Why, Hallow!

Happy Halloween!

As much as I love dressing up, I'm being a bit of a Halloween scrooge this evening. Are any of you ignoring the doorbell too? Sorry but I barely have enough treats to satisfy my own sweet tooth, let alone sharing with greedy children. Maybe I'm just bitter that I'm too old to go and beg strangers for candy. Sigh!

I have been in AGONY today after doing twenty minutes of my new exercise dvd yesterday. I expected to feel the burn on my tummy and legs, but my ribs? My wrists?! You name it, I've strained it. I'm not surprised really. I'm chronically unfit. It hasn't deterred me though. I really want to keep this up and improve my posture and/or pot belly. The dvd has had really great reviews, so if anything will sort me out, it's this. I'll keep you posted with my progress!

I had work at Topshop today so thought I'd get in the Halloween spirit and go as a (very plain) black cat. I figured going zombie might scare the kids. I'm being a massive outfit repeater and wearing my h&m jumpsuit from the other night, but it was ideal for the black cat look!

I spent most of X Factor painting my nails last night, using my various inspirations from my last post. Here are the results!

(I used Model's Own Misty Grey, red and white nail pens and all the black bits were done with liquid eyeliner!)

Hope you have a fun night, whatever you get up to! We're going to watch X Factor and then maybe Toy Story 3!


Creepy Claws!

I'm truly loving the amazing Halloween nail art that keeps popping up on the interweb!

I'm working at Topshop tomorrow, and I really want to dress up - or at the very least dress my nails up - to celebrate halloween! I'm definitely feeling the bats, heart skulls and cats...Hmm... Watch this space!

[Top 5 - Wah Nails, 6 - Fuckyeahnailart, 7 - Chibinails]

Have you got any Halloween designs planned for your digits? Inspire me!


What a difference a day makes

Ohh 'New Post' button, I have missed you!!

Before I start wittering on, I have announced the winners of the giveaways on Twitter, and contacted all of the lucky ladies. Thanks for all who took part, it was such fun! Wish there were enough prizes to go round, but as I said on Twitter yesterday, you have all won my love, and let's face it, that's the best prize of all... Right?!

Sorry for my slight abandonment lately, I had a big uni presentation yesterday and was working solidly on it! It went quite well, but I had too many slides and only got about half way through before they had to tell me to shut up as I'd run out of time! Fail! But their feedback was really positive, so I'm a happy bunny.

I thought I'd post my two outfits of yesterday as it was a tale of two halves! This is me just about to go to uni after 5 hours sleep, looking quite literally rancid:

[I'm wearing a Breakthrough Breast Cancer pin (October is Breast Cancer Awareness month) and my new charity shop fur coat.]

And this is me later on, after getting ready to go to HP's event. Well, I took the pics when I got home so I look a tad haggard! HP were promoting their stylish new products at Sketch in London. I have hilarious memories of Sketch, after what happened the last time I was there...

I'm wearing this awesome jumpsuit I found in H&M, which also comes in a petrol blue colour. It was only £14.99! I am also wearing Me & Zena's latest design, the vampire teeth ring! You can't really see in the pic, but one of the fangs has a tiny red heart on it. I never thought I'd find the contents of a vampire's gob cute, but there we go! The shoes are Topshop and plasters are Elastoplast :)

Besides the amazing Dr. Dre Beats headphones (Has anyone tried these? The sound quality/bass/noise-reduction is unreal!) I was mesmerised by the 'facilities'. Instead of cubicles, the Sketch loos are futuristic white pods! You can see them in the background of this pic I took in the fisheye mirror!

It was a really fun night. Except for the bit where we had to sprint from Oxford Circus to Charing Cross station in heels. And the bit where I accidentally crashed the touch screen PC and the HP man had to restart it and I joked, 'Well, that wouldn't happen on a Mac!' The response to this controversial joke can be summed up in two words: lead balloon!

My horoscope is telling me to chillax this weekend, and I really think I need to. I'm going to give my dissertation a rest (even though the 6000 word draft is due in 2 weeks) and just watch TV and potter about the house. I might go to a Halloween party on Saturday night, but not sure yet. I've left it a bit late to sort out a costume!

How have you guys been? Got any Halloween plans? Tell me about your outfits!



Some pictures of my day...


No giveaways today, I'm afraid. The freebie sluttery has come to an end! Will be announcing winners in the next day or two. Excitement!

I am off uni for the next few days, preparing for a big presentation on Thursday. So, besides my shift at Topshop tomorrow from 12-4, my life will be uni-work mania for the next few days! As usual, I am rather behind. I'm trying hard to catch up with all my research so any sign of my laziness is undetectable at my presentation..

I got this gruelling week off to a fairly relaxed start today. After a spot of dissertation reading, I met my friend Jen for a Pizza Hut buffet. I actually didn't overdo it, which was a turn up for the books! After the slight feast, I bought some bits in town, came home and took pictures of Roxy being gorgeous, then cracked on with my project.

I picked up this old C&A fur coat for £6 in a charity shop. It's a bit oversized but I think I like it. I've been on the hunt for a winter coat and this appeals to me much more than any of the more structured affairs I've been seeing on the high street.

I took advantage of the Holland & Barratt 'buy one get one half price' offer and got some Ginkgo Biloba to help me focus on uni work (I'll pretty much take all the help I can get). I saw these little homeopathy tablets for Brittle nails (and falling hair, which sounds a bit scary) and thought I'd give them a go too! My nails are in a right state.

This is my Poundland loot! It consists of a Sally Hansen nail polish remover spongey tub thing (does that make any sense at all?), a Revlon topcoat which has received rave reviews, a Revlon 'drying oil' that apparently makes your nail polish dry super quickly. Sounds awesome to me! Last and indeed least, a Sally Hansen orange lipstick that is rubbish and doesn't suit me. Oh well, you can't win 'em all!

Roxy looking a bit serious, but gorge nevertheless:

I'm going to paint my nails now, using my new Poundland goodies! I'll let you know if any of it is amazing! Then we're watching an episode of The Wire. We're on Season 3 now. Loving it!


3rd bloggiversary giveaway week: FINAL DAY!

Hello guys!

It brings me great, great excitement to announce the final giveaway of my blog-birthday celebration...

Wah Nails are offering one of you a free manicure at their Oxford Circus Topshop salon!!

Any regular readers will know how much I obsess over Wah Nails. If it wasn't for my chance encounter with them at a Tesco F&F event back in April, my love affair with nail art probably wouldn't have begun. So it means heaps to me that the founder of Wah Nails, Sharmadean, replied to my long-shot of an email saying she was more than happy to provide this epic prize for you. What a legend!

The lucky winner will get to choose a design from the nail menu. I blatantly recommend leopard print, but ultimately it's your choice... :)

[click to enlarge image]

On another Wah-tastic note, they have teamed up with Models Own on a range of nail art pens! I saw this pic on their website earlier, and after a bit of googling, found out about this dreamy collaboration! If this doesn't have my name all over it, I really don't know what does. A genius partnership!

Oh yeah, Rules:

ONLY FOLLOWERS CAN ENTER! I will be checking...

Comment with your favourite Wah Nails design to enter!

Tweet or blog about my competition for an extra entry. Post a separate comment letting me know you've done it. You get an extra entry per tweet/blog mention, so go nuts. Just make sure you're commenting each time.

♥ Leave me a contact email if you're not a blogger/tweeter.

♥ Open to anyone that can get to London!

♥ Winner must send me a picture of their awesome nails after the manicure!

♥ Winners for all this week's giveaways will be selected on Monday.

And that wraps up my giveaway week! Thanks for all of your sweet comments and tweets. Roll on 4th bloggiversary!

Over & out x


3rd bloggiversary giveaway week: Day 5

Morning all!

Thanks for your entries to the giveaways so far! Can't wait to find out who the luck winners are :)

This is the penultimate day of giveaway week. It was only going to be Mon-Fri, but I snuck in a cheeky extra day! This is the last giveaway that most of you can enter, as tomorrow's one isn't something I can mail out. It's more of a fixed-location affair!

Today's giveaway comes from the fabulous Bertie. Bertie weren't on my radar until I saw all of the posts on their recent blogger event. After checking out their website, I was kicking myself I'd missed out on their fierce footwear for so long! Just goes to show that blog marketing is indeed effective in spreading the word about a brand! (Can you tell I'm at uni right now?)

Anyway, Bertie are offering one of you lucky 'soles' a brown pair of their gorgeous Nivea boots, worth £125. If there was a boot that could sum up A/W 2010, it would have to be these. I am frankly insanely jealous of you all for having a chance to win these! Don't be surprised if a Fem Gatale wins this competition... ;)

ONLY FOLLOWERS CAN ENTER! I will be checking...

♥ Comment anything you like to enter

Tweet or blog about my competition for an extra entry. Post a separate comment letting me know you've done it. You get an extra entry per tweet/blog mention, so go nuts. Just make sure you're commenting each time.

♥ Leave me a contact email if you're not a blogger/tweeter.

♥ Not open internationally.

A winner will be selected at random using a random number generator (this is why separate comments are vital!) on Sunday 24th October (Subject to change - I might extend the giveaways a bit!)




3rd bloggiversary giveaway week: Day 4!

The extremely generous people at Max C London are offering up six dresses today!

Three of you will win both a floral skater dress and a tie-back strappy dress, as demonstrated by moi, below!

Max C London are famed for their affordable pretty dresses, and since receiving the goodies they sent me, I've been relishing wearing something that isn't straight off the high street! My floral skater dress in particular has received lots of compliments. It's my favourite type of dress: flattering, cute and comfy. In fact, I shall be wearing it to an event in London tonight! More on that soon!

♥ ONLY FOLLOWERS CAN ENTER! I will be checking...

♥ Comment anything you like to enter

Tell me one of your favourite items from the Max C website for an extra entry (post separate comment).

Tweet or blog about my competition for an extra entry. Post a separate comment letting me know you've done it. You get an extra entry per tweet/blog mention, so go nuts. Just make sure you're commenting each time.

♥ Leave me a contact email if you're not a blogger/tweeter

♥ Not open internationally. Sorry ladies x

A winner will be selected at random using a random number generator (this is why separate comments are vital!) on Sunday 24th October.

Lots of love ♥


3rd bloggiversary giveaway week: Day 3!

Good morning guys and gals!

Are you getting sick of my giveaways yet? They are happening all the way up until Sunday so I hope you've been warming up your 'Click to post comment' finger!

Today's giveaway is by one of my favourite jewellery companies, Me and Zena. Their designs have been worn by Marina Diamandis, Ellie Goulding and most recently Katie from X Factor! Their bling is quirky, clever and highly covetable!

Covet no more, ladies, because Me and Zena are offering a prize for TWO of you!

One of you will receive their famed 'Bright Eyes' bunny ring (as worn by Pixie Lott, and more importantly myself - ha!)

Another of you will get to take their pick of any necklace from the website, subject to availability!

(Are you loving my highly technical collage? I made it in Word. Lolz!)


ONLY FOLLOWERS CAN ENTER! I will be checking...

♥ Comment anything you like to enter.

TWEET or BLOG for an extra entry. POST A SEPARATE COMMENT letting me know you've done it. You get an extra entry per tweet/blog mention, so go nuts. Just make sure you're commenting each time.

♥ Leave me a contact email if you're not a blogger/tweeter

♥ Not open internationally.

A winner will be selected at random using a random number generator (this is why separate comments are vital!) on Sunday 24th October.

Have a lovely day!



3rd bloggiversary giveaway week: Day 2!

Wow, thanks for all of your entries on yesterday's No7 Protect & Perfect giveaway!

The bloggiversary celebrations roll on, and today's giveaway is a goodie bag worth approximately £80 from the sock and tights specialty brand, Tabio!

I picked out some of my favourite items from the website for one of you. I tried to choose a mixture of items that encapsulate my tastes (eg. ankle socks) and the quirky spirit of the Tabio brand (eg. toe socks!). Oh, and I tried to pick lots of cosy bits as Autumn is well and truly upon us! Hopefully I've got this mixture right and you'll all like what I've chosen for you!

All tights are a Medium and all socks will fit a 4-7. See Tabio's size guide for more details.

Top: Grey chunky knit leggings, Mixed beige 210 Denier tights

Middle: Black & Grey grip toe socks, Beige heart ankle socks

Bottom: Beige and Red toe socks, Polka dot tights


♥ Comment anything you like to enter.

TWEET or BLOG for an extra entry. POST A SEPARATE COMMENT letting me know you've done it. You get an extra entry per tweet/blog mention, so go nuts. Just make sure you're commenting each time.

♥ Open internationally! Woo!

A winner will be selected at random using a random number generator (this is why separate comments are vital!) on Sunday 24th October.

Enjoy! ♥


Epic 3-year bloggiversary giveaway: Day 1!

So, this here blog is three years old today!!*

[Scroll down to the bold font to overlook out the gooey rubbish and cut to the chase!]

Today is a special day for me. It makes me reflect on the journey this blog and I have had. I spent so long jabbering quite happily to my handful of followers. I never dreamt I'd be one of those bloggers that actually gets a few comments, or has more than 30 followers. And I wasn't until the last 6 months or so. To be in the position now where so many of you interact with me and spend valuable minutes of your lives visiting this blog feels just wonderful. Having been at the other end of the spectrum for so damn long, and learnt from all of my blogging mistakes along the way, makes me appreciate you so much more.

So thanks so much old-school readers. Thanks a bunch, newbies - I think you're all lush and I'm about to prove it.

Every day this week I will be holding a giveaway for y'all. I've badgered many of the contacts I've made to get involved, and I have some UNREAL giveaways of all kinds lined up.

So today, I present you: The full range of Boots No7's Protect and Protect Intense range, worth £90! Including day cream, night cream, body cream and eye cream.

No7 have generously provided this sell out range, which has amazing reviews pretty much everywhere. It's recommended that we start young with the anti-ageing gear, so this is the perfect starter kit for anybody starting to think about it! In any case, it's an amazing moisturiser (with full UVA protection in the case of the face creams). I've been using it for a month or so and my skin has never felt better.

I'm going to keep the T's and C's simple this time round as I killed about 650 brain cells trying to organise my last giveaway.


♥ Comment anything you like to enter.

TWEET for an extra entry. POST A SEPARATE COMMENT letting me know you've done it. You get an extra entry per tweet, so go nuts. Just make sure you're commenting each time.

♥ Only open to UK residents I'm afraid :(

A winner will be selected at random using a random number generator (this is why separate comments are vital!) quite possibly on Sunday 24th October. Pub quiz permitting. If not, Monday. :)

Back tomorrow for more giveaway madness! x

* - I've technically been blogging a tad longer, you can see my very first blog in all of its un-edited, image un-rated 'glory' here, if you dare! I've just had a read and besides the technical stuff, I'm quite surprised at how identical my writing style is. If anything I was funnier back then!


Nude nails

Just a quickie post to show you my nails. I was inspired (heavily) by this cute Wah Nails design.

I used my new nude polish that Missguided sent me. This is the nicest, most natural nude shade I've ever used. It dried super quickly, was perfect in two coats and is all round awesome! This shade is being given away (along with 2 others) in this month's Cosmopolitan mag, so I highly recommend you snap it up! And hey, maybe you'll discover 549 never heard before sex tricks in the process! Win win.

I'm not sure the gold tips suit me, but at least they'll be fairly easy to touch up if they chip! I used a cheapie two-way nail art pen from eBay for those, by the way.

Hope you've had a lovely week, and if not, thank eff it's over!


Giddy up, babe!

I accidentally figured out how to curl my hair the other day. I had bought some little velcro rollers for 98p from Wilkinsons to give my hair a bit more lift, and when I took them out I had a full on Rihanna style curly mohawk! I chickened out of wearing my hair like it all day, but today I plucked up the courage to embrace my inner RiRi.

It's been a learning curve... It kept flopping down a bit like Elvis' hairdo, which wasn't the look I was going for, but on the bright side it was amazing not to have to keep fiddling with my fringe (and battling GFS). I think I need to find an epic hairspray to combat the droop and then I'll be set. Any recommendations? It's so nice to have a change of hairstyle but I can't work out if I look a bit ridiculous. What do you reckon? (Anons, be gentle with me!)

(top - h&m, shorts - mutilated gap skinnies, leopard flats - primark, necklace - courtesy of gogo philip)

I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of our friends Martin and Jen, as we're getting a Pizza Hut takeaway tonight. It's 50% off when you spend over £30 at the moment. Well, the voucher I found says so! This does fly in the face of my never ending (failed) mission to have a healthier lifestyle. But I'm going to bunk uni and enquire about Yoga classes tomorrow to see if that might help me improve my posture and chill out a bit generally. Especially seeing as this was brought to my attention earlier! It analyses your tweets and does a personality profile on you... The truth hurts a bit!

What are your plans this evening?


Tuesday tip: Spritz your pits!

Hi chapettes!

I had another tip lined up for you tonight, I wrote half of it this morning, but am not really feeling it now. So rather than stare at the screen uselessly, I thought I'd share a great little perfume tip that has helped me lately. Although I have presented it a bit ridiculously, I hope it will help anyone in my situation...

I don't know about you, but I'm always striving to achieve the 'walk-by effect' with my perfume. You know when someone walks past you and then you get an intoxicating waft of their delightful perfume and you can't help but stop them and ask what it is? It's as though their perfume is more of an aura than an aroma. Auroma, if you will! Well, that's what I call 'the walk-by effect'.

I have suffered years at the hands of invisible perfumes. Apparently if you have dry skin your skin just absorbs the perfume and it stops smelling. That must be me, because I've had Cacharel Amor Amor, Thierry Mugler Angel and Vera Wang Rock Princess in the last few years and hardly anyone has remarked about my exquisite stench! Maybe I am generally a bit stinky and I don't realise, and this just overpowers the perfume. I can only hope to god that this is not the case. Regardless, with perfume costing about £35 a pop, I want to know someone can bloody smell it!

Anyway, a friend recently told me that instead of spraying it all over our necks and wherever else, we ought to be spraying it in an area which I think can only be described as our 'collarbone pits'. If we are spritzing in these little nooks, the perfume just sits there happily instead of disappearing at the first sign of a light breeze!

I actually started doing this a couple of weeks ago, and I kid you not, I am getting compliments on my perfume left right and scent-re! People at work, people I've never met... My Calvin Klein Euphoria is going down a storm. I have even bewitched Alex into a state of total submission, and I haven't had to do an ounce of housework since ! Okay, that was a lie, but you can't win 'em all. Here's a pic to clarfiy the pit region:

So if you feel nasally invisible to others like I once did, maybe you ought to try spritzing your collarbone pits!

Do any of you have any other tips to up our stench factor? Please share!!


Camel woe

*There is no camel related woefulness in this post, I just wanted an excuse to rhyme the title with camel toe. I really ought to start acting my age...


I'm writing to you from my pit of headache gloom that I seem to be dwelling in quite often these days. Might go and get my eyes re-tested and see if my specs have the right lenses in. Also may try drinking some water for a change instead of coffee and cola!

On the bright side, I accidentally won an Eyeko competition! I made the most commission in the last week, thanks to a few of you lovely souls using my special code, and have won a new touch screen iPod nano! If any of you don't know about this code fandango, basically you enter my Ambassador code 'E11298' at the checkout to get a freebie. And I get 15% of whatever you've spent. Win win!

So, I went to return something at work yesterday but the receipt had run out so I exchanged it for this lovely camel t-shirt that has been selling like hot cakes lately. This isn't usually a key selling point for me, but it looks so nice on other people that I couldn't resist it! It's also a cheap way for me to try the camel trend without chucking £90 at a coat.

I teamed it with black skinnies, which I haven't worn in yonks. I saw someone in town wearing a tee and black skinnies yesterday and it reminded me how understatedly cool they can look. So out of hibernation mine came! I also wore my leopard flats as they have a hint of camel in them, and put a bit of my 17 brown eyeshadow on. A head to toe camel affair! Yikes, nearly another camel toe reference there!

(tee - Topshop, jeans - Topshop, flats - Primark, necklace - H&M)

Gogo Philip sent me this super cute necklace today. I've decided to make it my go-to necklace as a lucky charm for my dreaded uni work right now. I hope I can make that situation OK... I'm counting on you, Gogo Philip! (No pressure!)

I'm off for some Cottage Pie and a night balancing TV and dissertation reading. My dissertation is going down the subcultures road now. How clothes meanings can change over time. Eg. Hardcore punks wearing skinny jeans in the seventies and then goons like me buying them in Topshop 30 years later! FML...

Hope you have a delicious night,


The day I amputated my boy shoes


I decided to dress a bit like a girl today, including some sweet little Topshop frilly flats. It's the first time I haven't worn boots or my lace-ups in ages! I even slapped on some lipgloss for maximum girliness. I ended up complaining most of the day at work about my gunky lips (getting knitwear fluff stuck to them was a particularly low point) but at least I made the effort. I don't like being a one trick pony at the best of times, let alone broadcasting my shoe-repeating ways online to you lot all the time!

I wore my lovely new dress from Max C. They sent me some goodies a few days ago, and I am really enjoying the new influx of girly dresses into my wardrobe. I have scored you guys a potential goodie or two as well, but more on that another day!

(Katy Perry-tastic necklace - courtesy of Plume Lifestyle)

In other news, my hair is quite literally doing my head in. I'm tempted to chop it off completely, a la Jean Seberg. Or go back to my shaved side ways... Any suggestions would be appreciated. Am just sick of my straggly shapeless mop.

In other other news, I seem to have Sundays off for the forseeable future, which is just lovely! I need to spend mine catching up on uni work tomorrow, though. Now I'm a third year, I REFUSE to let my procrastination beat me to a sleepless pulp like it did last year. I was up all night for the first time in my life to get that magazine finished. And as lolzy as it all seems now, I really don't want to put myself through that again. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. That's my new mantra. Or is it more of a warning? Either way! Do you have any fun weekend plans? Do tell me so I can live vicariously through you!

From your boffin pal,

PS - Any fans of The Wire out there? Alex & I just borrowed the box sets from his mate and we are obsessed!

PPS - A link to my old shaved hairstyle for those that commented they'd never seen it. x


Barry M: Instant Nail Effects review

Hey hey! Happy weekend, one and all!

I'm winding down tonight after a week that has left me positively wound up. Hellish headaches and uni work overload are a pretty uncool combo. TGIF, that's all I can say!

So, I picked up the fairly hyped Barry M instant nail effects polish in Superdrug the other day. I read that it works best over a light base coat, so I opted for Model's Own Mystic Grey:

This is a lovely shade of polish; the perfect grey. It applied nicely and had a great opaque and glossy finish after two coats. It was pretty much there after just the one coat, but I had a lot of time on my hands, so I whacked on another.

Then I busted out the Barry M, which cost about £3.49 I think. It's like crackle polish, you put a coat on and the polish separates so a pattern appears in a few moments. It says not to overlap coats in the instructions, which I found a bit stressful, as the brush only really reaches a third of the nail, so you have to apply extra strokes carefully and really quickly. I'm not sure if I like the finish... Due to the nature of the slightly fiddly application, the finish isn't very consistent (my other hand has quite a blocky pattern). I think it may just take a bit of practice. And maybe another layer of topcoat to make it look more glossy and smooth. Apparently it has a different finish on different polishes, so I'm looking forward to trying it with a different basecoat.

(^ Fail hand)

Looking at my nails now, it does look pretty cool... I think it's a worthwhile purchase for those that like nail art but are too impatient to Konad. Does anyone have any tips on how to get the best out of this stuff? I'm all ears (or eyes!)

Any other nail art products/tips I ought to know about?

Overdue outfit post!

Morning all!

Sorry for my lack of postage yesterday, I had a killer migraine! It was quite frankly rancid. But I'm back in action today and thought I'd post a quick pic of my uni outfit a couple of days ago, seeing as Anon quite rightly commented "Please do an outfit post soonies, been ages!" I didn't realised it had been so long, but it really has!

The pretty dress was a gift from Max C London. I tried to do an autumnal brown eyeshadow look to match it but I just think eyeshadow makes me look grubby. And/or druggy. Going to keep experimenting, but so far, not so good!

Off to uni now! Hope you've all had a nice week?

PS - 18.10.10. Be here.


Tuesday tip: Turn calories into candle pots!

I've found a nifty way to banish the guilt after eating a Gu chocolate pudding. The title kinda gives it away!

Yep, the little glass pots can be reused to put little candles in. You can fit bigger candles in it for a longer lasting glow, but I just happened to have some little tealights nearby. My friend Jen told me the other night that her family reuse theirs for oil and vinegar for bread dipping, as well as the sunday roast condiments!

Come on then, let's pig out with wild abandon in the name of interior decoration!