Cool stuff!

I now have a shop on MyLabel.co.uk! It's only up for a limited time, and MyLabel have kindly offered you guys 15% off anything you fancy in the shop using the code '15GEMFATALEML'. It's free shipping, too, which is a bonus!

Click my shop header to have a peek! Let me know if you like it :)

Another cool thing is that the beautiful and talented Jaymie O'Callaghan has illustrated this outfit I wore! I'm chuffed! Check out Jaymie's website for more of her amazing handiwork and personal style! 

I'm off to Brighton in a bit to go see New Found Glory! I first saw them 10 years ago, which makes me feel very old! I don't really 'do' gigs anymore, but I couldn't resist seeing them at the Concorde 2 in Brighton because it's so small!

Firstly though, I've gotta go and do lots of annoying things in town like get my hair cut (hate) and buy deodorant. It would run out the exact day I'm going to be sweating it up in a room crammed with overgrown emos wouldn't it?!



  1. Love that drawing, it's really sweet.

    Also, mega jealous of New Found Glory - have fun! x

  2. I love your shops! I feel like a proud mamma! (And I NEED that Disney Couture necklace..! Roll on payday!)

    NFG, OMG the memories, have an amazing time and stock up on the deo, you might need to hand some out to stinky gig goers! :O

    P.S You have any LDN events next week?

    Burn the Blonde

  3. I love your shop so much! It's so cute! I may have to buy several items from there... And yes, I did me HAVE to!

    And that drawing is really pretty! God, it's like people are queuing up to draw pictures of you!

    Pip x


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  5. That illustration is so spot on, I love it!


  6. ah have fun at NFG, I have such good memories of going to their shows in my emo youth haha!

    love the illustration too, the likeness is uncanny!

    charlotte x

  7. That illustration is indeed amazing!
    I hate haircuts too, people don't seem to understand that hairdressers have the power to RUIN YOUR LIFE. Good luck :S
    Enjoy the gig too - mega jealousy here


  8. Jaymie's illustration is so cute! x

  9. Wow, your shop is great! I'm definitely going to get the Ted Baker laptop bag - it's exactly what I've been looking for for ages! Thank you!!
    Also, this illustration is so cute - I'm following her blog now! x

  10. Have fun at new found glory! jealous :)

  11. That drawing is so cute..


  12. argh how I wish I could be the object of someone's art! And how I wish more so that I could see New Found Glory again, I saw them at the Academy in Birmingham many moons ago and it was amazing, although I got a little bruised when they played Failures not Flattering : /

  13. That illistration is amazing, checking out your My Label Shop- that's such a cool thing :)

  14. The drawing is awesome!

    K xx

  15. i'm from brighton and have been to concorde zillion of times, i agree it's the greatest venue! xxxxx

  16. i love getting my haircut..... it is my one luxury where i am pampered by someone else. i find it so soothing and comforting...


  17. Oh that's wonderful news on the shop. Congratulations and good luck! and have super fun at the gig!

  18. Just ordered the lovely ted baker case with your discount code - thank you! x

  19. Lady you are fabulous! Congrats on the shop and illustrations - little things that are really rather cool! Fingers crossed with the hair cut - you've made me realise I need to brave the rain and bloody well get mine done.. eek!! xxxxx

  20. Hope you had a blast at NFG! They were a band I always wanted to see but never got round to it... I'm having a similar musical throwback, going to see Blink 182 next year and can't wait, wooo.

    Love Jaymie's illustrations (gotta love a fellow UCA'er) Gonna go and check out your shop now!

  21. love that illustration!!


  22. Beaut drawing and lots of exciting things happening for you Gem - and all well deserved! Very happy for you. Hope Brightton was a blast. x

  23. Have a blast! I love everything in your shop. x hivenn


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