Credit where it's due?

Have decided to take the blog post down as I think it has served its purpose and I don't want it cluttering up this blog! If anybody who is desperate to know what they've missed, I am happy to email it to you! This particular matter is over and I will be raising the issue of crediting in general in the future under less dramatic circumstances!

Thanks for all of your support and opinions! I am thankful to have readers like you ♥


  1. I thought what you asked was something well within your rights - i always credit another blogger, like i saw on pearlsandpoodles (milly) blog about the john frieda foam when i bought it and blogged about it i linked back to her post - it's common courtesy!

    I personally feel how the blogger in question handled the situation made it even worse - i didnt realise the blogging world was like highschool (bitchy!) (i am very new to the blogging world!)

    i may try to do these nails but rest assured IF i do i will deffo credit you - you deserve it!


  2. Like I said to you yesterday, Im genuinely shocked by some of the girls reactions to this. Ok, so maybe it should have been done in private, but you were polite and clear, and never said anything horrible about the blogger in question.

    But girls, especially ones who have blogs, have publically bashed you. for a community so against haters, Its made me actually question some girls actions. I thought we were supposed to be against haters and anons, yet some of the girls have openly called you pathetic and up yourself. Which you are not.

  3. http://lippyandalbd.blogspot.com/2011/01/credit-report.html

    My solutions to the credit problem.

  4. I think a lot of people are just very defensive. Clearly your innocent question was interpreted as an attack, and a lot of people felt the need to defend the blogger. Strange.

    I always, always credit people if I use things from them — I have a cooking blog and wouldn't DREAM of taking a recipe from another blog without crediting it — but if someone asked if I'd used their idea and I hadn't, it's the easiest thing in the world to say "No, we must think alike!" A lot of hassle could have been saved if the blogger had done this, like you said.

    Onwards and upwards, I guess. We all know you're fantastic, and you should definitely stand up for what you think is right. Even if you do get "the full force of Satan" unleashed upon you (love that phrase) at least you have readers to stand up for you, right?

    Have a good day x

  5. I think she couldn't handled in a little better in hindsight but I think we all know how easy it is to get defensive about our blogs because they're so personal to us. I hope this all just goes to show how people should respect other bloggers and give credit where it is due.

  6. i think you have acted very accordingly gem. stand by it

  7. I know it's hard when so many young girls have blogs nowadays to come up with fresh ideas, but I totally agree that all inspirations should be credited. In the long run it's more hassle than it's worth to not credit somebody & get found out so I don't get why girls do it, & their reaction clearly shows that they know they're in the wrong.

    An exhibition review I did got plagairised and it actually made me want to stop blogging entirely!

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  9. I totally agree with you, the whole thing turned into something ridiculous. Having met you I can verify that you are absolutely wonderful and wouldn't hurt a fly! It is very hard to read 'tone of voice' over the internet and a sarcasm detector should be invented for type as people (somehow) ended up thinking you were being funny. Neither of you two asked people to comment either which made the whole thing worse too. It would have been better if she didn't go into the whole 'I don't feel the need to credit an idea' thing but hopefully it will just all blow over now! I get 'hate' for buying/having some of the same clothes as Lily - sometimes I've had something in my wardrobe before she's posted it and I've just not bothered to take photos of it yet, we have similar taste, do the same thing at uni and have the same natural eye and hair colour so it's not really my fault haha! The first time I looked through her blog I saw a million things I already had anyway! How hard is it to shop on the high street for goodness sake. Going off on a tangent here, but you get the idea and I totally agree with you - people see what they want to see! xx

  10. Thanks for your support guys. Such a complicated situation! I really appreciate all of your opinions on the matter. xxx

  11. I'm so sorry you've had such a shitty shitty experience! Who knew people were so immature? You asked a polite question that could have been answered in one easy sentence.
    Well done to you for standing your ground, and try to ignore all the rude comments - people just have nothing better to do.

    Rosie x

  12. It's a real shame that things like this always get blown out of proportion. It sounds like you were well within your rights to ask a polite question and she just understood it the wrong way; sounds like a pretty sensitive subject for her...! I haven't blogged for long but if I were to ever take inspiration from another post then a link to the original just seems like common courtesy. It's what you'd do in real life, so surely these morals still stand in the blogging community. At least it's clear from looking at all the comments above me that a lot of bloggers out there do share the same morals! (:

  13. There's nothing worse when you think, or know, that someone has stolen your original idea. You get frustrated and angry so I think you were right to contact her, maybe a private email would have been better but that's beside the point now. People get inspired by things they see everyday and everywhere, ideas don't really come from nowhere. The thing about being inspired by things is that most of the time it happens subconsciously so people are unaware their 'idea' was inspired and altered slightly by other's peoples idea. I think its right to credit someone with an idea such as the nail art (I would always credit your blog if it did a nail art post as it is your blog that inspires me to do so) but sometimes people just dont know where their inspiration came from.

    Gem, I wouldn't worry about the whole situation anymore as you have a lot of followers and I doubt anyone is going to stop following you now! Just keep blogging as you usually do!


  14. Grrr some of the comments on that site were awful, especially since I know you're such a nice person online/offline. I guess it's understandable that you didn't think this thing would escalate and didn't send an e-mail, it was just an innocent question after all and your argument was pretty well rounded and diplomatic. I guess seeing someone who you thought copied your idea was annoying and anyone might feel the same. I do think that credit can easily get lost on the internet, I may see something and forget the origin, which is annoying. A lot of ideas can be absorbed subconsciously and only come to fruition months later. However I do accept that not all of my ideas are not original and if I get an idea from a blog, such as nails or even clothing, I will normally link back to the blogger who gave me the idea. I think it's a nice and courteous thing to do, and the blogosphere is all about sharing ideas and making them our own.

  15. I am one of the (many, I think) girls that saw your tutorial and thought "that's an amazing idea, I have to share it with as many people as I can!". So I did a post about YOUR nail tutorial, writing that it was YOUR brilliant idea, creating link to YOUR post and then sent you and E-MAIL to let you know I was doing this. 'Cos EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT STEALING OTHER PEOPLE IDEAS IS NOT FAIR, but SHARING is a good thing.
    So no excuses for that girl, she knew exactly what she was doing because everybody knows! 'Cmon, is the same old problem, since elementary school! lol

  16. Hey Gem. Well done to you for standing up for what you believe in. I also believe crediting is uber NB and I always try my best to say, 'I learnt this from so and so' or 'this outfit inspired by so and so' etc. It feels good to champion each other and strengthen the blogging community and I think you articulated your brilliant points very respectfully. On the whole in life though, I have found that many people just don't know how to say, 'Hey, my bad, I'm sorry - will rectify asap.' I'm not saying that blogger was lying at all, but just in general, people often can't bring themselves to say 'soz' when they're called out on something. It's ridic! Anyway Gemster, know that we all love and support you in a non lesbo way, lolz. *Hugs* x

  17. Sorry to play the bad girl here, but she did say she 'woke up and thought about it'.
    And ok, you saw an idea that you've thought of.Why do you question people's motives?as far as I know you both give credit where and if it's due.
    You could have emailed her instead of posting a comment.I think it was a bit rude to go to someone's blog, see something similar and comment asking credit.
    Similar ideas pop out in the blogging world every day.Either in clothing (so getting angry because of a similar outfit is stupid), nail art (nail bloggers know that better than everyone.noone gives credit, neither should they, to the first person who used Konad etc designs combined) or makeup (we should all credit the first person who thought of smokey makeup.do we?no.it DOES NOT MATTER who came up with it.we all use it, noone judges).
    Hell, credit is not even given to ideas that are not as important as nailpolish and eyeliner being combined (yes, it's ironic) like, let's say the person who thought of injecting viruses parts to another person, and called it vaccine.
    So if nail polish and eyeliner is the best thing you've ever come up with and if it is THAT important that you want to be remembered about it, you've accomplished it.
    But so did Fee, without even trying.
    Also, I didn't see you mentioning anywhere on your post that it is your idea and we should ask permission to use it, or give you credit, as you're not giving credit to the person who thought of the leopard nails either.
    I'm taking no sides, but both of you going a bit crazy on Twitter yesterday, and making (through your tweets, by saying she stole my idea bla bla bla) your readers fight your "ideas battle" was stupid.I've unfollowed you and her.

  18. I did see a lot of this unfolding yesterday, but I didn't want to be involved directly.

    I thought your comments were highly professional, friendly and polite. Some of the rudeness and nastiness that came from others was uncalled for and it made me quite sad to see how unpleasant people can be.

    But most of all, you have indeed highlighted an important issue. Credit where credit is due.

    It's a shame people seem to be so averse to crediting, you wouldn't cite an essasy without the correct referencing, so why should online be any different, but more importantly what a missed oppurtunity. You never know who you may end up connecting with or how it may reflect on you and your blog.

    Well done for maintaining your integrity and I hope that, at least that feels good to know.

  19. I don't see why it would have been necessary to send an email to her rather than commenting. There was nothing remotely offensive or aggressive in your original comment, you were merely asking a question.

    As for this whole thing ... It was completely blown out of proportion. I believe that credit should be given where credit is due and if it WAS her own idea, she could have easily said so and you wouldn't have had all this drama.

    Pfft, it's so silly! I've only been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I feel all defensive over anyone saying nasty stuff to you because you seem so lovely. It'll all blow over soon enough xxxx

  20. You should change the I'm happy to hear your opinions to "your opinions if they agree with me".
    Thank you for erasing my comment, even if it was not offending you.

  21. I felt really sorry for you last night Gem. It was a bit of a 'mob mentality'thing going on and all the shit was flying (unjustifiably) in your direction.
    Kuddos to you for sticking up for yourself. I'm sure if the blogger in question had been put in the same situation she would have done the same thing.
    For all the community, sharing and lovely comments I've seen on blogs, I've seen an equal amount of bollocks,bad feeling and slanging matches.
    After reading some of the quite frankly, bloody rude and mental comments aimed at you it made me think what type of people are actually following the blogger in question?
    I would have done exactly the same thing as you did, don't let people make you feel like you weren't within your rights to ask because like you said credit where credits due. using someone elses ideas without crediting them is neither fair or polite. but as it turns out we all have a different view of what's 'fair'!
    I'm sorry that you got so much shit for raising an issue with i can imagine a lot of people are struggling with in the blogging world at the moment.
    Hugs x

  22. i thought some of those bloggers took the situation to a whole unecessary level. they were plain rude and i was shocked!
    i am right behind you

  23. Gem,

    This post (and the others referenced at the bottom of said post) may be of interest. You are not alone in believing that inspiration should be credited. If only for good manners.


  24. I still can't believe how far this issue escalated Gem! I wholeheartedly agree that you were and are within your rights with your initial comment to the blogger, it wasn't rude, backhanded or brash by any means. Some of the comments and anons that came out of the woodwork were completely out of their depth with things they brought up! Good on you for standing up for yourself, and also for accepting it when some commenter brought up the YT part aha, the blogging community has really spiralled out of control when it comes to these things! xxxx

  25. This is where the blogging world becomes a struggle rather than a pleasure :( dude, at the end of the day you asked a question and it got blown out of proportion. When I did my Next christmas blogging challenge, a girl from the usa left me a comment to say she liked the idea and was going to do the challenge for an american store.

    So fair enough, she credited me. But sometimes that still doesnt make it enough - when people dont comminucate, be courteous, and generally just use common sense and read between the lines. that 'unwritten blogging rule' which you speak of. You were courteous, but you got shot down when you tried to be upfront about it. But at the end of the day, all we're asking for is a little bit of consideration towards others! If people want to be decent bloody human beings.

    What the american girl who contacted me didnt actually get, was this was a COMPETITION I was entering, and the format of my posts (a 12 days of christmas gift guide, all from next.co.uk) was my entry for the competition. I wouldnt have blinked twice at someone else doing a christmas gift guide, my goodness lots of people do it! noone has ownership of christmas, lol! But this girl waited until I posted the Next icon each day (one with 5 gold rings, another with a partridge in a pear tree, etc) and then saved them from my blog and put them onto her blog. These were PR images which had been emailed to me :(

    At the end of the day, we can put it all down to facts, figures, rules, bla bla bla. But in all, its just ettiquete. I can imagine that the folk who dont have good manners on here, probs dont have good manners in real life either! So please dont let it bother you. Opinions will always be split over this kinda thing. Love you twinnie x

  26. Completely unrelated to your post...but when I come onto your blog, a hacker thing comes up asking me to sign into 'Twitter'. Don't know if it's something you can remove, or if it's my computer but thought you should know :)

  27. Oh yes, Im also getting the Twitter pop up, was wandering if it was just me!

  28. Hey Gem,
    I've been out of the loop with all of this, but I just wanted to say, it doesn't sound like either of you were in the wrong (but the commenters seem to have gotten out of hand from what you've said!)
    I don't think you were wrong to politely ask, in the comments section, where she got the idea from. And if, like she said, the idea was hers, she was also in the right. When I was a teenager, my friends and I used to use liquid eyeliner on my nails - long before I even knew the blogging world (or nail art pens!) existed, so I don't doubt that she was telling the truth! That said, if anyone takes an idea from or is inspired by somenoe else, attribution really is necessary! It's copyright infringement otherwise, and you were right to bring that up.

    Anyway, I think *most* bloggers are able to state their opinions without being meanies, and I don't know why some (luckily, very few) feel the need to attack others on seemingly innocent issues. Whatever happened to camaraderie?!


  29. I traied your eyeliner tecnique and i think i credit you in all the posts i showed my nails (i *had* to try it in different colours lol).
    I love when people tell that they think i got the inspiration from them because sometimes i visit way to many blogs to remembers from which one i got the idea and i'm always happy to give credit (because they deserve).
    Keep up the good work! :)

  30. Oh, and so that I don't sound crazy or anything I mentioned in the deleted comment about the email, and thatholliegirl who commented after me, replied to me.
    Freedom of speech is out.

  31. Woah what a lot of drama over nothing!

    Original idea? I personally think they are rare and I have seen the eyeliner technique YEARS ago but did not use it myself as I have paints and pens for nail art :)

    To be honest if I had seen yours or anyone elses tutorial I would probably have not credited it as its just using eyeliner on nails. Not because its not a good idea just because its not original in my eyes.

    That being said had you had come up with some amazing nail design I had never seen before that I recreated I would definately credit you and your blog.

    Its a tricky subject but I personally would not have contacted that girl as I my first thought would have not have been that she is copying me as I wouldn't think I 'owned' the idea :)


  32. Oh and I should add whilst I would have not contacted the girl the way you did was in no way rude........guess she was just having a bad day and blew it out of proportion! x

  33. Hhmmm. Interesting. I totally missed this drama yesterday (that's what getting a Kindle does for your Twitter obsession!).

    I think the creative world is tough. People steal other people's ideas. Some of them make huge amounts of money. It sucks. You ARE right to stick up for yourself, and I think your first comment (a polite question asking about sources) was absolutely the right way to go. Maybe it should've been an email. But there's nothing wrong with asking a question and you shouldn't be made to feel like a bitch for doing so.

    Gem, from what I can make out reading your post and the Twitter comments, you handled it well. If you felt the post infringed your intellectual copyright then you had every right to defend yourself. Don't feel bad about it.

    One thing I would say is - the internet's a big place and people WILL steal your ideas, your photos, your text and even your entire website. All these things happened to me when I made jewellery for a living. I went batshit crazy and it was horrible. The business suffered because I took it so, so personally (how can you not?) and eventually I bowed out because every emerging design felt like a complete rip off of what I'd been doing.

    Sometimes it's easier to just let it go. Totally hard, I know. But better for you in the long run.

    Hope you know what I mean - always here if you want to chat. xxx

  34. The internet is such an easy place to abuse and insult people isn't it?? It's kind of scary... because it's not like saying something to a person's face... you can just say what you like and then switch off your computer when you feel like opting out... which you couldn't do in a face to face argument. As a new blogger, this kind of situation scares me a little, because it seems you can't say anything without someone taking offense.

    It's true that you can never tell someones tone of voice in a comment, so I understand how someone may have taken it up wrong but I think in that case we should always assume the best in people until they give us a reason to believe otherwise :)

    Blogging etiquette should have the same rules as say publishing or uni work, because you wouldn't plagiarise then, you always have to reference back, otherwise you have either a law suit or a fail to contend with. It should be no different here. After all we are just publishers of our own online magazines.

    Sorry to hear you had such a rough time, Gem, but don't lose faith. On the internet you're always going to have some ridiculous enemy, but just remember your fans will make up for that :) Your blog is one of my favourites, especially the mentions of Roxy.


    Ps. M.Sil. This is Gem's blog and she can delete whatever comments she bloody well likes. This post was talking about all the negativity she's received so I doubt she needed more even if it "wasn't offending" her. Freedom of speech?? Get a grip, it's her personal fashion blog, not bloody Sky News..

  35. This whole thing totally bypassed me but i think you are well within your rights to ask the original question. As bloggers are mainly female i think these things can easily get blown out of proportion and you're right many people are mean. Hope you don't feel too down about it. xx

  36. Hmmmm I have quite mixed feelings about this. Mainly because I don't want to get involved in anybody elses drama but since you've done a blog post on the main issue I shall give my two cents.

    Being 100% honest, I actually thought that the whole leopard print nail thing was done with eyeliner anyway! I genuinely thought that that's how people did it and that's before I saw it on your Tuesday Tip feature. Having said that, if I WAS to post it on my blog, I would definitely write something like 'gem once did a Tuesday tip on this' or just something along those lines that would allow me to include you in it. One, because you WERE the first blogger I saw doing it and two, because I wouldn't want anyone jumping down my throat going 'omgzzz you stole it!!111!'.

    Sorry, I don't really know where I'm going with this but yeah... I do perhaps agree with you when you say that you should probably have confronted her privately, but hindsight is a wonderful thing and you were not at all rude about it so there was absolutely no need for bitchy replies.

    It's actually made me want to take a step back from people in the blogging world. I saw too many tweets saying things like 'yeah gonna go tell people they copy me now and I want a link!' kinda thing and there's absolutely NO need for sarcastic nasty comments like that. Especially when they are from people who are respected and popular... and people who I thought liked you/read your blog to be quite frank. It's just made me think twice about how faces some people actually have!

    I think you handled it incredibly well Gem and I luffs you and your blog! I shall shut up now cos I don't think any of this actually made any sense whatsoever.

  37. You totes did the right thing, not one rude word came from your mouth (or fingers) and there was no need AT ALL for other bloggers/anons to slag you or the girl in question off, they made really big fools out of theirselves. I really didn't know some people in the blogging world could get that nasty and if I knew that before and hadn't met the lovely people I had theres no way I would have joined.
    In my Post (http://aliceandbeauty.blogspot.com/2010/12/diy-handmade-tags.html) I couldn't credit Michelle enough and I rightly said "I know if these tags were an essay I would have been caught out for plagiarism" which is so true.
    Credit should be given where due and ideas should not be passed off as your own if they're not! Rant over! haha..I hope you're okay sweetie! xo

  38. I take a week off and miss all the drama! Hope you're OK hun, and glad it seems to have blown over x

  39. While I know it wasn't your intention, I would find it a little big headed of someone to outright ask me if I was inspired by their post.
    If someone copied your post word for word it would be a different matter, that would be Palagarisim.

  40. Thanks for all of your support and various opinions on the matter.

    Really glad many of you don't think I was out of line for querying inspiration. It's a simple question. And if you look at the link I posted to the 'prior situation' where it was rectified, you'll see I did it a lot nicer than another blogger!

    I don't care if it looks bigheaded for asking a question. When you have the proof that yours was the first blog to post a tutorial about something slightly innovative, you do have a right to question something if you are wondering where the inspiration came from. It is called JUST CHECKING!

    I think people have such an issue with bloggers getting 'big for their boots' but if I have a suspicion about someone borrowing mine, or ANYONE else's ideas, I won't hesitate to question it. I won't apologise for this.

    And 'M. Sil' I've had enough drama in the past 24 hours without you accusing me of deleting your comment. It clearly says 'deleted by author' so either repost it or take your aggressive attitude somewhere else.

    Thanks again for those that have offered me advice and support. You're reinstating my faith in the blogging world, but it will take me a while to get over some of the two facedness (word?) I've seen!


  41. i feel so sorry for you gem! people can be so silly :( xx

  42. Well, you know you've made it in the blogging world when this sort of drama happens to you!

  43. That's just really, really sad. I'm not exactly active in the whole blogging world, mainly just because I'm not much of an active personal blogger. But I've seen these kind of things too much the past few weeks. :(
    I sometimes feel that people don't exactly see a (in this case yours) comment as offensive, but they just want to respond aggressively (to blow of steam, unresolved personal issues? :P). Don't let them make you feel bad, you're only trying to be fair in this sometimes unfair blogging world :) xxx

  44. I don't read the other girl's blog, nor do I have twitter so this is the first I've heard about this. After reading this post I’m in two minds about the whole things - on the one hand you do seem to have been the first person to blog about this idea (or at least the first person to draw any attention to it!), but on the other you perhaps should have emailed and not commented because people do always read things the wrong way on the internet and anyway she may not have realised that it was your idea. The other girl's views on crediting are quite frankly ridiculous though and I can't believe that some people agree with her - it makes me wonder what they think about plagiarising in exams! xx

  45. i totally agree with what your saying, but what if someone had seen your technique on loads of other blogs and never taken notice of who created it and just assumed it was what everyone did? then they might not know to credit you because they never actually realised you invented it. You compiled an amazing post here and it just shows how strange people on blogger can be, i hope you do get credit for something your proud of in the future :)

  46. I think it was fair for you to query whether the blogger had taken the idea from you but as you said yourself your approach was 'professional' and 'respectful', I think the most 'professional' and 'respectful' thing would have been to email her privately. I understand that blogging is simply your hobby and not your job so you were simply commenting innocently, but I think commenting was almost showing her up infront of all her followers...

    To be honest I think it's a shame such a little thing escalated and I am not taking sides, just hope everyone can leave it in the past... :) xx

  47. I think you had a right to say what you want, you wasn't being rude in the comment what so ever? not sounding up yourself either!? don't see why people think it was offensive or mean that you said that. God people just like to make an argument right! I hope your okay now. Don't be down.. your blog is one of the best I've seen in well ever!! xxxxx

  48. Hi Gem,
    I think, as long as you are polite and not accusing, then you have to right to say whatever you want.
    You are not at all in the wrong in this situation, it is just human instinct to feel protective over our ideas, and question other peoples.
    Reading through these comments, I see that you have a lot of support and you can see that on the most part, blogging is a fun, friendly experience, you just happened to be one of the unlucky ones!
    Kisses, Hannahxxxx


  49. You totally had the right to ask, and of course you should always credit someone elses idea, you would in the "real" world so why not in the blogging world. It's a shame it escalated to this point, in all fairness you only left a comment asking about it, people have to be able to take that, fair enough then if it actually was their own idea... Hope this does not get u down too much, your blog is the best!! xxx

  50. I was involved in it all yesterday and do not regret what I said.

    My main problem was you commenting on her blog.. it was almost like you embarassing her in front of her followers.

    For many people (which is why you say many big bloggers are slagging you) this just seemed so petty. You DID NOT invent putting eyeliner on your nails, people have been doing it for years and years without having read your blog, and for you to assume that if someone does it in a design they MUST of read your blog and got the idea from you, does come across as very big headed.

    At the end of the day, this is about some eyeliner on nails, not a patent for a new spaceship, so really it is not worth arguing about.

    I think you have a great blog and great ideas but I had to stand up for what I believed in yesterday (and I do not know either of you)

  51. I saw most of the comments, and I don't think you did any wrong. Your comment was polite and didn't in any way accuse the blogger in question of stealing your idea, you asked *if* she was inspired by your post, and if so, could she mention it.

    The correct response would have been to say that she never saw your post, it was an idea she came up with independently, and leave it at that.

    People like to look for drama where there isn't any, I thought you handled it all really well :) xx

  52. I completely support you Gemma; bloggers (especially Tumblr micro-bloggers) are moving towards a community that refuses to acknowledge and credit original creators. Whether it is an idea, a photograph or an illustration people are "forgetting" to credit the original creators.

    I see my images being blogged and reblogged over and over without credit. It becomes tiresome chasing people up - and then what about all those that escape me? It's upsetting to think the online community is not supporting independent creators.

    What is so difficult about a simple link? Even if you just find something via someone else's blog, why not mention them? If someone inspires you, is it so difficult to mention them or the blog?

    We should be supporting each other not sniping and back-biting!

  53. What a great post- and others obviously think so too :)
    Well- there is a lot to say here I think. Theres so many sides to a story when it comes to 'copying' (or not so in some cases)
    Firstly, I'll talk about the actual incident what happened with you- and I believe I know what/who it was.I think you were right in asking her where she'd got the idea from, and in some parts I'm glad you did rather than just excusing her. I say this because I personally see something, and just forget where I have seen it, and end up not crediting the person. This isn't because I won't or wouldn't, it is just an honest mistake- but I have always tried my best to do so. So at least you asking this blogger, could then like her think- 'no opps, this wasn't I saw it on xyz's blog'
    How she reacted seems wrong, from how you've explained it. I think it is important to credit other people, it's the right thing to do & some one else trying it or giving it ago and blogging about it, isn't wrong, but they need to do it in the way that is right!
    As for people excusing others of copying in general, I believe some people are naive in that way! Like you said, 1 blog in so so so so many! & very few of these will have a huge dig at the world. So, ofcourse posts come out that are the same/similar. Just because one is posted a day before the other, doesn't make it any different! People also, of course, come up with ideas & there are only so many you can come up with, so these start to repeat. I like when people put their on spin on them, Gemmas this is your life or Bickys wordless wednesday for example. I also worry jump to defend them seleves when they really don't have too, I'm not going to lie- if I see a blogger I love with a certain top on, I see it in store & it looks just as good, I'm gunna buy it too. I think that's more inspiration, learning new styles and then taking them and creating your own look.
    I hope this has all made sense,
    Great post again
    lots of love x

  54. M. Sil - Ah, your comment appeared! I found it in my spam folder, and contemplated leaving it there. I never accused her of anything, I simply asked as I have had people 'forget' to credit my ideas in the past. I will not apologise for this. I didn't accuse, so maybe you should read what is there rather than reading what you want to in future.

    No it isn't the best thing I've come up with, but it was an idea I had that has been knowingly copied in the past so I was merely politely checking. If sitting in front of your computer stirring drama and inventing facts is the best thing you can come up with, you've accomplished that. GO BIG.

    Glitter and Love - If by 'involved in it all' you mean sitting on your arse writing bitchy and sarcastic comments about me on Twitter then I guess you were!

    Now you have the nerve to come on my own blog and try and sound rational about it all! My asking of a simple question would never have been an issue if it wasn't for drama mongers like yourself making a big deal out of it. As many above have stated, I asked in a polite way, never accusing, and have nothing to apologise for.

    I've explained everything in my blog post and am not going to continue justifying myself to someone tweeting people, 'she's accusing makeup savvy of copying her!' When that is NOT the case.

    It's people like you, trying to 'get involved' and reading only what you want to read that perpetuate hate on blogs and you are not welcome on my blog. Go tweet about it. Laters.

  55. Sorry.. give me your address and i will come to your door and say it to your face instead of 'sitting on my arse'? What a ridiculous comment.

    I did think it was petty and had my say about it - 'freedom of speech' and all that. The same freedom of speech that you used to go on to an innocent girls blog and embarass her infront of her followers.

    I do not perpetuate any hate anywhere, and am friends with so many people with blogs and support them all but I am very much under the opinion of 'everyone is equal' but from comments on twitter last night I know smaller blogs like mine are afraid to blog about anything now for fear of copying or not crediting someone and getting jumped upon by the bigger bloggers followers.

    You do not know me, the same as I do not know you, so do not use the term 'people like you' to me!!

  56. I do think that everything has blown out of proportion and clearly so, otherwise you wouldn't of written this post. And I don't think you were out of line to ask, though it could of been put a little better or even in an email as you said. That way this whole thing could have been avoided in the first place.

  57. I'm fairly new to all this blogging shenanigans, but have been reading your blog for months now and I still love it to pieces.
    I saw what happened yesterday and thought that your original comment was probably one of the most polite of it's kind that I've seen! Some stupid people just took it completely out of proportion. You were completely in your own right to ask if she had, you didn't even accuse, it was a mere question! People shouldn't have blown it up like they did, it's things like these that make me hate the internet. As someone said earlier, it's not the same as real life, people say things that they might not even dream of saying to your face.


  58. The deleted by author was not mine.It was milkteef's.
    The comment I'm talking about re-appeared by miracle.
    It was not there 3 hours ago though.
    Blogger problem maybe.Sorry for the fuss, but it annoys me when things dissapear, and at the time it was the only comment stating something other that how right Gem was, so I thought it was intentional-apologies, that wasn't the case.
    And dear El:)
    when someone asks for ANY opinion, they ask so that they can be read/heard.It is her personal fashion blog, but freedom of speech is something that exists not only in Sky news my love(even though I don't think any news broadcasting channel has a free speech policy, so you could be wrong about that), but in all the free countries and the internet.So if you're in a free country, and see something you disagree with, you can state your opinion as long as it's not insulting anyone.
    Also sugar, taking sides is one thing, being rude if someone disagrees with you (or someone you support in this case) is another.

    Gem once again sorry for the "extra" comments, but you'd do the same in a similar case, given that you like to speak your mind, and not being allowed to do so by blogger or any other "forces" is not something I like.
    Happy new year and a good day, hopefully with no more negativity.

  59. Well if you politely ask someone if they stole your idea, it is a sideways accusation.You were implying it,no?If you didn't think she took your idea you wouldn't have made that comment, there would've been no reason to.
    And I don't think I've invented anything up, so no reason to be rude there honey now, is there?
    And I'm not the one who made a whole post about freaking eyeliner on nail polish credit, now am I?So not the one to stir up drama.

  60. wow, talk about a mountain out of a molehill!
    i had to bite my tongue as i followed this yesterday and i very much wouldn't usually get involved in these sorts of things, but the situation was running through my head all day at work so i'll say my bit and then forget about it all :)
    first of all i think the way people have behaved with their comments on twitter was rather childish and petty. it's rather easy for everyone to jump on board and start calling names because everyone feels 'braver' online (i.e. road rage - people will rarely speak/act so agressively towards someone outside of their car) and i think Twitter and blogs are such a public domain, people feel the right to say their own piece without actually thinking it through. but yeah some people really just put themselves to shame and that's quite sad.

    while i WHOLE heartly agree with your cause here, i have to say the most sensible thing to do would have been to privately email her, otherwise your just asking for backlash as its just the same as asking her infront of all her friends. no matter how nice you were in the comment (and you really were) it was going to get someone's back up, if not her, one of her readers. i actually asked some people at work (sometimes my pschology student self flares up, sorry!) how they would take a comment like yours and it was genuinely 50/50, some people got annoyed about it saying they say it like a personal attack, others thought it was fine and there wasn't a problem. its just how some people take things and i think we have to always think about how everyone and anyone would take it. i dont think her taking it to Twitter was the best thing to do either, you might as well throw a match in a pile of fuel!
    it does raise a really interesting question of where is the line with credit?obviously you will credit a picture or DIY etc etc, but if someone genuinely comes up with an idea themselves which turns out to be a known one do they still have to credit that person. it's like writing an essay, if you directly lift an idea or theory of someone you credit them, but having done a philosophy course where there are soooo many ideas out there, you are bound to come up with similar theories every once in a while and that's when you didn't need to credit that author/philosopher directly. what you should do though is if you find out it is a known idea is say "later on, i found out ...... had also the same idea" and that's what i think should have done here!
    good for you for sticking to your guns though and not lowering yourself to bitchy backhanded comments like someother people. you definately came out as the more grown up person in this debate :) and thank you for giving me something to REALLY think about and also raise the point to all bloggers out there, well done :) xo

  61. wow, talk about a mountain out of a molehill!
    i had to bite my tongue as i followed this yesterday and i very much wouldn't usually get involved in these sorts of things, but the situation was running through my head all day at work so i'll say my bit and then forget about it all :)
    first of all i think the way people have behaved with their comments on twitter was rather childish and petty. it's rather easy for everyone to jump on board and start calling names because everyone feels 'braver' online (i.e. road rage - people will rarely speak/act so agressively towards someone outside of their car) and i think Twitter and blogs are such a public domain, people feel the right to say their own piece without actually thinking it through. but yeah some people really just put themselves to shame and that's quite sad.
    while i whole heartly agree with your 'cause' here, i have to say the most sensible thing to do would have been to privately email her, otherwise your just asking for backlash as its just the same as asking her infront of all her friends. no matter how nice you were in the comment (and you really were) it was going to get someone's back up, if not her, one of her readers. i actually asked some people at work (sometimes my pschology student self flares up, sorry!) how they would take a comment like yours and it was genuinely 50/50, some people got annoyed about it saying they say it like a personal attack, others thought it was fine and there wasn't a problem. its just how some people take things and i think we have to always think about how everyone and anyone would take it. i dont think her taking it to Twitter was the best thing to do either, you might as well throw a match in a pile of fuel!

  62. it does raise a really interesting question of where is the line with credit?obviously you will credit a picture or DIY etc etc, but if someone genuinely comes up with an idea themselves which turns out to be a known one do they still have to credit that person. it's like writing an essay, if you directly lift an idea or theory of someone you credit them, but doing a philosophy course where there are soooo many ideas out there, you are bound to come up with similar theories every once in a while and that's when you didn't need to credit that author/philosopher directly. what you should do though is if you find out it is a known idea is say "later on, i found out ...... had also the same idea" and that's what i think should have done here!
    good for you for sticking to your guns though and not lowering yourself to bitchy backhanded comments like some other people! you definately came out as the bigger person here :)

  63. Elisabeth - Thanks for your comment, you're right, I am a bit naive as I have never been involved in blog drama like this before! I had no idea how much people would take it upon themselves to get involved! Re: crediting, if you were inspired by someone else, you should credit, and if it was just a coincidence, then don't credit! And if asked, just state that it's just a coincidence if that is the case! I wouldn't expect anyone to credit my posts if they weren't originally inspired by them. Simple as that, I think! :) My friends study philosophy at uni, it all sounds so fascinating! x

  64. to be honest i am too Gem! i think i'd only learn through doing it myself or seeing it happen to someone else (like yourself) it's just unfortunate that people reacted in such a way to blow the whole thing out of proportion, it really did show people's true colours! i think you've summed it up in a nutshell really, it's about being honest about your inspiration and if it is a self inspired idea celebrating that so many people are so creative! it's just a pity more people didn't see it that way!
    p.s. fascinating = brain frying and puzzling but yeah very enjoyable!lol especially when you discuss matters of creation, inspiration, idea's etc like this! maybe my degree was worth the million zillion pounds of student loans im going to have to pay back!lol

  65. If you want credit you should state it. I've seen this type of nail art on many blogs with no mention of you Gem.
    Yeah it might be polite to credit but is discretionary, this is blogging, not part of a degree or something.
    Sure it was an 'innocent' question but you could have had more tack in how you wrote it. And no-one likes to be called 'big-headed' and it doesn't mean that you are, but it was a fairly egotistical thing to write.
    How the blogger replied was totally justified, it was other people's comments that escalated the problem.
    Fee is a fantastic, genuine blogger in a league of her own and people who are slagging her for her post obviously have not followed her for a long time.
    I can't understand why this means so much to you, apart from a now 'you've made your bed you have to lie in it', sort of thing.
    This issue should be put to bed, not dragged out with a very cleverly written blog post.
    What you did doesn't make you a 'massive bitch' but I'm willing to bet in hindsight that would would have gone about matters in a different way. Whether you admit that or not.
    It's a shame this whole event has changed how some people feel about blogging, how they see bloggers and the blogging world.
    No-one wants their idea copied but you know other people have their own ideas.
    Fee has deleted her post (which is a shame as it was a typically excellent post from Fee) and I think you should delete this.

  66. Oh my goodness what a palaver! I know you've taken the post down now, but I just wanted to put my two cents in too, because having read all these comments it seems like the world, his wife, their dog, the hamster and the hamster's illegitimate son Barry have all had their say, so I'm going to have mine!
    I followed a bit of this yesterday on Twitter, and what shocked me, like many other people have already said, was not how you or Makeup Savvy behaved, but how so many other people suddenly felt the need to get all nasty about it! I suppose one of the greatest things about blogging is that it can be such a wonderful close-knit community and it's a clear testament to how popular a blogger Makeup Savvy must be (to be honest I'd not come across her until yesterday but I did think her nail art etc was fab) to have so many people rush to stick up for her. However, having read the original comment you made, I really didn't think that it warranted such a torrent of abuse, both on the blog and on Twitter, that you recieved! I know that it can be hard to read the 'tone' of a comment sometimes, but I genuinely do think you came off as polite and friendly! Maybe it's because I've followed your blog for ages and know that you're a lovely girl, so I would never have read your comment as anything other than a question, rather some kind of vicious, slanderous attack like some people have made it out to be. And there's sticking up for a friend and then being bitchy and unpleasant for no other reason than it's over the Internet so you can get away with far more than you can IRL. I just think some people seemed to get really carried away, considering the issue was between yourself and Makeup Savvy. I completely understand the feeling of wanting to stick up for people when someone posts something nasty on their blog, but that's the whole point, you didn't post anything hateful, you were just asking a question, which is why it seemed so silly that was such a huge uproar about it!

    On the subject of crediting, I completely agree with the title of this post - credit where it's due. It frustrates me so much when you see photos etc that are clearly nicked from other blogs with no reference to where they came from; it's lazy, irresponsible and downright cheeky! I think there are a lot of bloggers out there though who are just naive and don't realise the importance of copyright etc. However, when it comes to an 'idea' or 'inspiration', I can see how the lines can get a bit blurred about what definitely should be and what doesn't necessarily need to be credited. To be honest, I credit everyone and everything, but more because I really like to share other people's blogs! I just did a product review video and talked about a certain brand of blusher that I'd bought because I read about it on another blog. I provided a link to the blog, not so much because I felt I "had to" credit the blogger, I mean she didn't invent the blusher lol, but she did do a really good review of it herself, and her blog's awesome so why not provide a link so that other people can read it too?

    Eeek, I've written so much! (yeah, shut up now, Franki...) While I think the subject of crediting is massively important and there is SO MUCH more to be said about it, especially when it comes to blogging etc I actually think the bigger thing here was the nastiness and backbiting especially on Twitter. Can't we all just play nice?! In times like this, we must look to Thumper (from Bambi) and recite those immortal words "If you can't say anything nice, don't say nothing at all". Oh Thumper, you're an example to us all...

  67. dammit! I missed it! LOL

    hope all is well now though....love your blog x



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