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I'm a bit of a sucker for signing up to money-saving emails... my Vouchercodes and Groupon emails are pretty much the highlight of my morning. Recently, I received an email about this new members-only website called Free to be Supreme. You need to register your email to use the website, and by selecting what types of shops you like to buy from (designer, high street, boutique etc), you will gain access to exclusive deals and promotions from relevant brands and websites. Each week they'll send you an email of the best deals tailored to your shopping needs.

Scoping out the deals for my needs ('piss poor' wasn't an option so I opted for high street...), I found two amazing things. Firstly, I found out that the amazingly cool store, JOY are offering 25% off of selected items at the minute. Secondly, I found that this promotion included a whole bunch of gorgeous numbers by mega cute brand, Louche, which is exclusively available on the JOY site. 

Rather than upload a bunch of photos of the amazing discounted Louche dresses, I made a little picture of my favourites because I'm a Call of Duty widow at the minute so have lots of extra time on my hands during evenings that would've once been consumed with TV and cuddling. Sigh. I guess my loss is your gain!


PHWOAR. I really fancy dress number 7 to get me through the festive party season. Even though I have as yet only been invited to one party. The work do. I'm sure things will pick up..! All the dresses are on average £45, making them about £34 with the promotion! 

Here are some fashiony deals from VoucherCodes that may also be of interest!

20% off all New Look orders using NLXMASAFF2
(Excludes sale items, expires tomorrow)

20% off Matalan orders using earlyxmas
(Expires 16th November)

20% off one transaction at Dorothy Perkins using DPWINTER20
(Expires tomorrow)

20% off at A|Wear using AWEAR20
(Expires tomorrow)

 10% off Urban Outfitters using UO10
(Expires January, woop!)

25% off one item online at  H&M using 9437
(Expires tomorrow)

20% off full price items at Figleaves using TWENTY
(Expires tomorrow)

And an awesome Groupon which has been re-listed after it sold out the other day: 52% off a 100ml bottle of one of my favourite perfumes, Vera Wang Rock Princess for £29.99! Bargain! 

Do any of you know of any other cool offers on at the moment?

I'm off to meet a buddy now for coffee and charity shopping and then am potentially going to Rye Bonfire! I have been wanting to see some fireworks up close for ages, so I can't wait! 

Hope you're having a fun weekend where'er ye be! 


*Not a sponsored post, just sharing the bargain love!*


  1. if you're on o2, get the free 'priority moments' app and get 25% off at new look! xxx

  2. Wish I had money to spend! Love 3 and 8. x

  3. Gem, you are on the ball with all this info at the moment!


  4. I love getting messages from the Groupon and Voucher Cloud apps, you're not the only one with it being the highlight of your morning! Anything for a good bargain. Those dresses are lovely too :)

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  5. thanks for posting the matalan one! wanted a top off there which my boyfriend is buying me for xmas but we didn't wanna pay postage and wasn't sure if it'd be in our local store but the code just saved us £2.40 so it paid for the delivery and made it 60p cheaper than buying in-store! yay!

  6. I love good bargains! I love number 3, well anything with a collar really :)

  7. oooh fab deals, that groupon one is a bargain!

  8. I really like Voucher Hub as a website for codes, I find they usually have the ones that work (especially for H&M).

    Great tips as usual!

  9. Woooohooooo! Thanks Gem, just got a pair of booties from H&M that I've been after for AGES :) xxxx

  10. I need dress six in my life. Argh.

  11. I also love the voucher code emails and they basically determine my shopping schedule! These dresses are absolutely gorgeous! xxx

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  12. Love playsuit number 3!
    Have fun, I've opted not to go to Rye this year, my friends are just going to get drunk and be idiots and I am certainly not approving of that.x

  13. Oh thanks! I'm going to get the vera wang perfume, I love Rock Princess too :D

    Lisamello xx

  14. Enabler!!!! Enabler!!!!
    byeee christmas present fund!
    Belle du Brighton

  15. I never really look at the clothes in joy, I always seem to stick to the gifts, this needs to be rectified! I love dresses 2 & 4 and 7 is perfect for a Christmas party! x

  16. Oh god dress number 6 be mine! So perfect for autumn :O xx

  17. These dresses are so pretty, number 4 is going on my wish list as I type x

  18. ah thank you so much for this, i do love a good money off voucher, and this is perfect - those dresses look cute!

    charlotte x

  19. Yayyy you saved my mum some money on a dress she wanted from Matalan. She is very grateful :)


  20. Oh I love the last dress - it's so Wednesday Addams!

  21. Oh, damn it! I've missed out on the H&M one.

    I love how you're calling yourself a Call of Duty widow, hahaha. I'm a Battlefield widow as I type this, so I feel your pain!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  22. Can relate to this post, discounts are the only way i can afford anything at the minute. All lovely dresses, number 5 is drawing me in for some reason. Also relate to being a gaming widow, rather smug though that COD has not widowed me this time round


  23. Number 2 is SUCH a yummy colour. Om nom nom. Joy here I come.


    Amy x

  24. such a great deal! looooove number 3 :) x


  25. I'm not a big fan of peter pan collars - they tend to make me look infantile - but the colour of that second dress is beeeeautiful!

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette


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