Holiday post! Part 1: UK to Madrid

Good evening!

You'll be pleased to know my eyes are feeling lots better after today's crazy opticians eye drop fiasco! I am going to choose some glasses in the morning and am rather excited!

Time to barrage you with pictures of my week long holiday to Madrid (stopping off at Paris for a couple of nights on the way home). This first part will be pictures of the our time in Madrid (and the journey there)... Let's go!

♥ Because of Alex's fear of flying, we caught a sleeper train to Madrid. It was awesome! I barely slept a wink, but it was so fun being in bunkbeds on a train! We had dinner in the restaurant, which was lovely. The third picture is my view out of the window when we woke up in Spain!

♥ When we arrived in boiling hot Madrid at about 9am, we checked into our hotel which was unexpectedly amazing. It was such a big room with great mirrors, twin sinks and a spa shower! Bliss!

♥ We found an amazing restaurant called O Cacho do Jose in a buzzing square by the theatre. Alex ordered some cook your own steak, by accident (language barrier)! He is rather socially awkward, so when all eyes were on him cooking his steak, he was a bit nervous! It was amazing though, and worth the spectacle. I got drunk on 1 glass of Sangria (the shame) and we watched a lady doing some traditional Spanish dancing.

♥ We did a bus tour of Madrid to get a feel for the city, which we all really enjoyed. Here's me on the bus looking naked and windswept. I was neither!

♥ We went to a little cafe at the top of a realllly steep hill full of lush trees and ate some Calamari (Squid). There's so much greenery in Madrid, the trees and plants all look so vibrant, especially with the blue sky as a background. It was beautiful. There was some naughty little birds that kept flying onto the tables in the hope we'd give them some food. We did.

♥ A picture I took of a lovely street near a bar we liked as the sun was going down.

♥ We took a trip to the Bernabeu Stadium (Alex and his family are footie mad!) which I enjoyed much more than I thought I would. It was scorchio, though, hence my little hand held fan! My arm looks hilarious in the first picture if you look at it for a moment, as though it's made from bendy plasticine or something!

♥ A cool little restaurant we went to which had fans spraying mist on us and lovely cushions. Alex and I shared a Paella (I was determined to do some classic Spanish stuff!) which was beautiful. The last pic is of the view from the restaurant of a huge square which had lots of little souvenir type shops and loads of other restaurants.

And to end on a light-hearted note, here's our bed. Can you tell which side is mine? We are chalk and cheese when it comes to tidiness!

And that just about wraps it up for Spain. I have so many more pictures I'd like to share but I understand that not everyone has 6 years to read one blog post. I must set up a Flickr account so I can post a few pictures on here and all the nosey buggers like me can go and see more on my Flickr!

Part 2, coming up tomorrow: Madrid to Paris!

Thanks for reading, and happy 75th birthday to you all!


  1. so cute that your boyf is scared of flying! bless him! i'd love to go on a sleeper train! i think it would be so fun and remind me of the olden days!

    madrid looks fab, might have to get some tips and places to go as i think me and my boyf might go there soon! cant wait to see the rest of your hols!

    PS. hope your eyes get better soon!

  2. Happy 75th birthday?! Love it! Looks like an amazing time, I need to get to Spain again, the food sounds amazing! Good luck with the eyesight problems and welcome to club Four Eyes!

    Kb from I Want You To Know

  3. i really enjoyed reading this! hope you had fun! :D


  4. my boyfriend is socially awkward

    LOL mine too! and hes a veggie, but its muggings me who has to ask if certain stuff is veggie.

    but little does he know everytime we buy ben and jerries i tell him cherry garcia is the only one he can eat... but it isnt ;) but cherry garcia is my fav! lol

    we have been together so long - i think its acceptable i can do this heh!

    cant wait to hear all about paris, do def postwhere abouts you stayed xxxxx

  5. I don't know what this "whale" buisness is that you were talking about, you look adorable in these pictures! I feel like I'm on holiday with you while reading this post, I love it! Can't wait to see the next part!


  6. Its looks amazing <3
    Yay for socially awkward people!

  7. Looks like you had a lovely time! That Paella looks delicious. Yummy.

    Hope your world is coming back into focus... I hate going to the opticians, but your experience sounds much worse! x

  8. Wow, Madrid looks lovely! I really like Spain but have never been there and now I really want to visit! Your sleeper train looks lovely. I did a sleeper once from Poland to Germany and it was horrible, now where near as luxurious as yours lol!! Sounds like such a lovely holiday x

  9. i took a sleeper train across thailand and thought it was the best way to travel- feels like a proper journey!
    glad your eyes are feeling better

  10. oooh the sleeper train looks lovely! scott is also scared of flying and says he would like to take a sleeper train somewhere. he does fly, just about, but very nervously!

  11. Your holiday all looks amazing & I can't even explain how jealous I am! I'm so incredibly desperate for a holiday.. & I've gotta be honest, training it is actually rather appealing to me! It's not something I'd considered before, but it looks cool :)

    PS. Lovin' your hat!
    PPS. You really do look naked in that pic!
    PPPS. Looking forward to the next instalment - just to make me even more bloody jealous..!


  12. Love the pictures! I can't wait to see more. Do you mind me asking how much the train was? It sounds like a great trip i could take my boyfriend on for his birthday.

    That pic of you on the bus is hilarious it really does look like you're naked!

  13. Haha that picture of you on the bus, I saw it and was like OH MY GOD SHE'S NAKED! before I read the text! Hope you had fun!

  14. Great photos! I love spain! Looks like good weather too! Can't wait to see more photos! I literally want to go back to spain just to eat paella and lots of sea food! Pick up many clothes while you were there? Millie xxx


  15. Great photos! I love spain! Looks like good weather too! Can't wait to see more photos! I literally want to go back to spain just to eat paella and lots of sea food! Pick up many clothes while you were there? Millie xxx


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  17. Oh man, what a lovely time you must have had! Really nice photos; you have made me super jealous x

    P.S. the "naked" bus photo is hilarious. So casual!

  18. hehe i love how you have inspired everyone to take a sleeper train.

    and it's nice to hear other people have socially awkward boyfriends too ! mine just cannot interact with other people in a normal way!

  19. Looks like such a fun trip!
    I love the sightseeing buses. They're so ridiculously touristy, but they are the best way to get your bearings.
    I've added 'cook own steak in a restaurant' to my list of things to do before I die now!

  20. Looks amazing Gem! You look like you both had a good time :]
    After seeing your photos I think I might add Madrid to my places to holiday in! And a sleeper train looks rather cute!
    Looking forward to the next holiday blog

  21. How long does it take by train?

  22. The sleeper train sounds so fun! Looks like you had an amazing trip, the paella looks yummy! Your hotel room reminds me of my bedroom, the Mr's side is all neat and tidy and my side looks like a bomb has hit it!

  23. It looks like you had such a brilliant time. I love calamari and paella, looks delicious! You look gorgeous in all the pictures and I love your leopard print head scarf!
    UO x

  24. What a fantabulous post.

    All of it looks like so much fun and it's making me want to go on holiday really badly! Also, that last photo is hilarious :D

    ps - I'm so dim! Videos don't show up on my work pc for some odd reason so when I read yesterday's post I didn't even realise it was there. Thought I was missing something - clearly it was my brain!!

  25. Cant wait to see the next installment!

  26. lovely photos!! i really want to visit madrid one day. :D can't wait for the next batch of photos! :D

  27. There are so many great things in this post, where do I begin?!

    Firstly I think you are going to have a lot of fun choosing glasses. I'm excited to see which ones you pick out! I've got a geek-chic black-rimmed pair, haha.

    Also, the sleeper train sounds kind of awesome! I travelled around India when I was a kid on sleeper trains (school trips!) and they were always lots of fun.

    LOL at the naked & windswept picture!

    Paella - yum!

    Also, which side of the bed is yours?! I think most people assume that the girl is the tidy one, but when it comes to me and my bf, I'm the messy one and he's uncannily tidy!


  28. Looks like you had a lovely holiday! I never would have thought of using sleeper trains but they sound much more relaxing than crowded airports! How much were the trains if you don't mind me asking? I look forward to reading about Paris xXx

  29. Madrid looks brill. I think I might go with some friends next summer. Taking the train looks like such great fun - I'm not particularly bothered by planes (apart from I get some crazy ear pain during take off and landing) but I bet it's an experience worth having.

    My best friend is socially akward. It's hard to take him out! He likes me to do his dirty work and talk to shop assisstants about the things he wants.

    That bird is adorable! I went to Florida for three weeks at Easter and there were loads of little birds hanging around the theme parks waiting for a cheeky bit of sandwich!


  30. Thanks for your lovely comments, guys!

    For those of you with questions about the sleeper train, it takes about 12 hours (hence going overnight).

    The fares weren't cheap, (luckily we weren't paying!) and I think our room cost £350 ish for a return including dinner and breakfast. But there are cheaper options if you check the website.


  31. You gotta love Madrid!

    I mean after 6 years in Scotland coming back here was bliss!! Sunshine like all the time!!!


  32. hahaha naked and windswept! sangria drunkness! major giggles through this post, love your writing style! i certainly have six years to read great blogs but maybe that explains my social life, fml!xxx

  33. This is so strange! Me and my boyfriend went to Madrid last year and have near enough the exact same photos- I have loads of photos of those little birds on the silver table- they're so cute! We also went to the stadium too- it was awesome! Your pics really make me want to go back!

  34. This post brought back so many memories of mine and my boyfriend's trip to Madrid last year! We took near enough the exact same photos while we were there- we have an identical photo of those little birds on the silver tables! I love it there and your post makes me want to go back :-)

  35. You guys did a bus for tour and how much cost for that. Actully me and my family making a plan for Holidays so just getting information.


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