Hello strangers!

I've had  a very funny/busy/random/terrifying/lol week. Long story short, I had some camera men filming me in my flat on Friday! I will share more when I know for sure if I'm gonna be on the telly box or not... Don't like to jinx these things!

The madness doesn't end, as they're back for more on Tuesday, and the rest of my week will be consumed with trying to get my Final Major Project back on track. I am so behind it is slightly terrifying. But you have to say KTHX to exciting opportunities in this life, so I'll have to find a way to get everything done. 

I did my nails before work earlier and went for a kind of mixy-matchy look. I was trying out a technique for getting french tips and half moons. More on that on Tuesday! :)

I decided today that Top Turquoise by Models Own (bought with my own dollarz, by the way) is officially my favourite nail polish ever. A stunning creamy Turquoise shade, opaque after one coat and quick drying. J'adore!

I used Eyeko's Cosmic Polish for the black tips (wasted on this manicure, as you can't see the awesome glittery bits in it) and Beauty UK's Metallic Gold (freebie) which is my favourite gold polish. Can't seem to see it on the website.. Maybe it's sold out. Also used my Models Own/Wah Nail pen. 

I had a thought today when considering how to celebrate this blog reaching over 2000 followers (thank you all SO much, by the way ♥ Still have to pinch myself when I see my follower count!) I've done the whole sponsored giveaway marathon thing in the past, which was great and that, but I think a more personal approach would express my gratitude to you more sincerely... Not interfered with by promotional messages. I don't want to gain new followers because it's a stipulation of my amahhhzing [insert brand here] giveaway... I'm ecstatic with where this blog has gotten to so far, and any further growth will be fab, but I'm not going to force it. 

Soooo I'm not going to spill the exact details (mainly because I haven't thought that far ahead yet), but I'm thinking of doing a competition/giveaway where all prizes have been lovingly hand-picked and purchased by myself. No 'RRP £150' here. Not saying I'm turning my back on giveaways, as it's lovely to have an opportunity to win things we might not usually be able to afford, but I'm just thinking in the context of celebrating a special milestone, it could cheapen the sincerity... Dunno! Not saying I think this of other bloggers that do this, as I have done it myself in the past! I'm not here to judge! Just thinking out loud, and trying to work out the best way to thank y'all. 

I'm clearly quite the overthinker, so I'm leaving it up to you, my dear, dear followers. 

Would you appreciate the chance to win some cool stuff sponsored by brands? Or something with a more personal touch? Or a bit of both? 

After all, I want to thank YOU. So whatever the majority decides is what I'll go with. Not sure when, mind! Due to my aforementioned trainwreck of a life. Probs at the end of May when I'm an unemployed post-grad.. (does 8 hours a week at Topshop really count as a job?) 

Can't believe how long I just ravaged your retinas with babble for!! Forgive! 

Back soon I hope. Wish me productivity with my uni work!


  1. Absolutely LOVE the nails Gem. Grats on the followers!! xxx

  2. you deserve each and everyone of your followers :) xxxx

  3. My answer is definitely lolz. Only joking! I recently did a similar sort of giveaway, buying random gifts that people really seemed to go for (the post even ended up on the money saving expert forums)! I think a personal touch giftwise is a great idea and it really is the thought that counts. Congrats on the followers and world domination too!

  4. the nails look lovely, especially the black tips i think.
    i love the whole winning £1000 worth of things giveaway, but i see what you mean when it cheapens things. it's like we're having a conversation and then (big fashion boutique designer brand here) joins in and doesn't get any of the in jokes and makes us all a bit uncomfortable. or not, either one.
    and this filming stuff sounds a bit interesting!

    http://kaydotoh.blogspot.com/ x

  5. Brave of you to let a camera crew in! Hope to see you on the small screen soon!

    K xx

  6. Your nails are amazing, and sounds like you've had an exciting week! Can't wait to hear more xx

  7. I love your nails they look fab! Can't wait to find out your goss about the camera crew.
    I don't comment much but I read all of your posts & I think (just in my opinion btw) the majority of your followers follow because they love your banter & a giveaway involving something lovingly hand picked by you would be so much better than any sponsored tat :)

  8. Oh my gosh, so excited to hear about the telly news!

  9. Such fabby nails Gem! Congrats on the followers, and lulz at 'ravaged your retinas' <3

  10. PHWOAR, gorgeous nails Gem ;) Camera men? Ooh, this all sounds rather interestingly mysterious!! By the way, have you heard anything from the Boots people? Just cause I emailled them and never heard anything back :/ Lord only knows! Have a lovely week gorgeous.

  11. I'll wish you good luck with uni work if you wish me the same! I'm dying dying dying of essay overload.

    This filming thing sounds intriguing. You're getting about a bit aren't you, first in the newspaper and now on the box!

  12. Love the nails :) And YAY for getting so many lovely followers xo

  13. You deserve all the followers you have! Congrats!
    And I NEED that nail polish! X
    Burn the Blonde

  14. It'll be lovely for you to have a giveaway with something handpicked by you - afterall, everyone follows you for you and your style!


  15. i love your nails! i never have the patience to try anything remotely interesting with mine :L

    doing a giveaway with things handpicked by you is a great idea, too, since it would keep to what your blog is all about :)



  16. LOVE those nails! I have that polish on at the moment, it's one of my favourites right now :)

  17. congrats on the followers!I think your blog is most probably the one I've followed for the longest, and I think a personal approach to a giveaway would be awesome - although i hasten to add i might have selected the "lolz option"


  18. Wow, a film crew, quite curious now... Congrats on all the followers, it's brilliant!

  19. If you've managed to keep up as many followers as you have whilst doing sponsored giveaways, clearly they work!

    But I think the idea of a little personal thing as a celebration is really nice.

  20. Congrats on all the followers, and on the TV crew!

  21. Oh my! I am loving the nails.

  22. Congratulations, that's a massive achievement. Great blog and great nails however you have just made me have a crazy nail polish splurge!! :)

  23. I've spent 10 years trying to stop biting my nails - and recently have finally done it - I cant wait till they are long enough to try some of your techniques out. At the moment they are painted Mango Madness from ELF and look fab but a few more weeks growth and I may try this quirky french manicure effect.

    Love your blog!! xxxxx



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