Tuesday Tip: Bye bye, hair dye!

Evening all! 

Before I start unleashing all of my festive Tuesday Tips on you all (starting next week!) I had to share this incredible tip that Zoe told me about the other day. If only I'd known about this years ago, it would've saved a LOT of friction between mother and I. I will be handing this tip down to my little sister to save her the grief! 

Without further a(hair)do! Ho ho...


Hey Gem Fatale readers! 

I’m Zoe and I normally blog over at http://thelondonlipgloss.blogspot.com. I’m not only a big fan of Gem herself but have been reading Gem Fatale for ages – so am well honoured to be on her blog today! Thanks Gem!

Now, let’s talk Tuesday Tips.

I have a serial hair dying problem. I’ve been every colour since I was about 12. I’m not even joking, green, blue, red, yellow, white – you name it, I’ve been it. This is all well and good for my general street cred but often wreaks havoc with my surroundings. Why? I’m blind as a bat. I find that the easiest way to dye my hair is to take my glasses off and pop them on the side before dying – as my glasses are 1. My lifeline and 2. Quite expensive! Now you can only begin to imagine what happens once I’ve taken my glasses off! I once found myself (whilst living in my rented flat) wanting to dye my hair a particular shade of Katy Perry Pink. So I trotted off down to Camden and bought the bright pink I wanted before taking it back home ready to commence transformation. I went into the bedroom, popped my glasses on the side, slipped the gloves on and went dye crazy! 20 minutes later I looked in the mirror and my hair was turning an incredible shade of bright pink – wicked! I sat down thinking everything was fine and waited for the dye to finish taking. I went to the bathroom and washed my hair out, looked in the mirror and grinned – ace! My hair was awesome! And all for under a fiver. I popped my glasses back on and went into my bedroom only to discover the horror that I had completely destroyed my carpet with pink dye. Full on horror. It was everywhere as well, on the mirror, on the floor, on the cupboards – it had completely gone everywhere.


What do you do in situations like this? Scream? Cry? I contemplated attempting to dye the rest of the carpet pink to cover it up – shush Zoe, I couldn’t do that, it was a rented flat. I tried everything, seriously. I tried bleach, carpet stain remover, all sorts of lotions and potions that I could get my hands on.

Two days later and still the dye was on my carpet, right in the middle of the bedroom. I was expecting imminent death by either boyfriend or landlord anytime soon so had sorta given up and then it totally hit me. I’d always been told by hairdressers after dying my hair with bright dye not to hairspray it too much, as the particles that are in the hairspray that are designed to keep the hair in place cling on to the dye and strip them quicker than they would with normal hair. Even worse because pink is a semi-permanent colour and won’t stay put for more than week vividly anyway. I knew that hairspray was a total no no on my dyed hair, having dyed it bright colours for so many years. I had a bit of a brainwave and dashed off to Tesco to grab a super cheap big bottle of hairspray.


^ Don’t use a nice bottle like this though!

I got home and sprayed loads of the stuff all over the carpet, let it take for a minute and then scrubbed like crazy with a normal kitchen scourer. Guess what? It came clean out! The dye worked on the carpet the same way as dye works on hair and it just lifted the colour out! I had to scrub it pretty hard, lets be honest – you gotta put some welly in! But it just goes to show that cheap n cheerful hairspray does have a use after all! (Unless you’re a really big fan of dodgy 80’s hair)

Hope this helps some of you! Zozo xxx

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LOVE IT!!! Thanks Zoe :) 

What do you think of Zoe's tip? If anyone else has any bright ideas they'd like to share, feel free to DM or email me! 



  1. Wish I had known this a couple of years ago! haha x

  2. I have one! If you spill nail varnish on your carpet - shaving gel all the way! Just work it in to the carpet and wash out with a wet cloth :)

  3. My sister will cry with happiness when I tell her this. Thankyou!

  4. I've stained may a bathroom tile and grouting with hair dye... Wonder if this tip works for that! Heehee

    Always good to know! Gem you should write a book of all these tips, you'd make millions!

    Dayner x my blog - mozzypop.com

  5. HURRAH!!! Although this wouldn't work on anything that's got peroxide or amonia in it, right? But still, AWESOME, since my hair dye always ends up all over my towels, carpet, bedding, cat, you name it. Cheers Zoe and Gem! xx

  6. This is excellent! Could have done with it a few years ago when my friend dyed her hair at mine and permanantly dyed the bathroom. Thanks girls!x

  7. I'm not a hair dyer but this is a great idea. Will definitely keep it in my back pocket to dish out to any friends inflicted with a dye disaster!

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  8. Such a great tip! I didn't know hairspray was a no-no for newly dyed hair either, so thanks! xo

  9. I love this, Seriously, love it!
    I'm the same with dying my hair a million colours, including that exact pink, and I'm not always as careful as I could be.
    Thank you!

  10. Wow this is brilliant! I used to work a hairdressers and never even thought about it, but we used to use hairspray on our clothes if we splashed any dye on them.


  11. haha I remember this from whenever my sister (a hairdresser) dyed my hair a vivid red and left me with a mask effect all around my hairline. She said try hairspray and....bizarrely, cigarette ash...on a cotton wool ball to clear up any mess. Smelt hideous, but if I remember rightly it did work!

    T x

  12. Well you've just saved me £360 deposit for the stain on my carpet <3333

  13. I think this knowledge has actually changed my life. Thanks for sharing!x

  14. when i worked in a hairdressers i was told to quickly hairspray dye when it got splashed on my clothes!

    thanks for reminding me about this amazing fact, im so messy when dying my hair as well!

  15. do you think it will work on my wooden dressing table too? that has suffered from many bright red splurts over the years! and thanks to pookie who mentioned nail varnish and shaving foam- that was the main fight between me and my mum growing up! x

  16. OMG i have totally done this before.

    i got green acrylic paint on a brand new top, and i tried EVERYTHING to get it out. lime juice, stain remover, WD40 (ikr, google gave me some weird reccomendations!) and eventually i fell on hairspray, which worked instantly!! so it works for dried acrylic paint as well.

  17. Where were you when I dyed the carpet in my last flat turquoise?!
    Also, any tips on getting Jagermeister out of white carpet would be much appreciated.



  18. My nan shared this tip with me! My mum (and her towels) really thanked me ha! xx

  19. Hairspray also works as a nail varnish remover if you've run out!

  20. Fucking AMEZZIN! My dining room chair will be clean again!

  21. BEST TIP EVERRR, the mother is now going to be extremely happy! thanksss!


  22. Loved the post Zoe! I'd love to guest feature on your blog Gem... Maybe check mine out and see if you like my 'voice' so to speak :) Let me know and I'll rustle something up!


  23. i love your blog! just spent most of my morning reading through it :-) ha ha

    Jessica xo


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