A Cinderella story at The Contour Ball!

Whew, sorry to disappear slightly there! 

I've been busy finishing up my last university obligations. I've had my final exhibition which was great because I got a chance to share the hard copy of my Tuesday Tips book with people, and had a day at Graduate Fashion Week, where I was being considered (and later rejected...) for the Marketing award. 

I can finally share the goss from the Contour Fashion Ball which I attended a couple of weeks ago along with Jenny (The Style PA) as Wonderbra's 'special guests'! 

I had never heard of the Contour Fashion Ball before, but it is an annual event that brings together key figures from the lingerie and swimwear industry to raise money (with fun auctions etc) for The Retail Trust and The Fashion and Textiles Children's Trust. These charities help anyone working in (or with relatives working in) the retail/fashion/textiles industries in the event of a crisis. As many of us bloggers know too well, the average retail worker doesn't make much money, so it was great to learn about charities specifically recognising this plight and supporting workers when necessary. 

The Ball itself was swank personified! It was held at The Savoy Hotel, in the Lancaster Ballroom. Now I'm not the formalwear type, so after momentarily freaking out about what to wear and having a supermarket sweep round Topshop, I decided it defeated the object of being offered the opportunity to go to a £150-a-head event for free if I was going to spend a load of dough on an outfit! I rooted around my wardrobe and decided to take a 20's approach to my outfit, with a mint green flapper dress from H&M (about 4 years ago!) and some dainty St Michael flats (seen better here). 

I found this little leather handbag for £1 in my local charity shop on the morning of the event, and also added a H&M shrug cardigan.

Here are some snaps from the night. (Excuse my flat helmet hair, it got absolutely drenched on the walk to the hotel and didn't have time to wash it and revamp it!)
Eeee, my name on a posh place card! 

Look at the gorge table and buckets o' booze! Sure there must be a posher word for that...

The yummy Salmon main course (with veg arranged in a facial expression not unlike this :| )

The stunning decorative walls and purpley pink lighting:

Me and the gorgeous Martina from Wonderbra (who was wearing actual Louboutin's!) God, I look deathly when photographed next to bronzed babes! 

See? I look less pale photographed alone!

Jenny and I had some photo booth fun!! God I want pink hair.

Later in the evening, us and the marketing ladies from DB Apparel (the company that owns Wonderbra, Playtex and Shock Absorber among others) decided to sneak off for an explore around the hotel! 

[I yoinked the last two pics from Jenny's blog about the event! Check it out!]

We found a little museum area which had some err, famous heads in it (god knows whose), Marlene Dietrich's hotel room requests and a funny little notice...

After that it was back to the lovely hotel room Wonderbra provided for me. I decided against sleep because I wanted to make the most of my fab room, so I stayed up reading Company mag. :)

The next morning I was sooo sleepy. I still managed to take an outfit photo of sorts in the bathroom mirror. Also a good opportunity to reveal my strange and unearned flexible joints to y'all. It's almost hard to believe I sit on my arse most days eating doughnuts...

[top - H&M, jeggings - Topshop, shoes - charity shop, bow - H&M)

Then I remembered there was actually a full length mirror. Duh. Shouldn't have stayed up most of the night reading Company!

Oh yeah, I had minty green nails (Mint Choc Chip by 17) to match my dress. 

Then I decided it would be fun to walk (lugging my wheely bag along behind me) from the hotel back to my train station. I always think everywhere in London is only 15 minutes away. I was wrong. Very wrong.  Over an hour later, I arrived at Charing Cross a sweaty, wheezing wreck. Safe to say my Cinderella night at the ball was officially over! 

But what a fun night it was! More importantly, the event raised a fabulous £50,000 towards the charities (there's still time to donate if you fancy). 

Many thanks to Wonderbra for whisking me off for a night of luxury for such a good cause!




  1. Very swish :) Glad you had an amazing time. Your outfit was amazing, you looked beautiful x

  2. Aw looks like a lovely night. You looked gorgeous all dressed up, check out them skinny pins! Lol @ your bathroom mirror pose to get the shoes in!

  3. Sounds like a fun night, hope you took advantage of the buckets o' booze! I've never really noticed before, but you have killer legs missy! Love your bendy bathroom mirror outfit photo too haha. You can't really go wrong with Breton stripes and denim.

  4. The Contour Ball sounded wondrous. You look so pretty in that flapper-esque dress, very roaring 1920's!


  5. Oooooh what a great wee adventure gem :) the hotel and the event looked absolutely LUSH! So jealous. You're such a gorgeous wee thing as usual. I havent been to london in years, must put a trip on the cards in the near future xx

  6. You look lovely all dressed up! I know what you meant about looking pale, I have the same thing. Normally I like being pale, but when I see myself beside a bronzed person I feel like reaching for the fake bake :)

  7. That dress looks gorgeous on you, love flapper style! In a non lesbian way, you have gurreat legs, jealous... one day maybe we'll be top fashion industry-ers who will be staying in swanky hotels like that? Woohoo!

  8. That dress looks amazing on you!
    I know how feel about being pale. As much as I like it, when I'm standing next to a tanned/bronzed beauty, I look like Casper, and I just don't feel at all attractive!
    Sirens and Bells

  9. You really seemed to have enjoyed yourself and you looked lovely in the flapper dress - a very modern day Daisy Buchanan :) I love the transition from night to day in your outfit posts and your casual outfit looked so comfy. I need to find a boatneck breton top like that H&M. Do they still sell them by any chance? Always love how you wear a headscarf, it really suits your little pixie crop :) xxx

  10. Wow Gem, this sounds like such a fab night, and I love that you went off for an explore - the first place I always want to go to in posh places is the loos...is that weird?! They're always so swanky, and usually have more sofas than my living room :P
    Glad you had a good time, even though the walk back was a trek! x

  11. You looked great, and pale is the way forward don't diss it! People always seem to be so desperate to be bronzed and tanned, I like to be pale and interesting. (Yeah there's also the fact that I'm ginger and cannot tan and too lazy to apply fake tan!)
    It looked like a great night, I'm loving that museum area (but I am a historian!)

    :) x

  12. Very fancy! Love your dress!

    Yeah, try not to walk anywhere in London, it's freakin' huge

    K xx

  13. I really like the mint green dress with your black hair. And because you've got short hair, it looks a little bit flapperish, but like a grungy/modern take on it. I like!


  15. sounds like an incredible night. You look really great Gem, the colour of your dress is lovely and suits you prefectly! x

  16. Looks like you had a fab time, I love your dress and the bathroom outfit shot made me laugh.

    It's great how much money they raised for charity.


  17. I love it when you think you'll have to buy an outfit then realise you have something that will do the job in your wardrobe! I've done it myself this week, well chuffed! And you look well fit by the way! xx

  18. You look gorgeous :)
    That dress is gorg and that color matches you so much. Looks like a lot of fun!

  19. Sounds like a brilliant night - you looked stunning, really love the colour of your dress & nails! I laughed when I clicked on the link and saw how far you walked, I ALWAYS make that mistake when I'm in London! xx

  20. Swanky! Glad you had a great night and you look fab :)

  21. you look so lovely Gem! and what a great cause too xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  22. Amazing! Loved reading all about your night/morning after. Quite jealous that you got to spend the night in a swanky hotel...

    Rosie x

  23. Looks like you had a great night! I have the same dress but in a champagne like colour :) The 2nd outfit is also really nice.

  24. That looks like a great night - love the mint nails - i have similar from ELF x

  25. Love the dress, it's such a pretty colour & you look stunning. Glad you had a good night x

  26. Your dress is so pretty! That is one of my favorite colors, and the mint nails were awesome. It looks like it was an amazing night!

  27. ooo that looks like such a fun night.

    i thought i saw you at GFW (looking gorgeous as usual!) but got all shy and didnt want to say hello! I was at the UCA Epsom stand as I was nominated for the portfolio award but was also later rejected...ah well.


  28. Oh my gosh I know the perils of not taking an umbrella in the rain :( However I think your hair looks lovely and sleek looking and complements the 20s vibe, not flat :) Anyhow you looked great and glad you had a good time!

    Rachel xx


  29. Wow, what a great event to go to! Your dress is lovely. Hope you had a lovely time, and good luck with your work experience this week! x


  30. thought i saw you rush past me at GFW! - on the Sunday? (i might be wrong, Sunday was a blur as that was the day I showed in theatre A and was considered for the Accessories award... at least our uni won that one!)



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