In with the new (old) shoes!

These are some of the weird and wonderful charity shop shoe finds I've acquired in the past month... All pretty fugly in their own little way. Thus, I love them. 

(Crazy little furry shoe-boots by a Spanish brand, Patricia! They're so Autumn/Winter! That didn't sound dickish at all...)

(Bit tight but j'adore these Kaleidoscope beauties!)

Must. Stop. Buying. Shoes. At least my habit involves charity shop shoes and not Louboutin's, though!

We're getting the wheels in motion for our move to a bigger house on 10th August, where we'll have quite a bit more storage so I'm looking forward being able to hide my shoe addiction a bit better... The piled-high shoe rack in the hall which is literally buckling under the weight is a tad embarrassing!

In other news, I'm working lots over the next few days, and then on Sunday I'm going to the Vintage Festival on the South Bank in London (thanks to Vitamin Water). Anyone else going along? Going to have to dig out my most vintagey (?) outfit to wear. And I will be snapping everyone else's outfits too for your perusal! It always makes me sooo nervous to ask for outfit photos, but it's worth it in the end.

Blog ya later ♥

PS - I'm a bit late to the party, but how funny is this Masterchef 'remix'?!


  1. Ahhh your lovely ugly but beautiful charity shop shoe collection always makes me jealous! I rarely find ones to fit my tiny feet! I had a dream the other night that I had the best day charity shop shopping - I got SO much cool stuff. Probably means I should go check out the shops!
    Also jealous that you're going to the Vintage Festival! Aarrrrgghhhh stop making me jealous Gem. Cow.

  2. i love the brown and red pair, in no way are they ugly :) and ahh i really wanted to go to that! report back on how it isss :) xxx


  3. my brother sent me the link a couple of weeks ago, obsessed with it! can't stop listening to it, even now haha! and I think I'm in love with those sexy leopard ones.

    ramz and the flock

  4. p.s HAVE A GREAT TIME AT THE VINTAGE FEST! (sorry, caps lock refused to turn off for a bit...)xx

  5. Love those last loafers, they are the perfect ones I've been searching for! haha.

    Also masterchef remix, funniest thing I've seen in ages. x

  6. These shoes are all beautiful because lets face it everyone is all over ugly atm. . .looking forward to the pictures from the vintage festival xx

  7. These are gorgeous, there are so many shoes like this in the shops at the moment so you got such a good bargain :) xx

  8. Love those little beige loafers at the end, they're really popular at the moment! Amazing what you can find when you have a nose in a charity shop - I don't feel so guilty about buying lots when it's cheap :)

  9. My flatmate and I were obsessed with that Masterchef remix after watching it at 2am one night....Crunchy biscuit base!

    Also, I love the top shoes and the leopard print loafers, they are perfect for the cold British winter we no doubt will have to endure.
    Love from Lucy's Locket

  10. WOBBLE WOOBLE, WOBBLEWOOBBLEWOBBLE!!! That video has completed my night, thank you. Masterchef makes me laugh in general, they eat the food so slow, it's like slow mo when they're removing that spoon from their gobs!

    I wish I had more luck with finding some gems in charity shops, I've had a mooch today but didn't see anything - I like those leopardy lookin' ones! nice!

  11. Ooh I kinda love all these shoes, esp the leopard ones, I want v badly! Seriously tho, EVERY pair of cute shoes I pick up in CS lately have been size 5, whats going on?! Btw I'm still laughing over the last video you posted - I love cats! :)

  12. Love all your shoe finds, especially the leopard print ones. Jealous that you're going to the Vintage Festival, I was going to go but £60 for a ticket is far too much! x

  13. ooooh fugly shoes are always my fave!
    love these

  14. Ahh you have some great shoes here! Especially love the beige loafers and leopard print! As you say, at least they're not Louboutins! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  15. the look amazing!
    love the furry booties and those leopard print shoes!
    Pretty jealous you're going to vintage festival!
    awesome charity shop finds!
    Krissy xoxo


  16. You're shoe collection is to die for! Hahaha, I heard that remix on radio one, so funny! xxx

  17. Besotted with those red shoes!

  18. I've never found a decent pair of charity shop shoes! Clearly I'm not looking hard enough. The leopard print babies are super cute, as are the furry booties.

    Rosie x

  19. Whee! I'm going to be at the Vintage fair on Sunday helping Kiss Me Deadly sell hot vintage-style lingerie.
    You have no idea who I am though, so I'll probably spot you and go all shy and rubbish in a fangirl way :D

    Hope you enjoy it though!
    - H

  20. How were those furry slipper/loafer hybrid shoes £1 they are wonderful!! Also those shearling-y ones are very nice too and they always look fashionable I think even though its in the tiny details :)

  21. Loving the loafers, very nice. I recently had to buy a shoe rack in my room as the bottom of my wardrobe looked like a shoe disaster zone. It's made me very happy to have them all organised.

  22. Love the £3 specials at the bottom!

  23. Wish I had that much luck with charity shop shoes. Although at the moment I am only wearing three pairs regularly.

    Would love to go and sort through vintage but alas I have to work. You might want to check you can get there OK with the triathlon and everything, though.

    K xx

  24. I want those red shoes Gem, I swear if I go stay with my auntie (she lives near you) soon can I meet you and you show me where you find all these amazing charity shops !!!


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