What I did at LFW: Day 3


I know it's a bit late to be rabbiting on about LFW when the fashion world has moved onto pastures new (or indeed jew), but not many exciting things happen in my life so I plan to drag this out for weeks to come. 

Only joking, this is my last LFW diary post, as the Sunday was my last day at fashion week! Let's backtrack for a second though, as I forgot to post my outfit from Day 2. I kept my LFW looks very consistent: Cropped biker, flats and printed ankle socks. I really loved this outfit. It's definitely one of my favourites. 

Jacket - Topshop, Dress - c/o A|Wear, Socks - Topshop, Bag - Vintage, Glasses - Specsavers
And this was Day 2's outfit (excuse the off-guard expression - Alex likes to take pictures whilst I'm in the middle of barking photography commands at him). I didn't THINK I would be going to anything besides exhibitions so I opted for comfort and warmth with Topshop skinny jeans and a woolly cat print jumper from a charity shop! I wore my lovely Wallpaper Rose t-shirt Alex got me for christmas (sold out now - boo!) underneath and wore the peter pan collar over the jumper. 

Also wore my lovely ring which was a Christmas gift from Stolen Thunder. They are also giving you guys 15% off when you use the code 'GEM' at the checkout.  

When I got to Somerset House I had a mooch around all of the exhibitions. There was a stall of Paperself eyelashes (intricately cut paper eyelash accessories!) and you could get some done for free. But, call me hideously generic, I kind of prefer my bog standard Eylures. Especially on a rainy day! I was bewitched by the Zebra lashes though... Quite amazing! 

I then went to the Ecoluxe exhibition opposite Somerset House. Everyone at the exhibition was ridiculously friendly and although most of the designs didn't really press my buttons, I had such a nice time chatting to the designers there. 

One lady I met was Alexandra Abraham, who makes bangles and brooches out of, erm, everything. Her price tags are not for the likes of skint students like me, but she was just so lovely I had to post about her work! All of her pieces are created of broken up china, buttons and coins that she's found all over the place, from her garden to the Thames, and then wrapped in gold. Because of the way they're made, each piece is totally unique. And each piece of each piece has it's own story! Lovely! 

I then met the designer behind Lowie, an ethical knitwear brand. I was chatting to Bronwyn for quite a while (and teaching her how to tweet!) She then offered me a lovely chocolate from a box of chocs she'd been given! I'm telling you, these eco folks knocked the socks off most of the pretentious goons a few metres away in Somerset House! I loved Lowie's knitted headbands the most (and they're only £22!)

Back in Somerset House, I caught up with one of my favourite faces I see at fashiony events, Emily (editor of My Fashion Life). She was parading her foxy mask that the lucky sods going to the Mulberry party received.

 Speaking of lucky Mulberry-party-going sods, I bumped into Carrie from WishWishWish. I didn't get to talk to her for long because I'd bumped into Seb from Notion and he had offered me a ticket to Pam Hogg, so I wanted to go and snap some street style before it was time to go to that.  I loved Carrie's outfit. I always think laid back looks so much cooler in a sea of attention grabbers.

Another cool customer in a camel coat was the awesome Zoe. (I adored the outfit she wore the day before too! Photo from Katie's blog - read on!) I met Zoe through Katie, who goes to uni with my brother and is also an awesome blogger. I loved meeting Katie and her crew, they kept me very entertained whilst we all attempted street style photography at Somerset House and also while we were freezing our butts off in the queue for Pam Hogg.

Ohhhh btw, I photographed Jameela Jamil! They're a bit blurry because my hands go wobbly in time-pressured situations like trying to take a picture of a stunning celeb rushing into the tent! I didn't get to talk to her as such, but after we'd finished papping her, I said 'Hope you have a good night, you look stunning', and as she was dashing off, she really sincerely replied 'that's such a sweet thing to say, thank you'. How nice is that?! 

I also fell in love with The Style Crusaders custom DM's. Epitome. Of. Cool. 

We got to Pam Hogg early and were queueing for what felt like 347 years, in arctic temparatures. But luckily, because we were at the front of the queue we had a great view of the celebs going into the show! As described earlier, the 2-second time frame to get photos of people (plus the frostbite I had now acquired) got the better of my photography skills... So I give you:

Jaime Winstone being hugged by a man:

Jaime Winstone not being hugged by a man:

DAISY LOWE rushing into the show about 20 minutes before it was supposed to start (she was closing the show). My number one girl crush! I'm so glad that baby Jesus was on my side and let this photo come out clear. 

 Didn't get any good pictures of inside the show unfortunately. The only one that did come out was this  (very) figure-hugging leather strappy ensemble... Complete with taxidermised bird on the head. You can just about make out the inflatable character on the front row, 'Pandemonia'.

A snap of Daisy Lowe (and her supernaturally pert breasts, it has to be said) in a huge gold dress with a bird's nest on her head. Much clearer pictures of the show on this blog!

After the show, Katie and I had to run like Forrest Gump to catch out trains from Charing Cross (a strange journey that involved a drunken tramp falling arse over tit in front of us!) Luckily we got there in time and I even had time to grab some 'dinner' from WH Smiths - A large pack of mini eggs and some cheesy Doritos! 

And that wraps up my most fun day of LFW!

Normal blogging (aka. moaning about uni work) will resume shortly. Bet you can hardly contain yourselves!

Much love! 

PS - Enter my Boots competition if you fancy, and don't forget you can get 15% off at Motel stuff using the code 'GEMFATALE'! 


  1. This post is hilarious. you just made me relive the whole of that day with your witty words. sorry about getting in the way of your lovely Jameela photo ( i look so laden down with bags!) I also just relived the tramp moment, i've thought about him alot since ( i really think my medical expertise could have helped him)

    thanks for making the last day so fabulous (darlin!)
    it's so strange you just posted this at the same time you popped up as a mutual friend on facebook ( we have 6 friends in common apparently?!)

    sorry about the essay
    much love bitchessss xxx

  2. love your cropped leather jacket and i love daisy lowe loads!xxx


  3. Wow that looked amazing. Lucky girl!

  4. awesome post, love your first outfit and carries, she has such great style

  5. I love your long wordy posts! (Actually that'smost of your posts I guess, but still, I love them!) You are so funny Gem.
    Obviously we should all get on the hunt for taxidermy birds to stick on our heads for next season. I predict a huge trend there. I think one of my friends has a stuffed owl in his house...
    I love your cat jumper with the lace collar poking out, very cute (and weather appropriate, from pictures I've seen of LFW I think some attendees must have been freezing the whole time!)

  6. Aah bless Jamila! She seems like such a sweetheart, and proved it in this instance.


  7. Katie - Haha this comment made me lol! We will have to atone for our crimes by working in the First Aid dept at Somerset House next fashion week. Srsly though, I never expect to have actual fun at LFW, but you and your pals were just so nice. Hope to see you next LFW for sure!!

    Fritha - Haha I'm glad you're one of the few that can handle my barrage of text! Maybe I'll do a tuesday tip on how to kill and stuff a bird and turn it into a handy headpiece! Haha. Thank you for your lovely comment meine liebling xxx

  8. Looks like you had an amazing time. I might just email a few people next year and see if I can go to a show, it looks like fun!
    You chose great, practical looks, a warm jacket is a must if you're out queueing in the cold.
    Jameela does look lovely, love that colour on her x

  9. Hahahaha this is brilliant. Really enjoyed this post :) Carrie looks amazing here
    It would be mine
    + I must make your DIY peter pan collar!

  10. I wonder what those eyelashes look like on a real person? I can imagine if I wore them out where I live, people would scream! Haha!!

    Lorren xx


  11. lovely post and I am in LOVE with your cat jumper. it's so cute!!! x

  12. Amazing ring and I am digging the leopard print nails. Very cool. You are so right - Carrie has amazing style. Such a fan of her blog (and yours too!) x

  13. Such a great post Gem ! Amusing & interesting to read! You look gorgeous in these photos too! Oh my, Jameela Jamil looked amazing! Wish i'd gone to LFW this year dammit! xx

  14. Excellent post Gem! Loltastic AND informative! Best accounts of LFW I've read x

  15. I admit, I normally skip over fashion week posts because they get so samey..
    you however grabbed me in, made me read and made me love you that little bit more.

  16. Ahhh I'm gutted I missed most of LFW, looks like a fun and random day! Really love the jewellery by Alexandra and what a cool concept, somehow I missed her stand so thanks for sharing. I still have a few London Fashion Week things to write up, it never ends!

  17. i actually laughed out loud whilst reading this post :)
    this is why i love your blog!!

  18. wowwww looks like you had an amazing time - jealous much!

    and you look fab too, loving you accessories

    lots of love


  19. Looks like you had a great time, you look bloody lovely in both pics. The ring is good but not sure bout those lashes lol xo.

  20. god girl you got style,absolutley love your blog :)

    bet you had so much fun at LFW

    your hair is tha bomb ;)



  21. Oh Gem, you had me at the jew pun. Absolute putty in your hands. I'm just in love with you, basically. Love your style. You're so lucky to have all these opportunities. I'm sure you're very grateful :)

  22. Oh man I love Jameela! She's so damn beautiful. I always see her on my road and she is so stunning in real life. Great snaps of her!

    Also loving your outfits! Bought some little booties from a charity shop yesterday that reminded me of you straight away! haha.

  23. Love that bag Gem! And the Stolen Thunder ring is so you aha ;) Reading all of your LFW posts makes me want to organise myself properly for next season's. xx

  24. Looks like your last day of LWF was filled with fun. I love Jen's DMs, they're so cool and I really love your first outfit too! Also, 15% of Stolen Thunder is sweet because there is a necklace I want and now that I can save a few pounds I'm off to buy it =)

  25. I love both your outfits, and that Lowie knitwear looks amazing!
    You're so funny, Gem, and I'm glad you had such a fun time!


  26. I interned at Lowie last year and Bronwyn is so lovely. I love all Lowie's accessories, and its great that they are so eco friendly. I wish I had had the time to go an experience LFW this year but trying to finish my Final Collection took over! Love your blog by the way!

  27. Oh, I absolutely love getting a walk through other people's experience of fashion week! Love all your photos. Totally agree about Carrie's style... she looked so effortlessly cool each day! The Pam Hogg show looks awesome! I always love spotting Pandemonia at the shows! Makes the front row look so much more surreal.

    p.s. glad you liked the shoes!

  28. This post is TOO jokes! Cracking up still...LOL
    Those horsey lashes are erm...interesting. Gotta be daring to try it, for sure

    Xisses, Onyxsta


  29. OMG I think it's all been said. This is such a great post Gem, loving your outfits and all your celebrity spots !!! I swear I'm not missing September !!! Mass blog meet me thinks xxx

  30. it sounds and looks like you had such a good day, wow! very very jealous. i love the street style, they look effortlessly amazing.
    those lashes are so stunning! i might need some convincing on wearing them on the other hand...

    http://afluorescentadolescent.blogspot.com/ x

  31. Great little update miss, I LOL'd many a time during this post! Lots at you barking commands at alex (i do the same to david) and at that strappy leather number, jeez! You look gorgeous in your pics, loved having a nosy into what you got upto sweets <3 love you long time! xx

  32. Looks like you had an amazing time! Next time I am TOTALLY going! I cannot wait for the next London Fashion Week!



  33. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog, I am following you too now :-) Think you have lovely style and enjoy your Tuesday tips and nail art techniques! xx

  34. I love both your looks. Looks like you had a fab time at LFW :)

  35. im literally gutted that i decided not to bother with lfw. such a crap decision. i would love a pair of the paper lashes

  36. Jameela is just stunning and she always seems so nice! I will always remember when I complimented her shoes on Titter and she went and took a better photo of them for me :) I love your jacket though, you look super cute as always! :)

    Maria xxx

    P.S. I NEED those zebra lashes!!

  37. Your outfit for Day was was so gorgeous, it all worked perfectly. I still can't get over how much I love your specs too, they suit you so much.

    Carol x
    www.mystylisms.blogspot.com (would so love it if you could check out my vintage etsy shop too!)

  38. love the look and great post!! im from conrwall so rely on post like this to keep me updated!! :) love it!

    From belle!


  39. Aww wow love the snaps!!
    I'm so jealous of you meeting and being able to share this experience with all the super cool people like Daisy Lowe!! WOW!


  40. This post is great, I love your down to earth representation of fashion week, all the unashamed celeb spots and cute outfits! and I've been reading the rest of your blog (in a totally not stalkerish way!) it's lovely.

    You have really inspired me to get into my blogging more! Particularly inspired by your nails!

    Katie x Photo Shmoto

  41. I think your hair is fabulous and really dig your style. I also agree with you on Carrie's simple outfit! I would imagine fashion week would be full of attention-grabbing outfits.
    I'm a wee bit jealous of you being able to be out and about in all of the fashion week fun!

  42. Where are your glasses from Gem? I am having to get glasses for the first time in my life and havent found anything nice yet but these are cool! xx

  43. it does look like a lot of fun.
    your cat sweater is so cool, absoloutley fantastic.


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