Holiday post! Part 2: Paris!

Welcome to the second instalment of my holiday pictures! I am typing this with my new glasses on! I will blog about them properly soon, but here's a Twitpic I did earlier for those that want a sneak peek. They are just some cheap granny frames from Specsavers, but they'll do! I don't have to wear them outside the flat really (they're just for computer work and reading) so it seemed pointless to spend lots of money.

So anyway, after Madrid, we got the sleeper train back to Paris and stayed on for a couple of days before heading home. Here are a few key snaps!

♥ Our first day in Paris was spent mooching round the cool Marais district. It's full of cute little places to eat and vintage shops. Definitely a must-visit if you go to Paris.

I had to sneak a pic of this cute guy walking along with a huge bunch of flowers for a lucky lady. Romance seems to come so naturally to the Parisians.

Here's a cute cat I met in Le Marais. He was so stocky it felt like he was made of wood. And fur, obvz. I loved him.

♥ Later on, we went to Guerrisol, Paris' answer to a charity shop. But even better. We discovered it by accident last time we were there. The prices of things change every day (Some days shoes are 10 euros, the next day they could be 3 euros) so we made a few visits there over our short visit! Alex got two lovely denim Levi's shirts and some brogues all for 3 euros each! I'll share my holiday purchases in another post. There weren't many, really!

♥ Here's a beautiful steak I had, which is all the more beautiful now I realise it bares a striking resemblance to a one-legged turtle. The turtle/steak was consumed at our favourite restaurant, Corso.

Here's what I wore to dinner that night:

♥ Just a random snap of some dreamy Parisian apartments.

♥ On our last day in Paris, we went to the fair at the Jardin des Tuilieries, where The Cherry Blossom girl did a lovely shoot recently! Alex and I decided to go on the massive ferris wheel, which turned out to be the most terrifying experience of my entire life.

(Me smiling through the pain, and our view of the eiffel and the rest of the fair from the swinging booth of death!)

If any of you are interested in blind peril, I did try to film a video of the lovely scenes from the ferris wheel but it ended up as footage of my nervous breakdown. I didn't realise it would be so effing scary!! The natural romance of Paris I mentioned earlier was obviously not contagious if Alex's 'SHHHH' and 'BE QUIET, GEMMA' were anything to go by! Watch it on mute for an altogether calmer experience!

♥ Here's a gorgeous moggy which lived in the window of a beauty salon.

♥ Whilst we were waiting to go and catch the Eurostar home, Alex and I were obviously a bit delirious as we thought it would be a really worthwhile idea to pose with a Parisian leaf. Pair of freaks.

The carefree hijinx of leaf-gate were forgotten when we got to the Gare Du Nord to catch the Eurostar home and found there were chronic delays. We were waiting in the station for about 4 hours, and managed to get the last train they sent out. Everyone behind us in the queue had to stay the night! Awful!

♥ Some light refreshments and intellectual reading calmed me right down after all the delays! I finally finished the Louise Rennison books that I stole from my sister to re-live my youth. I thoroughly enjoyed them!

And that was paris in a nut shell, or indeed a turtle shell!

I'm planning to do a Paris guide in the future to share the cool places we've found over the years!


  1. Wow, looks like you two had an awesome time in Paris. I want to go back, the most memorable trip to Paris was for an Art History trip and we spent a long week visiting all the galleries but also having a bit of fun too. I absolutely adored the Marais. Such a cool area and I love how you're so scared on the ferris wheel that you start giggling. Awwww, that little car you're sitting in is really tiny so it must have been properly swaying in the wind!

  2. OMG proper lol-ed at the leaf thing. Weirdos. haha.

    And the video! That is exactly what I would do! "HOLD ME PLEASE!"

    Amazing. Jealous of your holiday, looks so fun.

    I went to that vintage shop in the photo when I went to paris! x

  3. eeee I wish I was there on that ferris wheel to comfort you! Poor baby!! I've never been to Paris, but now I reallt think I'd like to go while I'm here. Is the language barrier a difficulty, or can non-French speaking people get around alright?
    Still lusting after your Breathless t-shirt... I really think I need one...


  4. Ahh want to go to Paris now. Those Michael Jackson dolls (I hope they're Michael Jackson) are a bit weird. And you two get cooler and cooler every blogpost; I don't know how you're going to beat posing with a Parisian leaf! The turtle/steak looks DELISH.


  5. I've been on that Ferris Wheel! It's not that bad :p This all looks so cute. I so want to go back to Paris again!


  6. Lovely photos, those charity shops look like they'd be good to rummage in! xXx

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog =) Your Pairs snaps are fab, I love Paris!!! Haven't been for years and I really want to go back soon! Your hat is awesome too and that leaf business is seriously freaking but it did make my lol!!! I love all the beautiful building in Paris and your right everyone seems so much more romantically driven over there too. Sounds like you both had a lovely time and pew you got home x

  8. Oh thankyou! yeah, I'm the same haha, Paris looks amazing! :)

  9. OMG. Me want a Micheal Jackson doll.

  10. love the image of the MJ dolls!

  11. Ahh I love your posts! The video is brilliant, you and your boyfriend are cute even if he was telling you to shut up haha!

  12. Oh and I'm looking forward to your guide to Paris, I've never been which is silly really seeing as it's so close!!

  13. It looks like you had such an amazing time!
    You make me laugh so much - your leaf photos and 'intellectual reading' hehehe. I love those books.

    I want to go back to Paris so bad, i'm not sure if I will go on that ferris wheel though (that video was so sweet. You poor love!)


    PS. You're boyfriend is seriously adorable

  14. oh my god louise rennison! those books never get old.
    good to see more pics of your holiday, and thanks for following my blog!

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  16. Ooh it looks like such a fun trip! Although I'm really sorry to hear about your experience on the ferris wheel :(

    Also I like your new glasses! x


  17. AH YES! You totally should do a guide to all the great places youve found in Paris, I always find personal experiences help me more than travel guides! Looks like you had a lovely time! You poor thing on the ferris wheel! I wouldve been the same probably! xxx

  18. Sounds like you had a perfect time! The Eiffel Tower video is hilarious :) I went to Paris for a couple of days recently too but didn't do nearly as much as you, such a shame - always next time!

  19. Oh bless you Gem, you sound so terrified on that video!

    Love all the photos and how cute are the Parisian cats?

  20. Oh Gem! I so want to go to Paris right now!! I'd never even heard of sleeper trains, it looks like fun :) You sound so, so scared on that video though, dead cute but I feel awful for you!

    Hope your new glasses are working out ok for you too by the way!

    Please take a look at my brand new blog, Fashion Stereotype I would really appreciate any feedback or advice you may have :) Thank you!

  21. Looks like a fun holiday! And don't worry, I get freaked out on ferris wheels too!

  22. I swear I commented on this the other day.. ?!

    I've only been to Paris v.briefly. In November, I went on a school trip (when I say school trip, I was the member of staff - argh!) to DisneyLand, & we spent one afternoon in Paris itself. But we literally did the Eiffel Tower, a boat trip, ate dinner & that was it. So I'd love to go back & do it properly sometime, & I'm sure your guide would come in v.handy!

    One thing I def wouldn't be doing though, is that Ferris Wheel - no bloody chance.
    Your vid was hilarious, & loved the hysterical giggling! & Alex's disbelief that HE was in fact the calm one - love it :)

    (As I may have mentioned) I'm very jealous of your travels, but have enjoyed you sharing them with us!


  23. You make me miss Paris! I will watch the video when I am at home later, by your description of it, playing it whilst at work probably isn't advisable! Love the sound of the Guerrisol, when I went to Paris I did no shopping :( Damn shopping hating Mr!! Though I did have a slight nervous breakdown at the top of the Eiffel Tower!

  24. When I read this, I can't wait to go Paris! I really have to convince one of my friends to go there soon, it all sounds just lovely. And I love the blouse you were wearing during dinner, very Parisian chic :)

  25. I've been reading your blog for a while now so thought I would finally comment...

    That video made me laugh :) It sounded like me when I went on the Manchester 'eye' LOL. Looks like you had a fab time in Paris - makes me long to go back there!

    Looking forward to your next posts...

    Zoe ♥
    ~ http://confusedsmile.com ~

  26. Excellent pics! I'm laughing so much at the video - I have an almost identical one which in my household is called 'the wheel of death video' because I screamed so much when we when up a similar thing in Sheffield. It looked ok on the ground, honestly I've never been so scared! :)

  27. I think you are very brave for going on that i would of bein a nightmare on that and would of bein shouting stop the ride i wanna get off! looks very high.Although when i was at school i went to paris with school and we went on the eiffel tower right to the top but they said that we had to go on it because we couldnt stay at the bottom on our own.If someone told me now i had to go on there would be no way, it was terrifing.Dont like heights! your hol looks sooo fun.oo and what a lovely cat.xx

  28. Aw your holiday posts have made me smile! I love the 'look angry' thing when it comes to passing intimidating/jakey folk/beggars on the street. TOTALLY works! Haha so anyways, I was on the plane back from paris this morning and in company magazine a blogger who they interviewed mentioned Gem Fatale as one of their fave blogs!! I was like DAVID, THATS MY BLOG TWINNIE! :D Haha high five sista! So try grab a copy if you can :) I stupidly left mine to a nice aussie traveller I met on the plane, doh. Glad to be home, looking forward on reading what youve been upto ♥ :) xx

  29. omg the ferris wheel looks so scary!!! i never go on rides, they all seem so old and rickety! but looks like you got some incredible views and survived to tell the tale phew!! also props to finding an affordable vintage/charity shop in paree, nice to have some authentic french stuff not at megabucks! and georgia nicholson omg the ending!! so very pleased it turned out that way even if predictable, don't know if you've read the very end so i won't say anything more! really want to read the withering tights book when i get some spare pennies. i think i have ancient major library fines so will not be visiting bham libraries any time soon!!!xxx

  30. I am totally jealous you got to go to Paris lovely! Looks like you had a great time, and even managed to do a bit of thrifting?! Talent. I tried camping as my mini break in France. Utter fail.

    ♥ www.thejazzpad.com

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  32. Hey Gem You look more beautiful on your paris holiday. I rad your part one that was really good post even that dish do not remember the name now :) good luck.


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