Vogue's Fashion Night Out: Juicy Couture

It seems like so long ago now after all the madness of LFW and my weekend away, but I had to tell you about the amazing evening I had courtesy of Juicy Couture on Vogue's Fashion's Night Out a couple of weeks ago.

Lily and I were picked up from Charing Cross in a taxi and taken to Claridge's to have afternoon tea. Now I don't like tea, but the orange and passionfruit tea I had there was gorgeous. Like hot Ribena's more glamorous cousin. With a small group of other bloggers and writers, we chatted about blogging, brands and Juicy Couture with members of the Juicy team. We also had a gander at the gorgeous winter lookbook - if you thought Juicy Couture only did velour tracksuits, have a peek and think again! Apparently Juicy has a new president who has refreshed the brand's image and marketing approach and, as a result, this was their first UK blogger event!

Lily in the beautiful bog. 

Then it was back to their store on Bruton Street for a lock-in. We had free reign of the store for a styling session and mini photoshoot with a Vogue photographer - ooh la la! There wasn't a lot of time before their VFNO party was due to start so I gave the dressing up a miss. I did, however, become rather attached to the pink fluffy dog bag from kidswear... Tres chic, I'm sure you'll agree. There were some truly gorgeous clothes in the shop (Loved the velvet dress Emma tried on), as well as the VFNO charity t-shirts sold across town that night in aid of Kids Company.

Is it crass to discuss the contents of the goody bags..? I am always curious about that sort of thing so I shan't delay the goss any further! My bag had some Elizabeth Arden 8 hour moisturiser, a 100ml bottle of Viva La Juicy (which is my actual perfume, so I was leaping with glee - ask Lily!), a NARS lipgloss, a book of Vogue Front Covers, and a £20 Nails Inc voucher, which I spent almost instantly after the event on this set for weak nails.

Thanks so much to Heather and the team for such a luxurious evening, and for educating us about Juicy Couture's new sartorial (and marketing) direction. Viva La Juicy, indeed!

What do you think of Juicy Couture as a brand? And have you smelt the Viva La Juicy perfume? I'm telling you, it's the dreamiest scent since sliced bread!



  1. Ahh I love that pic of us! Even though I apparently have no jawline.. I miss the pink doggy too ): xx

  2. Looks amazing! I need to get myself into some of these events
    once can hope! Ive always associated JC with chavy trakkies as mentioned but I might re consider def worth a look x

  3. Hahaa, fab pics Gem- loving the pink bag :P! Gotta admit I never thought I'd say this, but JCs clothes look pretty darn nice in that display - I like the direction they seem to be going in! x

  4. Love these photos, looks like so much fun, and cuuuute pink doggy!


  5. great photos, must say, those mugs at the afternoon tea are so quaint and adorable! they'd look mega out of place in my little studenty flat though.

    and i completely agree, viva la juicy is AMAZING!

    jade. x

  6. This looks so much fun. Claridge's is amazing, glad I wasn't the only want to think the toilets were beautiful :)

  7. I've been really drawn to some juicy couture jewellery lately and then find myself thinking 'no way is that JC!' they're defo not just tacky trackies anymore.

  8. ooft, you lucky buggers! you all look amazing, & that bag is so good!


  9. viva la juicy is my favee perfume your so lucky to get a 100ml free!! looks like you had a fab night :) xx


  10. I have a lot of juicy jewellery and really love it! Very jealous looks like a very special memorable time for you! :)


  11. This looks like such an amazing event! I'm a bit in love with the doggy bag too :) I'm definitely going to have a whiff of the perfume, I keep hearing lots about it.

  12. Oh my days, this looks so much fun!

    Eda ♥


  13. It looks awesome.. and no where near as tacky as you'd think! If the clothes were in my price range I'd deffo be buying!

    The Deer Head


  14. Sounds like you had an awesome time! I have to admit that I still think of velour tracksuits when someone says Juicy Couture to me and I've been very surprised to see some of the things on Jamie's blog 'From me to you' that are from Juicy Couture. Looking forward to see what they've got in store for the future! :) x

  15. The afternoon tea looks amazing! I do think of velour tracksuits when I think of Juicy Couture but it looks like they have some lovely stuff! I will have to try the fragrance when I'm next in boots! x

  16. Looks like you had a wicked time! I've always associated Juicy with velour trackies and WAG wannabes so it's interesting to see that it's actually gone in a very different direction! The goodie bag sounds amazing too! x

  17. Oh wow, I'm insanely jealous of the Viva La Juicy - it's my perfume of choice too. I adore it.

    I've always liked Juicy. A lot of my friends think it's tacky but a lot of their stuff is just... fun!

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  18. Looks so fun! Lovely picture of you all! :) x

  19. Cannot believe thats a juicy couture store window. Manager/ Exec dude did well to completely turn around the look of the brand but not sure if people will be convinced...
    Love that final shot with all the bloggers


  20. Just come across your blog and am in love, the pictures from the Juicy event look amazing. I used to think of Juicy Couture as tacky but i think it's doing a burberry-esque turnaround!

  21. When Juicy Couture first came out i was addicted! Tracksuits and all (this was like 8 years ago)! I would get items shipped in from a store in Hawaii when the $ rate was so good and i went to a few of there sample sales at the Chelsea town hall. My first trip to Vegas in 07 saw me practically hyperventilating when i saw the shop (pre Bruton street store) and i went in everyday, the staff actually knew me in the end! When i tell people this they can never believe it! But i was never one to prance about in a bright pink velour trackie and look like chav (i think). I've recently started selling some of my stuff on ebay, i always vowed not too but its taking up too much room and i don't wear so much of it.
    As i've matured, my styled has changed, but i always think JC has matured its style! Its still as delish and i still get just as excited! Very jealous of you girls for getting to go, although your blog is great so deserve it :-) VIVA LA JUICY xo

  22. Oh wow. Jealous.. moi!? :P

    Em x


  23. It seems like so long ago now after all the madness of LFW and my weekend away, but I had to tell you about the amazing evening I had courtesy of Juicy Couture Outlet on Vogue's Fashion's Night Out a couple of weeks ago.


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