Shouldn't have gone to Specsavers!

[Edit: Uploaded the video in a different format because it was all out of sync!]

This feels SO weird! Can just about type with the screen zoomed in to full-on granny mode. But YAY for the possible end of my headache hell! Will try and post something decent later on or tomorrow.

Soz to the max, and thanks for sticking by me whilst my updating has been hindered!


  1. aww bless, i wouldn't say you look like a crazy women just slightly disorientated :) bless ya, i am doing a give away on my blog would be great if you entered, https://www.ellamasters.com
    I hope you will soon be able to see properly :) xx

  2. I've had to get those drops too when a specialist needed to look at the nerve in the back of my eyeball?... idk, it was years ago. But I remember my pupils were really big too, haha! It only lasted a few hours, but it's wierd that they made your eyes blurry cos I could see totally fine after mine, I just looked high that's all! Haha! Have a little nap and feel better love!


  3. Awwww I love the fact that you posted this video, totally made me smile. You are seriously brilliant! You look really cute with that scarf in your hair too.

    You'll have fun getting new specs! I think boots opticians are really good at the moment, my mom said that she thinks that the designer frames include the lenses too which is really good!

  4. Hope your eyes go back to normal soon!! I have a laser eye sugery consultation soon and they have told me not to drive after as they are going to use these drops in my eyes. I wasn't sure if they were exagerating, but apparently not!!

  5. Haha, ooh, that sounds horrible... Great excuse for the feline glasses, though! x

  6. love the video! but sorry that it's ruined your day. those glasses sound nice, i'm picturing prada- type frames? they would suit you. hope you feel better, i don't think anyone would hold it against you if you didn't blog again today!

  7. OHHH you poor thing :( At least hopefully now your headaches will go away! I cant believe youve put up with it for so long! Brave girly!


  8. Aww gosh I know how it feels one of my eyes is shaped like a rugby ball personally I find myself quite individual for that :)
    Hope your eyes get better soon

  9. I've had those drops too, it's nuts, I wore my sunglasses round the house as I couldn't look at bright light.

  10. I have the same thing, getting glasses saved me from headache hell too. You are so cute, love your accent! You sound so sophisticated and well, British, haha. x

  11. Sorry to hear about your eyes! But at least you found a solution to the migraine problem :)


  12. Awww! Poor you! I hope your feel better soon! My sister had this done to her as well a couple of weeks ago but thank god my mum went with her because she really couldn't see anything either. My mum had to guide her back to the car! At least you know what is causing your headaches now. xxx

  13. Shame girl! I hope your eyes get better soon! I do love the video post though! You have the best accent!

  14. Ick, sounds horrid. I have the same eye condition, so much better now I have glasses for reading etc...

    I saw some feline style glasses in vision express (I think?) but that place is much more expensive than other opticians. Missoni do great glasses in specsavers, and you get a pair free. I got a really cute dark pink pair, and the lenses are included in the price.

    Have fun shopping for them, I reccommend you take somebody for a second opinion!! x

  15. aww gem!
    i got my glasses a few months ago,
    so i know how annoying the process is, tbh you'll probably feel just as disorientated when you start wearing them i was like "arghh why is the floor so close?!" it takes a while to get used to them, then you can't live without them, i didnt realise how much i needed them until i had them...if that makes sense!
    ahhh soon the phrase "i can't find my glasses, wear are my glasses??" will become familiar to you!

  16. I had those eyedrops, they wore off after about 4 hours maybe? I looked like an alien, lol, but they used them and numbed my eyes so that they could tap them, not cool!

  17. Bless!
    Dunno about you, but that video really disorientate ME as your voice was at least a sentence behind your mouth moving - the last word I hear spoken was 'miserable', but I'm pretty sure I saw you say 'see ya later' - anyway!
    Glad you are effectively on the road to recovery now. & guess what? You can join my gang now, because I have astigmatism too!
    I didn't have nasty eyedrops to find out though, I've just had it as long as I remember, & have been wearing glasses since about the age of 4!

    Anyway, I see you've since posted again, so I am eager to go & check that out :)

    Take care


  18. Poor you! I hope normal eyesight resumes soon. I have glasses and when we found out I was short-sighted and got them it was so much less hassle.

  19. This video was so cute with you squinting around, haha! Hope you get your new glasses soon and banish the headaches for good! xxx

  20. Awww hope you're feeling ok now. I used to work in an eye clinic and people were constantly weirded out by the dilating drops.

    At least you have your answer now though, what a relief!

    Those glasses (the Katy Perry jobbies) are expensive, I admired them on Fashionfoiegras a few weeks ago. From Dsquared2 about £300, lush though!

  21. haha oh no dude! :( that sucks majorly... funny though, I have astigmatism in one eye and I am also long sighted! :) they didnt need to put any crazy drops in to tell me that though, was quite a few years ago! I still get bad tension headaches but my glasses do really help! :) looking forward to seeing what kinda frames you pick! xx


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