Brighton kitsch

Evening all!

Thought I'd share some of my photos from my visit to Brighton on Friday. I just love all the cute and colourful 'knick knack' shops!

1 - Cute bits in Velvet.
2, 3, 4 - Scenes from Cyber Candy. Yay to the cinnamon pop tarts, NAY to the real life dead worm snacks. They had crickets too. Might include them in a Halloween giveaway just 4 da lolz.
5 - Cute mosaic outside a shop which looked like a gift shop but turned out to have a decidedly more sexual theme. Enjoyed looking around it with my mother and 16 year old sister. Especially when the kind lady advised us the toys were 'in the back room'. It wasn't awkward at all...
6, 7 - A really neat retro memorabilia/gift shop in the lanes... Can't remember what it's called. I never knew how much I wanted to throw a Hawaiian party until I saw these cups!
8, 9 - Snoopers Paradise.
10 - Roly's Fudge Pantry - the best fudge in the world! I recommend the Chocolate fudge big time.
11 - A nice sugary coffee to recharge our batteries at the end of the day. I have 3-4 sugars in my coffee. I know it's naughty but at least I don't have them often! Or smoke crack. Life could be worse!

Have you had a nice Monday? I've been doing uni work today (not much of it, mind you!) and then I popped into town and got some new makeup and a matte topcoat for my nails. I've painted one nail and it looks pretty cool! Going to experiment properly tomorrow. I also bought some bits for the house. We were down to 2 of 6 lightbulbs in the lounge so I finally went out and bought loads of new bulbs. It feels like a science lab now, it's so bloody bright! I also went for a Prezzo with Alex and his amazing mum this evening, which was dreamy. All in all a fine day!


  1. Snoopers paradise <3 Amazing! glad you enjoyed Brighton. You should come down again! Brightons always good. You should have gone into Beyond retro. Thats good!X

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  3. Oooh love these pics. I am COMPLETELY the same with all these kitschy cute things...my house will be filled with useless bits and pieces!

  4. I think i need to hop on the first train that goes to Brighton!!
    Glad you had a fab time =) x

  5. I bought the matte top stuff from topshop a few weeks ago. I love it and people always ask me at school what i did to make it look like that! xxx

  6. glad you had fun in brighton. I bought my bf some bacon mints from cyber candy for xmas after he remarked that nothing bacon related could be bad - turns out he was very very wrong

  7. oh my god, please tell me you bought some of the vogue magazines?!

    i'm not sure i said this to you yet, but it was so lovely to meet you at london fashion week! you looked so beautiful! i sent you a few pictures a few days ago to your blog email, not sure if you recieved them?

    love, jazmine. xxx

  8. Ooooh I've been meaning to get a matte topcoat, is it good?

    I reckon I'd love Brighton, need to get round to going!

    Chloe... x


  9. Oh, those "larvets" look GRIM - I'll take the Poptarts!

    Looks like you had a lovely time in old Brighty - am a bit jealous; haven't been there in a while and it's just the nicest place to go as it reminds me of my hometown (Bournemouth) whilst still being different enough to feel like a little holiday! x

  10. Oh gem, the crack line made me laugh out loud.

    Love these pictures! Gift shops like this are so much fun!


  11. You have been a busy bee! I had to reread your captions - REAL worm lavae sweets?? One word - WHY? I remember seeing a scorpion encased in a lollipop once in Selfridges, but this is even more bizarre. jazzy ♥

  12. Brighton looks amazing....and blueberry poptarts? Nomnomnomnom. There is a candy shop in town that does strawberry milkshake ones...which despite the redonkulous price tag...I may need in my life.

    The shops look brilliant though and remind me a tough of Glasgow...and a smidge of Edinburgh. Looks like you had an amazing day...I'll pass on the wormy goods though...no thank you.



  13. Mmmmm...FUDGE and poptarts. (I never even tasted poptarts, they don't seem to sell them in Ireland? But damn, they look sexy haha)

  14. I meant to say in your last post when you mentioned Roly's, you're right, it's the best fudge EVER! And I'm a girl who likes my fudge. But nothing compares to the crumbly-meltiness that is Roly's fudge.
    Also, I need to go to Brighton. It looks amazeballs.

  15. mmm love brighton!

    clever to have pop tarts in a sweets shop...they're marketed for breakfast here but I quite prefer them for a sweet snack/dessert-y thing.

  16. aw i love brighton! infact this post is making me miss blighty altogether!

  17. mmm i really want the poptarts and the fudge! i love Velvet, everytime i go to brighton i make sure i visit :) x

  18. Love the LOVE sign and the house keys one.
    I could fill my house with that sorta thing.


  19. I soooooo adore Brighton and Snoopers Paradise is just amazing! Loving the photos - makes me miss it oh so much! FAB FAB POST!

  20. Oh i love Cyber Candy, i love stocking up on my favourite Japanese snacks!

  21. Thanks for your comments lovely ladies!

    Rose Davidson-Leech - I didn't get to this time round because we were in a bit of a rush, but I went there last time and it is amaaaazing!

    Claire Jazzpad - I know. So twisted!

    beewaits - Yeah I went in a few cute shops like these in Glasgow. Really wanna go back to glasgow soon!


  22. holy amazing!
    my mum's promised me a girly weekend in Brighton early next year as a "you got well" present, I'm so excited.

  23. I went to Brighton a few weeks ago, for the very first time in twenty-one years believe it or not. I truly fell in love with the kitschness. Lovely photographs, I really want to go back x

  24. When I was England taking a course in English 15 years ago (Oh, my!), we went to Brighton and I remember I LOVED it. It was one of my very favorite places; maybe because of its streets and shops, the closeness to the sea, I don't know. Oh, I miss it!

    Nice blog, by the way!



  25. I <3 Brighton,
    Brighton <3's me.
    We stroll hand in hand,
    And wander by it's sea.

    That's a little poem for you Miss Gem, in honour of your blog post.

    Sarah Betty xx

  26. I'd LOVE to visit brighton! :( I especially love the plastic coconut cup haha. here, those wee sachets are only half sugars (at my measure) so dont be ashamed! :) glad youre keeping busy lovely lady xx

  27. I love this post!
    I've never been to Brighton before. I should really go some time, it looks rather cute :)




  28. ahh this made me miss brighton even more!
    i went to uni there but finished this summer and have had to move home due to lack of jobs down in brighton. sad times.
    also, next time you should definitely visit the angel food bakery for AMAZING cupcakes - yum!
    right, back to the brighton job hunting for me, i am determined to be back there by christmas!
    loving the blog as always,
    hazel xx

  29. Okay, I know I'm kinda putting myself forward (If that makes any sense at all) but I would be quite pleased to do a header for you. as soon as I get my new scanner I'll email some designs for you. Do not stress that I'll be offended if you don't like them because I won't
    be; you are entitled to your own opinion. However it could be some time before I get this scanner so please bear this in mind.Sorry for the long boring comment

  30. Aw I probably shouldnt but I LOVE those plastic tropical cups haha!

  31. Haha, I didn't realize that Pop Tarts were considered "knick knacks" these days! They certainly aren't food!

  32. You've made me even more excited about moving to Btown!!! ^.^

    p.s. I walked in to Lust thinking it was a gift shop too! Thought NOT with my Mum. Cringe! xx

  33. Looks like a great little trip! I want that wooden LOVE sign1

  34. Ooo Cyber Candy! Been far too long since I last went! In need for some more Lucky Charms!

    Glad you had a good time!

  35. Look at all those poptarts, didn't even know they did a blueberry flavour ha :)


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