Tuesday tip: Kitchen Cosmetics

This week I want to talk to you in great detail about periods.

... Not really. I wrote that to scare Alex away if he happens to read this post. Sadly, I share my life with a kitchen nazi that doesn't understand that raiding the kitchen cupboards for beauty purposes is not 'a waste'! So if he reads this, I'm in trouble! :)

So for this new TuezTipz series, I'll be experimenting with cheap beauty treatments from our very own kitchens. This week, I tried out the gazillion uses for Olive Oil!

After some googling around, I discovered that Olive Oil has a wealth of beauty uses.

Here are a few of the ones I tried over the last week...

On the face: Olive Oil is great for unclogging pores. It can be used as a face mask if you put some oil on your skin and cover with a hot flannel for 15 minutes. But I couldn't find a flannel so I tried a scrub instead! I put some olive oil onto my face and then rubbed some sugar into the oil. It makes quite a rough scrub so don't use too much, if you try this. After a little scrub, I rinsed off the sugar and washed my face with a facial cleanser to get rid of most of the oil. The end result was astonishingly soft skin, which was moisturised without feeling greasy. I'd definitely do this again.

Lip scrub: Same as above, without using a cleanser at the end. After using the scrub, my lips felt so soft, and were really moisturised once I'd dried them too. Olive oil makes for a great nourishing lip balm, so this killed two birds with one stone. I'll definitely do this again if I'm planning to wear lipstick, to ensure my lips are smooth.

Hand scrub: Same as above, but you can afford to be a little rougher than on your face. This was really fun to do and felt quite ticklish! The end result was super smooth hands which stayed moisturised long after scrubbing. You must try this one! It's a giggle!

Nail strengthener: I dipped my hands into a cup of Olive Oil for half an hour to try and revive my flaky brittle nails. All of the products I use to strengthen them are just painted on, so it was nice to feel like I was trying to treat the nails themselves rather than painting over the problem. I can't say whether or not it definitely worked, but my nails looked really healthy and shiny for days afterwards. It's not a quick fix like strengthening nail varnish, but would be good to use weekly as more of a long term investment into your nail health!

Foot moisturiser: Alex's mum bought me some moisturising socks the other week so I tried them with some olive oil. The result was great, all of the oil had sunk in by morning time and my feet felt naturally soft and lovely. It didn't obliterate all of my hard skin, but definitely improved the dry patches. I guess I could do a sugar scrub, but knowing my ticklish feet, it could be a recipe for disaster! Let me know if you try a foot scrub!

General moisturiser: I've rubbed some into my elbows and upper arms, and think it works well as a moisturiser. I've read it's good for eczema, too, if that's of any use to y'all!

Future oil projects:

Hair: You'd think putting oil on your hair would make it super greasy, but I've read otherwise. As I said, it's a natural de-clogger, so if you've got thin hair like me, it's apparently great for dissolving any build up blocking the hair follicles, leading to possibly thicker hair. You have to whack it on and leave it overnight. It also treats flaky scalps and makes your hair moisturised, shiny and generally healthy. I really must get round to trying this!! Let me know if you do or have!

One I won't try again:

Eye makeup remover: I read that olive oil dissolved makeup easily, even the dreaded waterproof mascara. I tried it on one of my eyes just a while ago and it was quite a struggle. It definitely didn't remove all of the makeup and my eye is actually stinging a bit now!


I love it! Olive Oil is really good for an off-the-cuff pampering session. I am surprised at the results I got from something that's been lurking in my kitchen for ages! I'm going to decant some into a little pot and start using it on my hands and lips more often. I'm just the sort of sucker that would fall for an expensive hand or lip scrub in Boots, so I'm so pleased I've found a chemical free, bargainous alternative!

Let me know if you try any of the oily tips! And do let me know of any Kitchen Cosmetic ideas you might have!


PS - I'VE BEEN RUMBLED!! Alex saw what I was typing... He said 'I've got a tip for Olive Oil. COOKING'! Cheeky sod!


  1. Great post! love the sound of the face mask/scrub! I have thin hair too so may try the hair thing If I have an empty day (just in case it goes wrong!!) Love Alex's tip too ;) Millie xxx


  2. Hey, I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now, may I just say -amazing, and thank you, to put it succinctly!

    On a Kitchen Cosmetics front my Mum (aged 56 with stunning skin) swears by this very simple very cheap facial wash daily.

    1 part ground almonds to 1 part dried coconut milk (available in supermarkets, usually in the Indian cooking section). On use, put a small amount into your hand and add a few drops of water to form a paste. Massage into your face, working outwards, with your fingertips, and rinse off.

    It's naturally balancing and moisturising without being greasy, and exfoliating without tearing your skin off. I've got the most impossible combination post-teenage skin and it definitely works for me, and saves me a fortune, preventing me from falling for expensive chemically things in Boots, or god forbid somewhere more expensive! :)

    Ellie x

  3. Haha this made me giggle, especially the last line. As a spaniard (well, half) I love olive oil. Bit scared to try it on my hair though! When my nana and grandad first came to England they could only buy olive oil from the chemist as it was used on blocked ears but not for cooking cos it was too expensive!

  4. The first line made me laugh out loud, thanks for that :D Great post as ever, lovely xx

  5. Wow this is such a great post. I never knew olive oil had so many non-cooking uses!

    I'll definitely be trying some of these. Especially the lip scrub.

  6. pounland here i come for some olive oil.
    do you think that different kinds of olive oil will work differently like extra virgin etc?

  7. i've used it for hair quite a lot in the past but will definitely be trying it on my gross old feet soon, thanks for the tip!

  8. I've tried using olive oil as an eye makeup remover once after seeing Michelle Phan do a video about it. From what I remember it wasn't too bad, so sorry to hear it made your eyes sting! That's no good!
    I've been using jojoba oil on my lips and nail cuticles at night, but to be honest I don't notice much difference when I rub it on my lips, nor is it making any dramatic improvements on my cuticles... and it was 15 dollars for one tiny bottle! I might try the idea of leaving my nails sit in o.o. for half an hour, seeing as it seems to be helping your nails! The sugar scrub is a good one too. Great post, love!


  9. A facial scrub similar to yours I've stored up in a container is a mix of some honey, sugar, salt and of course olive oil and I just scrubbed it anywhere; face, back, feet. It's great :-) x


  10. I know a lot of people who use it to take the make up off ( I do sometimes with heavy eye make up cause wipes just make my eyes sore) and their skin is amazing, hardly any wrinkles and they're in their 50s.

    Maybe useful for a future post- if you mix lemon juice and cinnamon powder into a paste it's really good for drying out spots. Really cheap and lasts for ages!

  11. Haha, Alex's comment did make me giggle.

    I never realised it has so many uses. I know a few people who swear by the oil cleansing method but I just can't quite get my head round the fact that putting oil on your face actually makes your skin less greasy. Confusing.

  12. I liked the Lip scrub tip! I have made body scrubs with olive oil and sugar before, and it's really amazing! I used to think the use of olive oil on the body would be very greasy, but it isn't at all.

  13. yes i use too! in the hair like a mask in all the hair mixed with natural yogurt, for moisturizer, in general olive oil helps everything!
    love the post :)


  14. Well I might have to try these especially for my feet they get quite dry on the tops of my feet and round my ankles so rather than moisturiser I might use some oil ;D

  15. These tips are great! Tuesday is my favourite day now haha
    lol at the first sentence


  16. Fab post Gem :) Think I might have to give the lip scrub a go!

  17. i read that olive oil when rubbed on your eyelashes really strengthens the lash and within a few days you have much longer lashes! never tried it tho :)

    good post, i like the diy beauty theme x

  18. I'm definitely going to try it as a lip scrub and a hair treatment! And my husband struggles with painful ezcema so I'm gonna make him try that!

  19. Hey Gemma, don't know if you're interested but I found these glasses on ebay and they're similar to what you were looking for. Perhaps a bit too jazzy? IDK, anyway it's worth a quick perusal! Hope you're well xxx


  20. Wow - so many uses - I'll certainly be swiping the old oil from the kitchen!

    Loving the Tuesday tips, they are ace. :)


  21. I love olive oil! It's so useful. I've tried it on my hair, face, and body (since my skin is so dry it just sucks it in!) Definitely going to try some of the other things you've suggested - love the sound of the lip scrub. xo


  22. Ooh, I've heard many things about the uses of olive oil - thanks for being our guinea pig! ;) I'll definitely be trying some of these out x

  23. Great post, I'm looking forward to the rest of this mini series. I think I'll try the hand & face scrub, but would be a little more wary about using it on my hair, let me know if you do try it & it works out x

  24. I've heard great things about the oil cleansing method - basically washing your face in a mixture of castor and sunflower oil! It scares me though, so I've never tried it.

    Love Alex's comment! I'd be inclined to say that too! ;) x

  25. I used to use honey as a face mask. Just rub loads of honey striaght from the jar onto your face then after 5-10 mins wash it off. Leaves skin really smooth and silky feeling.
    Christina xxx

  26. wow, I wish id read this before i went shopping;i've just gone and bought a lip scub for £7!!!:(
    oh well... ill have to live on bread and cheese for the rest of the week (yes i really am that bankrupt)

  27. What brilliant tips! Going to definitely try a few of them, I am not a cook so this is perfect for me;)

  28. Hello, I just tried olive oil as a conditioner... I massaged it in to wet hair from scalp to ends, wrapped it in a towel and sat in a hot bath for 30 mins (heaven). Then washed with my normal shampoo. It worked a treat, my hair feels lovely and looks great! Thanks for the tip!

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