Creative Crimbo: Gift wrap ideas!

As I'm on a surprise excursion to Scotland, I am ridiculously behind on my festive postings! I thought I'd cheat a little tonight and post some little gift-wrap ideas from the DIY book I made as part of my Final Major Project at Uni:

(I am aware there is a typo on this last page, but don't have time to edit as I'm running late for dinner!)

Other ideas:

♥ Wrap pressies with layers of different designed paper (or layers of coloured tissue paper) and pop little sweets or small gifts in between each layer - a la pass the parcel! 

♥ Instead of using normal gift tags, search websites like Pinterest to find amazing printable ones to give your gift more of a unique touch!

Anyone else got any cute and easy gift wrap tips or links to share? 

And is anyone else finding the proximity of christmas absolutely terrifying? SO much I still need to do/blog/bake and no time to do any of it! Aaarrghh! Here's to the last night in the snowy wonderland of Aberdeen before it's back to madness tomorrow...


  1. i absolutely love love love the idea of vintage/retro wrap using magazines. definitely something to keep note of as it isn't just restricted to christmas wrapping. i did my own potato print versions too!


    lots of love, jade. xxx

  2. Nice ideas. Oh I'm freaking out..only have half of my presents bought :( and I'm so broke. Looking forward to the actual day though! x

  3. oooh I love the magazine idea! I made some cute little gift bags! http://sophieetc.blogspot.com/2011/12/diy-gift-bags.html
    and check out my cute christmas wrapping for my gifts this year! :)

    Love sophie xx

  4. Can honsetly say my wrapping attempts now look clumsy in comparison haha but I do love these wrapping ideas, especially the tape :)

  5. What lovely ideas - I especially like the newspaper or magazine as wrapping paper idea! It is so versatile! xx

  6. that is so pretty!
    i've used newpaper to wrap up presents once hehe
    Krissy xoxo

  7. Awww wish I was in snowy Scotland. These are the sweetest tips, love the idea of putting small presents or sweets in between layers of paper, who doesn't love pass the parcel! I cannot even comprehend the fact christmas is next Sunday! Very exciting but I have the busiest week ahead and a very large to do list!!


  8. LOVE the mag idea!!

    I've used brown paper and string this year xx

  9. I've wrapped all my Christmas gifts in brown paper this year with purple raffia instead of ribbon. I then made gift tags using Monet and Van Gogh prints and tearing these into gift tag sizes and including the most interesting aspects of the waterlillies/sunflowers. All the gifts look so rustic and SO much better than just some generic Christmas wrapping paper xx


  10. Ooo what a cute idea, a good way to use up old magazines too!

  11. brilliant, i love the idea of using old mags as wrapping paper! i've already wrapped all my gifts for this year though, so will have to remember that for next time!

    i made some cheapo gift bags ... i had a load of brown paper bags lying around, and i made them look festive (ish) by sticking a paper snowflake on them ... here's a pic http://twitpic.com/7sdqxg ha!

    merry christmas! xx


  12. Great idea Gem! I love seeing little extracts from your book! You should totally get it published :) I've gone for super glitter purple wrapping paper mixed with antique music sheets this year!
    Rachelle x

  13. I was given a few 'retired' road atlases recently, and I've been using them to wrap presents :) They're good for all year round, which is nice.

    I'm planning on making gift bags out of them, and putting presents in crackers/ wrapping them to look like crackers or Quality Street is always nice :)

  14. I really like the magazine idea! Yay Christmas!

  15. Aww I love the sweetie idea :) I haven't begun to even shop for Christmas yet :O xxx


  16. I always knew about using newspaper or brown paper, but I never even though to use magazines!
    Thanks for the great tip, I will definitely be using this for my christmas wrapping! :)


  17. I love the magazine one! Of course the people I'm giving presents to prob wouldnt appreciate it or 'get' it but I'd love to receive pressies like this!

  18. LOVE brown paper - it can be so sylish and chic if you accessorize it the right way! Fab post! xx

  19. the magazine page looks amazing i love it! xo

  20. Brilliant Gem!

    I have a major tape-obsession, so I can't wait to try out your fabric tape idea- it's fab!

    I think you'd like this blog- the girl has some seriously cute giftwrapping ideas! >> http://hellosandwich.blogspot.com/

    Have a lovely Christmas!

  21. great tips hun!! thanks for sharing! Im using red twine and tiny sleigh bells to decorate my presents :) x

  22. really inventive and quirky ideas!
    wish i'd seen this before i wrapped my presents up in the stereotypical way.
    tips for next year though!



  23. I use brown wrapping paper and string - so cheap but everyone always comments on how cute and retro it looks! xx

  24. such a cutecute idea!, looks so much better too.


  25. Blady love your blog!! Just stumbled across it, FOLLOWED :)

    Cheers for this idea, actually might have just saved me from a pretty awkward christmas where I might have had to face the possibility of wrapping my pressies in some god awful 'Seasons greetings' paper.

    I'll definitely keep having a peek at your blog, so inspiring and creative!! Thankyou!



  26. Can't believe Christmas is literally right around the corner, but think I'm pretty much sorted.

    My tip would be: use parcel paper and decorate with coloured metallic ribbons, or layer brown papaer with colour tissue paper for a cheap and pretty alternative to wrapping paper.

    This year I also used luggage tags, which were 10 for £1 from the £1 shop, covered them in PVA, them poured sequins over them (huge bag of assorted colours, shapes and sizes, from £1 shop) for a sparkly pretty label.

  27. I normally always use brown wrapping paper, but we got snowflakes, polar bears and penguins this year :( Oh, and thank you for so much for the little Christmas suprise!

    Pip x

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