Christmas EEEve!!

So anyway, it turns out that being a decent blogger and working in retail at christmas is a mega contradiction! But rather than stress myself out about the posts I didn't get round to blogging on-schedule, let's try to remember what this holiday is really all about: presents and food! Oh, and dressing festively for work! 

Poundland had sold out of antlers, so my seasonal sartorial effort consisted mainly of stealing some holly tinsel from the tree, donning it as a belt, and then having my work pals spray glitter on my bonce! 

(Dress - H&M, Cardi - Charity shop)

You can't really see 'em but I wore my new black desert boots I found in a charity shop yesterday! They were £7.99, which nearly made me vom in my mouth (Anything over £5 in a charity shop angers me), but I had been looking at pairs on eBay for like £10, so I got over it. 

Sooo, what are you lot up to for crimbz tomorrow?! Alex and I are having a cosy christmas for two and then heading to my mum's tomorrow for a couple of days. I'm mega excited but am sliiightly nervous about all the cooking and that. Wish me luck! 

Hope you all have a totally amazing day! 


PS - Is it wrong that I am kinda excited for christmas to be over so I can raid Boots' half price gift sale on Boxing Day..?! 


  1. same! I'm looking forward to the sales more in this shopping obssed kind of way (Im'm usually very frugal but can't say no to discounted items!!!)

  2. You look adorable! Have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow lovely!


  3. I love that you made your work outfit festive! I was at my nans in Deal the other day and one charity shop wanted £5-8 for each shirt, it made me sad. Hope you have a great chirstmas.x

  4. Haha love it Jem! Great way of customising an outfit, good job lady! And I'm totes the same about charity shops, I often end up buying things I don't want too. What happened to 20p clothes eh? *scrooge* x

  5. Aww your Christmas sounds like its gonna be lush! I cannot wait for boxing day sale! Hitting urban outfitters ASAP!xxx

  6. This is how festive dressing should be done, I actually have the same dress and tinsel so I'm half way to completing something similar! Those boots are a brill find even if they are extortionate for a chazza! Have a lovely Christmas and good luck with the cooking! I'm having a family day and my mum has admitted she doesn't like other people cooking in her kitchen so none of those worries for me haha


  7. merry christmas. this belt is amazing!


  8. As someone who helped set up the boots sale last night for my town, I'm glad someone is looking forward to it!! I love your little baboushkas on the fireplace :)

    Merry Christmas x

  9. The boots sale has already started online x

  10. Beautiful dress, happy Christmas

  11. merry christmas (:


  12. You look lovely. Merry Christmas :D


  13. Love the holly as a belt :) Hope you're having an amazing Christmas! x

  14. Hope the Xmas meal went well! Don't worry about the posting, it matters more that you are enjoying posting for us than the quantity.
    Love xo http://tobeapoetblog.blogspot.com/

  15. Glitter hair - brilliant! Must remember that one for next year. You look utterly glam with those falsies (if they're not - jealous!) and red lips. Well merry merry my friend. Hope you have a blissful festive season. x

  16. Hahaha, 'early made me vom in my mouth' made me actually laugh out loud! I know what you mean though, charity shops seem to be taking the mick a bit recently, but then you can't argue because it's going to a good cause.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, m'lovely

    Leigh xxx


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