Congrats on your First! I so want a first in my dissertation! And I've never tried a Slendertone either...good idea though...saves paying membership for the gym and going once and never having the nerve to go again because you're known to the staff as the girl who went to the gym once and gave up!! NICE OUTFIT as well! xx

  2. Absolutely love those desert boots! x

  3. wow a first, well deserved missy ! good luck on the wardrobe re organisation i need to do this


  4. I'm so glad you decided to try Even Better - it's my favourite foundation of all time!


  5. i really like your haircut and makeup :O
    and wow st martins?? kewll!!


  6. I love the combo of a stripy t-shirt and name necklace, it's one I've done many times myself :)

  7. Slendertone's are a waste of money I'm afraid, from my own point of view anyway. It's painful and unnecessary. There will always be ways to "slim easily" coming out, but in reality the old traditional work out seems the best bet! Sorry if that's not want you want to hear. You look great anyway, and your outfit is once again gorgeous. Glad you had a good day with you friend, and a big well done on your First!

  8. Nah tothe Slendertone. Total gimmick. Just do a set amount of situps everyday and you'll be flying. I'm super pale and ageing (ugh) too, atm I'm using the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum and I think it's brilliant xx

  9. Love this outfit, I want your jacket! And the rolled-up-jeans-to-show-the-socks thing is so cute x

  10. What a lovely outfit! Those boots are brilliant - I really want a pair. Also, well done on your First!
    Best wishes,

  11. Beautifulll as always. I LOVE the Slendertone, but it was my Mum's and as it's now 90 miles away I barely get to use it anymore. It's my best friend when I go home; my constant companion. I miss it more than I miss my Mum herself (kidding! Well...sort of :p).
    I think they're well worth buying but only if you use them everyday. Definitely a must if you like me and have 'back trouble' (translation: a serious hate of physical movement of any kind).
    Congratulations on your first! The only one on your course! 'Clever cloggs' comes to mind here!

    Hope you, kitty and Alex are all well xxxx

  12. Great outfit Gem, your jacket is ah-mazing! xx

  13. Wowee well done on your dissertation, very impressive! I adore this outfit, it all goes together so nicely and big fan of your boots. If slendertones work I'm going to have to be all over that because I swear to God I cannot stop eating


  14. Congratulations on the first! :D And the anti-ageing worry has hit me too recently, and very very sadly. After noticing I didn't get ID'ed in Tesco for wine, something which has never happened before, I'm paranoid about the wrinkle lines!

    If you do get a Slendertone, do post your thoughts on it! I've toyed with the idea of getting one, but I'm reluctant in case it doesn't work!


  15. I used to use Even Better foundation a couple of years ago before swapping to Mac Studio Sculpt, I am now tiring of my constant 'dry' looking face and am wanting my skin to look healthy. Considering swapping back! Your skin looks immaculate!
    Also, these shoes are beauts

  16. Sherlock rocks my socks!!! Your makeup is lovely, your skin so clear I am extremely jealous.

  17. Love your blog, your makeup looks impeccably done! Your skin is amazing. What did you study at University?



  18. Mentioned you in my favourite bloggers post :) check it out! http://jazxo.blogspot.com/2012/01/favourite-bloggers.html

    Beautiful outfit as usual xo

  19. Aww, lovely outfit. Congrats on the super good work at uni too..

    I'm using a facecream that's called itself 'age resisting' which I much prefer over 'anti-wrinkle' !! Ha. (It's a Simple moisturiser by the way..)



  20. Only one with a first... ooo check you out :) Well done! Love your outfit, you look lush as usual!

    Oh by the way.. I tried to use your motel discount the other day but it said its expired end of last year? (was meant to tweet you but totes forgot) was well gutted lol!

    The Deer Head


  21. When i first read OandFOTD the first thing that came to mind was outfit and food of the day! well we all know where my mind is at! On another note loving the cute roll ups!


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