Christmas catch up!

OMG long time no blog! Hello!

I was staying with family for a few days and for some reason my photos wouldn't upload to Blogger at mum's house? It was tres frustrating. I hope you all had a delish festive period with minimum stress and maximum calories? Generally, I did!

I have a bit of a backlog of stuff to blog about (my amazing current nails, my boxing day sale bargains, etc!) so I'll get a few pictures from last week out of the way tonight.

The 23rd was Alex's birthday. I didn't get many pictures, but we went out for a lovely dinner with our friends which was great. I made him an amazing birthday cake (well, to be fair, Betty Crocker did the donkey work!) I definitely recommend Betty's devil's food cake and chocolate fudge icing. Alex was reluctant to share any of it with his mates!

Alex's cute sweater he wore on his birthday:

On Christmas Eve I had to work all day and the dress code was 'festive', so I dug out some novelty reindeer ears my mum got me last christmas! One of my antlers had erectile disfunction and kept flopping down so I was constantly readjusting all day! I also forgot I was wearing them whilst storming around town angrily on my lunch break (the town centre on xmas eve is quite literally my idea of hell) I must've looked pretty ridic!

Alex and I spent Christmas day together in our flat. We got up super early and ate pain au chocolat and opened our presents. Here are a few things Alex got me:

(Juicy Jules, 25 Carat Gold, Red Red Wine)

I did a festive gold manicure for christmas day with my lovely new polish!

Alex also got me the lovely peter pan Wallpaper Rose t-shirt I wanted! I hadn't been expecting it, because I had messaged Louise (the designer) before christmas and she said they were all sold out, but it turned out Alex had got her to tell me a white lie so it would be a surprise! The cheeky devils! :)

Us hanging out in the kitchen whilst I was cooking our festive feast:

Me looking like a madman with a knife after carving the turkey!

(I literally didn't hold back on the roast potatoes. I didn't eat any of my vegetables in the end so I could have extra room for the scrummy carbs!)

On Boxing Day, Alex's parents came round and we exchanged presents. They got me loads of amazing stuff! Some lovely wedge boots that Alex's mum wears 'as slippers' (how glamorous?!), a 3 year subscription to Company Magazine, Wii fit plus and some low fat cooking spray (Alex's mum is helping me with my quest for a healthier 2011!) a wicked brow pencil and some hand cream by Soap and Glory and some cute kitten note cards. Can't believe my luck!

Then it was the annual Boxing Day feast at Alex's family friends' house. My mum had taken advantage of the special offer on indoor fireworks in Hawkins Bazaar (available here, sold out on Hawkins' site!) and bought us and Alex's parents some for christmas, so we took some to dinner. It caused a lot of laughter and quite possibly a bit of lung disease (so.much.smoke!)

I filmed some of the firework fun when Alex and I did our fireworks at home on christmas day. I uploaded a couple of videos on Youtube so you could witness the novel alternative we found to the instruction: 'Place the firework into a firm surface such as soil or sand'... Check out the other video to hear me and Alex bickering! I was a bit paranoid...

After the meal I went home to see my mum, brother and sister which was lovely. My mum gave me some money for christmas, which I have all but spent! Oops! Will be sharing my purchases with you in due course :)

It's been such a busy week but I've really enjoyed myself. It was so nice to share christmas with Alex and Roxy. It was just so chilled out and fun! Did you have a lovely time? Or are you glad it's all over? Bit of both..? Same!

Working today until 7pm... Not looking forward to tidying the Topshop sale! But I suppose I've had 4 days off to prepare myself...


  1. Wow. Loved reading this post. Sounds like you had a perfect Christmas x

  2. aww what a lovely christmas you had and what a good haul you got;) i love the nail varnishes

  3. I loved reading this post, glad you had such a good christmas! Sounds lovely! And your presents look amazing!

  4. Sounds like you had a bloomin' lovely Christmas!! :) xxxx

  5. Sounds like you had an amazing xmas, I'm so glad ^_^ Also, you look adorable with those reindeer ears! xx

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely day. Wish I'd spent xmas day with my boyfriend...families are too stressful this time of year!

    The cake looks amazing!

    Have a great new year,


  7. looks like you had a great time,happy delayed christmas :)

    loving the gold nails they look fab


  8. Wow, sounds like a great christmas!

    Haha the antler suffering "erectile disfunction" made me chuckle, as did your wandering around town in them.

    Oooh, I've ordered those wedge booties in the Tan colour, wanted the black too but they were sold out in my size. (Boo!)

  9. I couldn't bare looking at the sale items in Topshop it was manic so I've saved my giftcard for another time.
    Fabulous cake
    I love your top
    Happy you had a lovely christmas x


  10. Aw I'm so jealous you and alex got to spend the whole of xmas day together. I think I may do this next year with Ed, family can be totally manic sometimes! x

  11. Lovely photos Gem! It's so sweet you and Alex got to spend xmas day together, I'd love to do that! Couldn't break the tradition of going to see the fam though and playing with my 3 little nephews and all their new toys! It's such a shame, before the boyf and I had met our parents lived really quite close to each other by my whole family have run off to Wales now >.<

    Blimey, Alex's parents got you LOADS!! :O Love those wedge boots!

  12. I can't believe that somewhere out there, there is a mum wearing wedge boots as slippers! New Look wedge boots, at that!

    I'm just putting off going to Topshop now, I have to return some stuff and when I went in a couple of days ago it looked like a bomb had hit the place.

  13. Awww lovely, you had some lovely things, and sounds like you had a wonderful time. xxx

  14. That sounds like a great Christmas! My bro had those indoor fireworks a few months ago, Mother and I were a bit paranoid about them going off! :)

  15. sounds like a fab Christmas!
    Models own 25 carat is my favourite gold!

  16. my mum got me some of those indoor firework things but thought they were candles so when we lit one on my birthday cake we were all a bit suprised ha!

  17. Loved this post! Sounds like you an amazing Christmas! xx

  18. The cake looked great and I will try the icing because it comes so highly recommended :)
    Glad to see you had a wonderful Christmas.
    Wishing you and Alex a (early) Happy New Year and I hope 2011 is a fab year for you x

  19. Sounds like you've had a fab xmas and you got some fab pressies too, bonus.
    I love Devils Food Cake, yum xx

  20. Love Alex's jumper! And I too got the Luella book - seems to be popping up on a lot of post christmas blog posts!

    Penny x

  21. Sounds like a great christmas!
    Alex's jumper is amaaaazing! ..and is the Luella book good??
    We had the same fireworks, the one that looked like poop was...interesting. We got bored and ended up setting them all off at the same time in a bowl with added sparklers..made them slightly more interesting ;)

  22. Lovely post! Really enjoyed reading it and glad you had a good one!

    Argh- Topshop sale! Bane of my life when I worked there! x

  23. AWH it all looks perfect! I am hoping to spend next christmas day with the boyf! Nice and quiet like!


  24. Glad you had a lovely time! That cake looks orgasmic - not gunna lie! Love the antlers ;) Oooh, you're a lucky girly. N'aw, that's so cute about the tee. They're gorgeous too! You look lovely in yours. Gotta love those carbs. My Christmas was just hit and miss really. Nice to be over really and start wasting away my bank balance on cheap things I'll never need!

  25. Hi Gem, i love your christmas post.Looks like you had a great christmas, your presents look great.Im glad you had a great christmas hun.I really enjoyed my christmas too, it was great.I dont want christmas to be over though i love christmas.your nails look lovely, seeing your nails inspires me to stop biting my nails and grow them.I love your blog.xx

  26. Been ages so I loved this post. I was going to buy those fireworks but was too scared ha!!

    Nice of Alex to surprise u with the top :)

    Looks like a good un xxx

  27. I'm so envious of the boxing day dinner, looks like a big happy family!

    I've been lusting over that gold nail polish for ages, looks divine on your nails!

  28. I'm so envious of the boxing day dinner, looks like a big happy family!

    I've been lusting over that gold nail polish for ages, looks divine on your nails!

  29. wow it looks like you had such a good christmas! hope you have a good new year as well <3

    http://afluorescentadolescent.blogspot.com/ x

  30. ooo his cake looks yummy!! glad you had an awesome christmas, i've watched your video of you two bickering about the fireworks - it's just like me n the boy =)

    happy new year x

  31. I'm glad you had a good Christmas — and your presents were brilliant.

    I can so relate to dreading work — retail around this time of year is terrible. I work in a video game shop, so the shop literally looks like a tornado has blown through it!

    Have a good 2011, Gem.

  32. Wow, what a lovely post :) sounds like your christmas was pretty much perfect.

    Happy new year x

  33. I loved this post! All your presents are amazing - and that's so cute that Alex teamed up with Wallpaper Rose! Heh! How cheeky ;)


  34. Love the wedge boots!
    i'm a new blogger, check me out if you get a chance?
    i'm following you!

  35. How have I only just found your blog!?! It's fab! x

  36. Aww I've loved this wee catch up miss :) you and alex are so cute! Im glad youve had a nice festive period. Look forward to seeing your boxing day sales bargains :) xx

  37. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! Love the nails, that gold color is to die for.

    Happy New Year's!



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