It's just a bootie haul!

A little joke for those All Saints fans out there!

Tonight, I'll be sharing my charity shop finds from our weekend away. Alex was a bit jealous that I got all the charity shop luck, but I think it's because that boy literally has everything. It's not possible to find anything new for him. I didn't really get any clothes, but found a few amazing boot bargains!

The black pair were £7 from a charity shop in Bognor Regis, which is a bit pricey for my usual standards (and for Bognor's standards, some may argue), but I had been planning to fork out on some Topshop boots with my 60% uniform discount (they still would've been about £30), so figured it was still a bargain. Plus, nobody will have the same pair.

I found the brown pair SECONDS later in the next charity shop for only £2.50, and was kicking myself because I liked them more than the black ones. I decided to get them on the strength that the black pair could be my dressy boots, and these could be my scruffy boots. Plus, £9.50 on two pairs of boots beats £30 on Topshop boots, hands down!

We popped to Brighton on the way home, and went to Dirty Harry to look for a wool coat for Alex. I was excited to see a whole stand of second hand Converse trainers all for a tenner! I'd been wanting some classic high tops for years, and I took the fact I found a size 6.5 (quite a rarity!) as a sign that they should be mine.

So I have a whole new boots wardrobe for winter and I am chuffed to bits! I wore the Cons to work today, like so:

(Dress - ye olde Topshop sale find, belt - H&M)

I did my hair curly again, by sleeping with velcro rollers in. Not the most comfortable (or attractive) experience, but it's all worth it to not have my fringe flapping in my face all day. Might resurrect Tuesday tips at some point and do a curly hair tutorial. Have found some fantastic products for keeping it up! Hmm. That sentence sounded like quality junk folder material there! Does anyone else ever read their junk mail just for fun? 'I NEED YOUR COOPERATION' 'CAN YOU BE TRUSTED??' They crack me up!

I'm off to wrestle the Xbox controller out of Alex's mitts. Any other Call of Duty widows in the house..?

Back tomorrow! I have a Sunday off work, so am going to organise my life, tidy my house and post a blog or two!


  1. The black and brown boots are lush - great finds! I have been wanting some Cons forever too but in that cream off white colour :)

    R x

  2. so jealous right now!
    what were the names of the charity shops?

    love the brown boots! xx

  3. haha! I loved the title to this, and those brown boots are indeed amazing.
    In terms of e-mails I get sooo much junk atm, one from the other week had a subject line 'enlarge your ---penis'. I kid you not.


  4. Such lucky finds!!! I can never find good charity shop shoes/boots in my size :( stupid tiny size 3 feet! xx

  5. Ha ha- I've been getting a lot of 'Help me, help you' junk emails recently... I haven't opened any, but I'm v. curious!

    Milli x


  6. Those boots are lovellllyyyy! I want the black pair damnit! And I love finding shoes in a 6.5! Makes me all happy but sad nowhere really make that size anymore.

  7. Great boots, I'm loving the Converse in particular. Gorgeous dress too really suits you x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  8. Ooooh brilliant find - I love nothing more than finding a good old bargain in a charity shop!

    And yup, COD widow here (I remember back in the days when I didn't even know what COD was an abbreviation for)


  9. Wow, you really found some little gems! Love the converse, what a bargain. I love your hair curly xxx

  10. Robyn - Ooh yes I love that colour, my boyf has them.

    Josie, can't remember the names of the charity shops but they were both on Queensway.

    Danni, LOLZ at your email!! Haha. Whose job is it to send those emails out? Such a joke!

    little l - I've always wanted teeny feet, they're lovely! Must be a bit annoying if you can't find stuff in charity shops though.

    S. Milli - I'm apprehensive to encourage you to open the emails as you might get a virus or something... I do get so curious though, they're so random!

    Eleanor - Yeah it's annoying that more places don't do half sizes. Alex always teases me saying I pretend to be 6.5 rather than saying I'm a size 7. What a moron! Half sizes are very real.

    Purdey - Why thank you! :)

    Sarah Ann - Oh for the days when COD was just a part of a yummy chip shop dinner. *sigh*!

    Victoria - Thanks doll! x

  11. I NEED THOSE BROWN BOOTS! they are amazing, I've been looking out for some in the charity shops in Brighton but found none :( great buys xo

  12. I must dig out my old converse when I get home!

  13. I hunt in charity shops aaaallll the time, so I guess no one else with size 3 feet donates to charity around here!? I have found some amazingly cheap little vintage shoes before though in markets and stuff, as apparently people used to have littler feet :)

  14. those booties are perfect!

    and haha at the junk mail and Call of Duty comments:
    'reply me please' - always a classic!
    and I am currently resisting the urge to punch my boyfriend's controller, just because I think he would kill me.

    Rosie x


  15. Nice finds there, I never have any luck in charity shops for some reason. I am slightly obsessed with modern warfare 2 these days, just to collect the different titles and emblems - thats how sad I am!

  16. Wow, amazing charity finds! it's probably just because im in London but charity shops just don't have that 'bargain' feel any more, everything is so over priced! i went in one today and all their 'vintage' stuff was £20 + !!! redic... sorry rant over haha xx

  17. cute :) the black ones are yummy, have been eyeing some up similar for a while xx

  18. By some strange coincidence, I basically wore the same outfit as you today to my work - same dress, same Converse, but no belt and tights rather than leggings. WEIRD.
    Your hair looks lovely.
    Flo x


  19. wish i could wear a figure hugging grey dress like that, but my boobs are too annoyingly massive! seriously i would look like a walking massive pair of breasts, its really depressing :(

    LOVE the booties though, i seriously need to go on a charity shop jaunt around town... xxxx

  20. Insanely jealous of those brown boots! xx

  21. Oo, LOVE the black boots! Great finds. And I love how you wore the cons, you look great!!

    I'm a call of duty widow too. (My boy was in for it a few days ago when I found out he had nearly been spending more time with my brother online playing Xbox than he had been spending with me, bahah!)


  22. oooh what fabulous finds! I totally need to go and buy myself some shoes...so far I have two choices : urban outfitters (fur lined) and asos (like a tall brogue type thannng)
    I'll probably blog about it and ask for help, haha
    but seriously, those shoes are great finds! nice to hear from you and glad you had fun xxxxx

  23. Those brown boots are my favourite. I'm quite jealous of your haul - your tootsies are gunna be so warm this winter! You're looking beautiful as usual in your photo (: Ah yes, the beloved junk folder. I recieved one from someone who had apparently panned for gold and stumbled upon a gold mine and told me it could all be mine for a 'reasonable' sum. Ugh yes, I am a COD widow. He stayed up til 4am to complete it the other morning yet I'm still being ignored whilst he plays it with his mates. I'm definitely scratching the disc!

  24. Love your boots! This has made me want to pull out my old converse. I used to live in them, but don't wear them anymore. Haha, fortunately, my boyfriend hasn't got his hands on it... yet. He was always more into Halo x

  25. wow! luck is with u!! :D such a great find!! loveee the second boots!!


  26. Hi doll! Great haul! Managed to get myself a pair of hightops recently too - so comfy!
    Here's my wee post about my Me & Zena necklace that I won:


    And I've added you to my blog list ;)

  27. argh i want some converse!

    recent junk email
    from mrs "my name" - PLEASE PEPLY, I AM DYING

  28. wow, what great finds!

    and your hair loooks great curly!

  29. Your hair is beyond cool <3.

    Really I do need mine like that but I'm too lazy to put rollers in?

    x x x

  30. Gorgeous boots I wish I had some black ones for this weather stick 'em on with anything :D xx


  31. Love the post title! I used to be such a fan of All Saints *cringe*.

    The second pair of boots is my favourite, I never find anything exciting in the charity shops around here.

  32. I was once a call of duty widow... but alas i picked up a controller and now i'm just as bad : S

  33. you seem to find the best charity shop finds, have have zilch luck recently! Im so jelous over the brown boots! any shoes i see in the chazzas are never my size!


  34. The boots and the converse are gorgeous !! and the prices are amazing too !! Love it !!

    check out my blog !


  35. You gorgeous little miss! Really loving the curls, fringe flapping and tucking and parting is my biggest hate. But I love having a fringe! Ha, you couldnt have said it better - I am ALSO a COD widow, I actually posted about it just yesterday. You can buy tshirts online with that printed on them, I'm tempted :)

    Hope you enjoy your well earned sunday off lovely lady. Your comment about junk mail made me LOL, Ive had 'bill gates' emailing me and everything recently. And people from the other side of the world wanting me to open a bank account for them and help them sneak millions of pounds into the country. Sounds like great fun! xx

  36. Great finds, those brown boots are gorgeous. Hope you managed to get your boy away from COD. I don't have a problem because I like playing it too :P

    L x
    Half Dressed

  37. love that little grey dress xx

  38. Great finds :o)

    So funny, a few folk I know were in Brighton at the weekend but I didn't bump in to anyone! Would be so odd to see bloggy people in the flesh :D

  39. I want all of you boots!!
    Great finds, Charity shops in Edinburgh are pretty expensive

  40. I work at Topshop too and everyone has bought the fur lace up boots!

    Great finds btw!

  41. You look fantastic here, Gem! Love that dress on you, and the boots are super cute. So glad you had such a wonderful time on your anniversary weekend. xx

  42. those converses are such bargains! so lucky :) xx

  43. Call of Duty widow up in here! Tried playing WITH luke last night but he got angry at me and snatched the controller - I promptly fell asleep. xx

  44. haha my other half downloaded call of duty onto my laptop a couple of weeks ago. now i never seen my man or my laptop:( on a brighter note well done on your great finds

  45. It sounds pretty lame to put this here (sorry if this seems spammy!) but i have a pair of Vans in a 6.5 which are just a little too big so i have never worn them. If you would be interested in buying them you can offer me whatever for them (plus postage) as i have had them for a while and need to get rid of them! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v238/moonpiglet/ebay/DSC_0008.jpg that's a pic of them.

    I don't think a lot of people are half sizes or if they are they just end up buying shoes which are too big.

  46. I also love those spammy messages - always have awesome grammar - lols!

  47. Rosie - Haha, I love 'reply me please!' I'm kind of enjoying being a COD widow now, cos it gives me peace and some time to blog!

    Carly - Aww that's super cute! I have respect for girls that play it :) If it wasn't so violent I'd give it a go myself! I'm a big wuss.

    ouestlediscotheque - Overpriced charity shops are my pet peeve. London must be a nightmare for it!

    Flo - Haha, great minds! Glad you like my curly mop, thanks doll x

    Let's Pretend - I know how you feel, my boobs make everything look ridiculous. I felt way too boobalicious in this dress all day but didn't have time to change before work :/ I guess we just need to embrace them though, we can't hide them under baggy tops all the time!

    Eleanor - Haha omg, put your Boyf in his place! :) and Thankyou x

    Ola - The UO ones sound nice! You should give eBay a go if you want to find a bargain?

    bee - Why thanks! Haha your junk mail story made me giggle. We need to take our men on Jeremy Kyle. They have issues!

    Vicky - Well, my boyf is into Halo and COD! Double whammy of neglect!

    Sarah - HAHA, morbid.

    Beth & Cara - Thanks girls! And Cara, It really is super easy! Only takes about 2 minutes!

    Rebecca - It's so true, you can just wear them with anything! Get down the charity shops and find some! :)

    daisychain - Haha, no cringe required, they were awesome! Okay, maybe a BIT cringey... I don't often have charity shop luck anymore, but I am one persistent bargain hunter!

    Eloise - Ha! If you can't beat 'em...

    Miss Muffet - Boo :( I hate that. Hope you get some charity shop luck soon x

    Half Dressed - Can't believe all you girls telling me you have joined in the COD loving! Maybe I should look into it!

    hello birdy - Aww would've been wicked to bump into you, but also crazy and strange! :)

    Music Fashion Clutter - Yeah I hate ripoff chazzas :(

    Dina - They were the ones I had my eye on, so I'm glad I found these as they won't go out of fashion as quick as the fur will! Although I can't imagine I'll ever stop wearing my shearling leather jacket...

    Jen - Thanks so much! xx

    Cowbisciuts - Haha, at least you tried. More than I can say for myself. I have already had to holler STFU across the room twice whilst typing this!

    Margie - Oh dear, that's not a good situation!

    Gemma H - Thanks chick, but I'm not really looking for anymore shoes after my influx!! Thanks anyway x

    Lauren - I know! So funny.

  48. I hear you on the call of duty front... I've barely seen my housemates this week!ugh. Lovely hair miss, and those shoes are lush. I'm always on the hunt for nice booties jazzy ♥


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