New Look Style the Nation party

Last week I went to London to attend a couple of events, one of which was the New Look Style the Nation launch. I met up with the lovely Lily (am not just being polite, she is truly lovely company), and we had a funny day including getting interviewed for Radio 1 about driving legislation changes,  me popping the boob button off my dress and having to grovel to a hotel receptionist to give me a freebie sewing kit ( Note to self: don't wear Primark to events!), and having some in-depth conversations about the wacky world of blogging. 

Before we get down to the goss, here's what the event was actually promoting. Channel 4 say it best on the website
'New Look Style The Nation' is a brand new Channel 4 show hosted by T4's Nick Grimshaw, each week two would-be stylists will compete in a head-to-head catwalk competition. It's also jam-packed full of celebrity guests, music acts and plenty of fashion tips.
If you're good at whacking outfits together and would like to win the chance to be a stylist for New Look (that's the prize), you can apply on the Channel 4 website. Good luck! 

Here's a few pictures from the event:

Red carpet! Eep!
Karl Coke!
I got bang on it. Photo courtesy of Lily's post about the event. A bit like this one but with far better photography!
Lily on the booze
Outfit photo! My dress is Primark, Lily's is Topshop.

T4 presenter Georgie O'kell
The back of Nick Grimshaw's head (was too nervous to approach him!) 
The front of Nick Grimshaw's head (never too nervous to stalk someone through a crowd)
Lauren from TOWIE being interviewed and papped by many. They were so busy fussing over her,  Jaime Winstone wandered in unnoticed! Except by me...
I went straight back in the venue and asked for a pic! Not the best one but to be frank she didn't seem very nice so I didn't want to bother her for a second photo...
Other funny celeb moments included: 

- Sadie Frost's children seeing my Karl coke bottle and pointing at it and whispering all excited. Saw them all holding one shortly after! 

- Me grabbing Lily's arm in shock and alerting her excitedly that I had spotted Stacey Solomon... Turns out it was a randomer. Celeb fail. Did I tell you about the time I was at The Look Show with Lily and was zooming in to take photos of Olivia Palermo who was sitting on the opposite side of the catwalk? Wasn't her. 10 photos of a random brunette. 

- Spotting the Canadian guy from The Model Agency AND one of the guys from The Wanted on the way to the bus stop. I don't know why I get so excited by 'celebs' I don't even care about?! It's so embarrassing. 

It was a really fun night. And whilst I didn't really come away from the event with any grasp on what Style The Nation was actually about (a guy did a speech but his mic was too low! Had to check the Channel 4 site to find out what it was about!), they put on a fab party and filled the venue with enough booze and celebs (Lily included!) to keep everyone happy. And that, my friends, is the key to publicity!

Joking aside, the show does sound fab, and if Uni hadn't scared me off styling for life, I would totally be entering!


  1. Ooh that looks like it was lots of fun. I'm glad you get overexcited by celebs as you're the only other peson who was excited as I was by Hannah Ashworth from Hollyoaks at the Most Wanted party!

  2. Aw it looks like such a good event! Love the dresses you and Lily wore. Haa I get excited by celebs and I don't know whyyy aswell, they're just people after all! Except Nick Grimshaw, he is really special :) hehe.

    Chloe... x

  3. Haha it sounds like you had a lot of fun. If I'd have been there I definitely would have had too much drink and would have made a complete tit out of myself! x

  4. Haha I'm the same when in London. Last December me and the boyf literally stalked Frankie Sandford and Mollie King around Selfridges - ok it was more me dragging him in persuit but it sounds better if i push some of the blame onto him.
    I also got stupidly excited at spotting the michael jackson guy from x factor - the tragedies that come with living in the country.

    Looks like you had a wins day. Jamie Winstone however is not wins - she walways looks like such a mismog


  5. Hahaha Gem I love your celeb stalking ways! My Mama and I spotted Pat Butcher from Eastenders when we were food shopping once, and my Mum was ridiculously embarassing, asking her about new storylines and all sorts ;) Both of your outfits are gorge! And I will never forget the Palermo palava haha ;) xx

  6. Looks like yuou had a great night! My sister casually told me that she's single handedly showed 'The wanted' around her school. I was so excited even though I don't really care! So I totally know what you mean about getting excited about celebs! xx

  7. Ha, wow - celebrity spotting is so fun.
    I was once with my ex-boyfriend's family and we stumbled across a drunk David Gest in a batman tee down an alley! Amaze.
    This event looks like so much fun!

    Rosie x

  8. It sounds like a really fun day!
    Lol about your button popping off - that sort of stuff always happens to me too!

  9. Sounds like such fun. Naw you should enter, you'd do a grwat job!

    Helen, X

  10. The event looks really fun, and omg Karl cokes! I know exactly what you mean about random celebs. I got randomly dragged to the soap awards about two years ago and ended up completely rampant with excitement despite the fact I didn't watch any soaps or remotely care. Something just took over! X

  11. You both look great, and wardrobe malfunctions happen even when not wearing Primark! I have no knowledge of who stars of TOWIE or most soaps are - despite constantly reading my best mate's slag mags - but I would no doubt be excited anyway x

  12. I'd have been ridiculously excited by those 'celebs'! Every time I go up to London I am on a celeb hunt! However, this may just be the fact I come from a very small town!
    I may just enter myself for the styling competition once I am all done with my exams in a couple of days.

  13. sounds like such a lovely event (i bet i'd be the same with celebs, turn my stalking hat on)
    t's lovely too see bloggers meeting up and stuff!!

  14. looks like a great night.. im such a geek when it comes to celebs..if i was there id be totally awstruck ..even by the z lists, i met a big brother contestant at V fes one year and acted like such an idiot i still cringe thinking about it!!..
    your primark dress was very pretty..love it with the brogues.

  15. looks like you had a great time! Love lily's dress x

  16. Haha, loving all of your tales of celeb fandom!! I feel like less of a dweeb now!

  17. Looks like it was a good event. I'd be so nervous going to something like this. Totally know what you mean about getting excited about seeing celebs you don't care about - when I see Corrie people in bars in Manchester, I'm like 'Oh my God, there's....' - I don't even watch Corrie. Cringe.


  18. lol
    cute pics
    loving your dresses

  19. I'd be interested to know why uni has scared you off styling? I'm in my final year doing a course totally unrelated to fashion but I am interested in styling so I'm curious..

  20. Looks like such a fun night, will definitely watch this programme! I love your outfit, wardrobe malfunctions like this always happen at the worst of times though dont they?! Totally agree about getting starstruck over celebrities - jack whitehall came into the bar I work in once and I was blushing all night anytime I looked in his direction! x

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  22. you and Lily both look lovely! x

  23. I saw you on Lily's blog and I really like your style!

    Love that leopard scarf :D
    and I also love all that stalking hahahahaa makes for a fun read^^


  24. Looks like a great event, glad you had fun :) love both of your outfits x

  25. I love Lily's dress! And lolz at your celeb spotting accents. It always makes me giggle.

  26. Ha ha, great post, very funny. Seems like you had a really good time. I do the mis-spotting celeb thing all the time...I cover it up by blaming my eyesight lol.

    Amy xxx

  27. Haha I always get well excited when I see celebs I don't care about...once I pretty much followed Brian Dowling to the tube station :S x

  28. You girls look fab, and well done on the celeb spotting! :) haha sounds like a fun wee evening. xx


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