An Eyeko extravaganza!

Last night I was invited, along with other bloggers and Eyeko ambassadors, to Eyeko's 10th birthday party.

It was one of the best events I've been to in terms of fun and a friendly atmosphere. Maybe it's because a lot of the Eyeko ambassadors are newcomers to blogging, but there certainly weren't all the egos you can get in the room at some blogger events. There were makeovers, manicures and fortune telling. Cupcakes, cocktails and sweeties. There was a graphic designer there to give us blog layout advice (I didn't get round to talking to her unfortunately. And it shows!) as well as the brand's founders on hand to talk us through new products (they're re-launching a set of six of their iconic Fat Balms!) and have a chit chat.

Seeing the entire Eyeko range up close and meeting the whole team really cemented my love for the brand. They're like a cheaper (and British ♥) alternative to Benefit cosmetics (with a Japanese edge!). In fact, their extra glow cream is better than Benefit's High Beam, in my eyes! All Eyeko products are available exclusively on their site. They used to stock at Superdrug, but Nina (Eyeko's founder) told me this was a regrettable partnership. Apparently they were made to sell their products cheaper than necessary. Uncool, Superdrug!

I decided to become an ambassador, which basically means if one of you lot enter my code at the checkout, you get a free gift and I make a few pennies! Everyone's a winner!

My code is E11298.

Thanks to the whole Eyeko family for a truly fantastic event. And Happy Birthday!

(I'll post picture descriptions at the bottom of the post...)

SAM_0295-1 (dragged)
SAM_0261-1 (dragged)

1. The Eyeko cocktail menu
2. Lola's cupcakes that I missed out on because I was too busy chatting away!
3. A non-alcoholic cocktail (the boozey ones weren't to my taste!)
4. One of the tables with sweeties and Eyeko products.
5. The full nail polish range. Not many colours, but they are each so cool and the packaging is divine.
6. Three of the six new fat blams launching in the next few weeks. You can use them on your lips and cheeks. Cute!
7. A Spice Girls CD signed by Emma Bunton. A prize in one of the little competitions they held at the party.
8. Epic lights! Tacky and amazing.
9. One of the models from the Eyeko site was there hanging out with her sister. Her name is Georgina Cummins. She was beautiful, unlike my terrible photography skills. I had quite a giggle with her! She's got a great look and a charming personality so I'm sure she's destined for big things.
10. These were her ASOS boots. EN. VY.

I've got lots of Eyeko goodie bag treats to have a play around with for future reviews. I'll be letting you know of my faves and fails in due course! Don't go thinking being wined and dined by Eyeko will affect my honesty policy in any way!

So do you own any Eyeko products yet? Anything you can recommend to me and fellow readers?


  1. looks like you had so much fun!i love reading blogger events posts:)

  2. This looks brill! I remember I used to buy eyeko ages ago. I had a fatbalm and that highlighter cream, which I loved! May have to re-invest!

    Those neon lights are hella tacky Gem! haha xx

  3. Yum! Cupcakes and cocktails look like one awesome combination. Looks like a great time too! I haven't tried any eyeko products yet, tempted by their fatbalm once but so far no purchases! Might have a gander tomorrow though!

  4. Wow! Not heard of them... i'm off to check their site out now. Glad you had fun! x

  5. I like eyeko polishes alot!
    Those lights are tacky - I love them!!
    It looks amazing there xx

  6. I have their original strawberry fat balm and its so good! It smells divine and it has the best texture, i can't wait for the new ones as i need other colours! I also have Rain polish which i love but the day after i put it on it rained solidly (coincidence? Hmmm). I really want Indigo but i'm not sure if it's too shimmery, have you tried it? xx

  7. Looks like yous had a grrrreat time! :)I have never tried eyeko before, always looks super cute but Id have no idea what to order. I dont really 'need' anything in terms of makeup etc right now, so if you can reccomend anything to get me started please do! and il sure as hell use your code ;) xx

  8. Have seen a couple of blog posts on this now & it really does look like a great event :)

    Coincidentally, I ordered a couple of Eyeko bits the other day from Asos - three nail varnishes (Posh, Petite & Disco - I think..!) & a graffiti eyeliner pen.. (As well as a ridiculous amount of other nail varnish etc from other brands.. I think I need therapy of some kind!)
    My order hasn't arrived yet, but now I'm even more excited to get it!


  9. I totally love Eyeko Cream Extra Glow. I use it as a primer mixed in with my Lush moisturiser; instead of Benefit's High Beam because that stuff is WAY too expensive for everyday use.

    Apparently it's limited edition, boo! :(

  10. Oooo Gem I'll use the code, what's the best product? xoxo

  11. Just what you want when you're trying to quench your thirst - a tree up your nose!

    Never heard of them but I like their branding already! might give them a go in the future :) Glad you had a fun time.

  12. Just what you want when you're trying to quench your thirst - a tree up your nose!

    Never heard of them but I like their branding already! might give them a go in the future :) Glad you had a fun time.

  13. This sounds like so much fun! I actually don't know alot about Eyeko - but I'm going to check out their site now! Heres hoping they ship to New Zealand...


  14. Wish I coulda gone! Got a phonecall friday checking to see if I was going, but I had a silver jewellery class to attend so couldn't :( It looks like it was loadsa fun! x

  15. The eyeko event looks adorable. I've been meaning to try their nailpolishes forever, but it seems like I've been waaaaaaaay out the loop as didn't realise it was only available on line. Gutted at my life.

    The fat balms look amazing, but I guess the proof is in the pudding (I hate myself sometimes.....my old age showing) the packaging is nice, and something about the name..FAT balm....if I get myself some of this guy and don't find myself with Fat lips of the good kind (and not the punched in the face kind) I'd be fairly dissapointed.

    I have to say it's brilliant to see the events industry and brands to be embracing blogging, about time too!


  16. My god! Cupcakes, nail polish, makeup& cocktails as far as the eye can see! This is my idea of heaven! Looks like it was an amazing event! Glad you had a fab night but bit disappointed you didn't smuggle me out a cupcake! Hehe XxX

  17. i keep going back and forth about how i feel about the shearling fall trend - but those booties are way cute.

    looks like it was fun! i've never heard of eyeko


  18. Ahh I have never wanted a cupcake so badly, looks like such a fun event! x

  19. Was ever so lovely meeting you! I'm glad you had a good time. The extra glow cream has actually replaced Benefit's High Beam for me, it's so wearable and pretty! xxx

  20. How much fun! I havent tried this line yet but i shall! :)

  21. Love the blog. Constructive comments: Writing captions for all the pictures in a block after all the pictures is annoying and it would be so much nicer to just have the caption directly next to the relevant picture.
    Again, love the blog :)

  22. Oooh these Eyeko products look amazing! I'm a huge fan of benefit, but i dont think we get Eyeko in SA ;-(

  23. Looks like fun, I've never tried Eyeko but comments above sound positive so might try them out now, especially the 'extra glow cream'.

    Sally x
    Louder Than Silence

  24. what a fab event! wish i cldve attended!! loved hearing your review on the night thou :) x

  25. Glad you had fun Gem, wish I could have been there I would love to meet some other bloggers. It's great to hear you had fun and that everyone was friendly, oh will be checking products out and using your code. Hope your okay hun and thank you for sharing with us xxxx

  26. I love eyeko, I use a concealer from there, I think they only had one colour but it matches my skin pretty well, and it's really subtle.. i'd recommend it for people who want a subtly concealed look rather than a flawless look! and it's super cute & has lasted for ages xx

  27. Aww fab i love Eyeko, the glow cream is fab and some of the nail polishes are gorgeous on x

  28. Oh I had a Fat Balm back in the day - I suppose it just fell off the ol' radar and I forgot all about it. Must get something new sometime soon!

  29. I used to have some of the eyeko highlighting cream, may have to reinvest! It smelt lovely. It's such a shame there aren't more blogger events oop north!

  30. Ahh I love eyeko too. Took advantage of the 15% off ages ago and went crazy- bought 6 polishes. They're a tad on the small side but wicked colours none the less. I also have Georgia's boots but in Tan- cannot stress how much I love them: sooo comfy!

    much love xxx

  31. aww looks awsome, love the cupcakes! Always wanted to try the fat balms... xx

  32. Lol lol lol at those lights! Glad you had fun :)


  33. This looks like a great event and those ASOS shoes are gorgeous. Love the shearling bit at the top. xx

  34. This looks like so much fun! I've never tried an Eyeko product before but I saw your Twitpic today and am convinced! Going to use your lovely code now :) xx

  35. I'll say it a million times - it was so good to finally meet you! Had the best time :) xx

  36. I love Eyeko! I first discovered a few items in the local Superdrug about 10 years ago - mascara and lip/cheek balm. They became my favourite makeup products and then simply disappeared... I was over the moon when they reappeared again a few years back - happy days!

  37. Wow, I can't believe I've not actually heard of this brand before. It's so so so cute. You're right about it being a cheaper version of Benefit!

    I'm gonna go check it out. Can't wait to hear your opinions.

    Sarah Betty xx

  38. Hi, just wanted to say I am not a follower :) Love the look of your blog- and plan to look through it all shortly!
    I was at the Eyeko event too, but felt so over whelmed by all the people there, I just found your link though, so though I'd say hi
    Lots of love

  39. The fat balms sound fab, can't believe you missed out on cupcakes, they look devine!


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