Glossybox vs Boudoir Prive

True to form, here are my hideously delayed fashionably late opinions on GlossyBox and Boudoir Privé (both freebz).


2 x Dead Sea Spa Magik: Salt Brushing
Neal and Wolf: Glow Super Shine Spray
HD Brows: Eye & Brow Palette in Vamp
Green People: Fruitful Nights
Plum by Mary Greenwell perfume sample

When I opened my first GlossyBox, I was surprised by the size of the 'samples' inside. Most of the products were either full-sized or luxury sample size. The perfume sample was meh, both in scent and size, but made up for by the presence of my new beauty regime staple, the HD Brows palette (retailing at £19.95). I always darken my brows to match my hair, and this looks a lot more natural than pencilling them on. The gorgeous matte shades also double up as eyeshadow, which I've done on a few occasions. The hair spray (RRP £11.95) works really well without weighing hair down and has a gorgeous scent.  The salt scrub is quite good but leaves skin a bit greasy after use. I haven't used the Green People night cream as I'm awful at getting into a routine with these things so will never see the benefit anyway. On a slight downer, when I was opening the exquisitely packaged box I noticed that the products inside had a layer of dust on them! Maybe they were left out on a shelf before sending or the box was left open for a while. All was forgiven once I'd started rooting through the box and trying the products out, though!

(Giving my friend Jen a drunken brow makeover..!)

Bottom line: WOW factor 10! A hell of a lot of great quality products for the £12.95 monthly price (let alone for free, in my case!) Really pleased with my GlossyBox!

Boudoir Privé

L'Agent Provocateur perfume sample
Macadamia Hair oil
Colbert MD: Eye Cream
Cargo: Eye pencil in Aqua
Zoya: Nail polish in Tao
Tropic: Body Polish

The products in this (adorably packaged) box were noticeably smaller than the ones in the GlossyBox. Again, bog standard perfume samples being used as filler, but as it wasn't one of the main 5 products, I shall let it go! My favourite product is the Zoya nail polish, which is a shimmery gun metal grey and is nice and opaque. The Colbert MD Eye Cream retails at £90 for 15ml, which makes this 5ml sample worth £30 - yowzer! I gave it to my mum who suffers from extreme puffy eyes, but this reacted with them and made her eyes really red so perhaps it isn't for sensitive skin. I haven't really used it myself because I'm too scared I'll get hooked on it and have to sell Roxy to the circus to fund my habit. I don't really used coloured eye pencil so this will be going to one of my pals for crimbo! The body polish smells phenomenal. I haven't tried it yet, but it's worth noting it's the company owned by Susan Ma from The Apprentice! Finally, the hair oil is another item that will be going onto a loving new home this christmas, as my fine locks don't require it! 

Bottom line: More luxurious and niche brands than its competitors, but you don't get as many mls for your money (£10 a month).

Final thought on beauty boxes in general (any excuse to continue using this jazzy bold font): I think these are a super exciting concept, but do need to be tailored to the individual customers' needs if they are to be a long-term success. If I had paid £10 and received something that was totally wrong for my skin/hair type, I'd be peeved. I think GlossyBox do get you fill in some details along these lines so you do get what you want, but as I just received a sample, I didn't get to try this aspect out so I'm not sure about that. 

So what do you make of this beauty box lark? Have you tried any of the others out there? I want to hear about your faves - spill the beauty beans!



  1. I've been seeing these boxes over my dash for the past couple of month, and I have to say when I first saw them I thought - holy hell....best idea ever! And to an extent I still do, I love finding out about new products. That said the point you raise about the products not being tailored is one of the main reasons I haven't signed up. I've got dry hair, combo skin and am pale as anything else and quite frankly I have all the make up in the world. I feel things like Glossy Box are perhaps a bit of a luxury, but at te end of the day just promote us to consume more beauty products that we don't actually really need or want. While the boxes do seem great value....for me it still is a bit of a gamble and a unecessary expenditure.
    Hah I pure sound like a right grumpy tits!

  2. Do you remember when you were a kid and they used to see those "lucky dip" bags in newsagents that were filled with sweets and toys and magazines?

    I get the feeling these are like the grown-up version. It's more about the suspense and the excitement than the samples themselves. It's just a bonus if you find something you really love in one of them.

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  3. Still laughing at the whole "selling Roxy to the circus" line you pulled Gem ;) I'm still a bit undecided on the beauty box idea. I love both Glossybox and Boudoir Prive, but can't decide if I can commit to that monthly fee out of my measly student budget. (Who am I kidding, less food, more products = win win...) xx

  4. I duno man, seems to be a bitta contro round these with folks complaining when they don't get stuff they like. And tbh I know I'm a moany mare and that would totes be me. I like the idea but until they can tailor them then I'm out. Meaden style.

    Lovin HD brows though


  5. I tried the Boudoir Prive box and wasn't convinced that this could be a long-term thing. The Glossy Box does look better though.

  6. I'd love to try this but like you say, there's the possibility of disappointment, and I know I, along with lots of others, couldn't afford to waste a tenner a month like that!


  7. I prefer Glossybox, It feels that they've really thought about their target market, and what products to put in each month. As lovely as and high end Boudoir prive samples are, like you said, it's unlikely that we'd make purchases on those products in full size due to the cost. (i love my skin but i don't love it that much to spend £90 on a tub of moisturiser. And i aint selling Oscar to the circus! No no no!!.....well, maybe for a million pounds....) xxxxx

  8. I see these everywhere and you can always tell when they arrive because everyone blogs about them! But I'm never too sure which one to get because there are so many!

  9. Think i'd rather have the bigger not so luxurious ones, glossybox for me! Doubtful I'll ever sign up though, not that big on beauty products!

    Emily x

  10. I'm not overly sold on the idea - however! I now need a HD brows product in my life :)
    L x

  11. I'm subscribed to glossybox and even with the extra few quid for postage I'm pretty happy with it. 12.95 or whatever is not a lot to me so I don't even really mind if i hate everything in it- at least it's a few bits I can gift to friends who will love them and make someone smile!

    with 5 products each month you're going ot get things you dislike occasionally but the bits you do like generally make it worth the money. I'm happy enough wth GB at the moment! xx

  12. love your review gem! i got the glossy box but got different items in mine to yours althou i got the brow kit which is awesome! def wish they were more tailored to individual skin type and wish they'd ditch the dodgey perfume samples!! xx

  13. I love your review, i've always been a little reluctant to sign up for one of these just incase I get something I don't like! xxx


  14. Not sure about beauty boxes....but very happy to be able to comment on your blog again! This is Ali, previously of 'hello birdy'. Great to be blogging again! :D

  15. I don't pay for the boxes, I just do the cheapskate thing and read all the review, and then decide if I can be bothered to spend money on them. Most of the time I can't.

    Pip x


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