#TV taught me how to feel, now real life has no appeal!

Sorry for the late post, but this blog is looking rather naked to me and I can't go to sleep leaving it in this vulnerable state!

Alex got back from his mini holiday to the seaside with his buddies, so we've been having a lovely night but he's dozing off now, so I'm blogging live from bed!

I don't talk about music much on here, if ever, because I'd never tell anyone what they should be listening to or anything like that. But I do have a music-related fixation lately and purely for style value, I'm going to spam you with some pretty Marina Diamandis videos and pics! She fronts the band Marina and the Diamonds, and although her music and style aren't my usual 'thing', there's just something so fun about it that I can't help but love.

I kind of think of Marina as Britain's answer to Katy Perry (♥). Fun music, batshit crazy fashion sense and let's face it, great boobs!

[Pics from TFS]

Here's Marina and the Diamonds' video for their new single I can't get out of my head, as well as a previous one that I think is just lovely.

Sleep time now!! Back tomorrow :)


  1. Are those bebaroque tights she's wearing in the third picture?

    I frigging love Marina's sense of style...and her figure is uhmaze. Really though...that robot song plays so much in the shop that it does make me want to bash my head off the counter until I black out.



  2. i adore marina diamondis. i heard her on bbc2 last summer with some batshit crazy song called "mowgli's road" which is utterly glorious and you should totally check it out!
    she's brilliant :) and wonderfully kooky. i'm glad we have a couple of quirky brits in the charts, nestled in amongst the american r'n'b stars.
    x x x

  3. i love her!
    how amazing is that disney jumpsuit too!
    belle xxx

  4. I loved this post. You're quite right, she is like a British Katy Perry! Who I love.

    Oh how you make me laugh. Great boobs indeed! (I don't mean to sound like such a pervert)


  5. I like her, she certainly has a quirky sense of style. It's quite refreshing :) x

  6. oh, i love her so much! would kill for her figure. apparently her video outfits are all from Beyond Retro... I LOVE HERRRRR.


  7. that hippo dress is amazing!!
    i read an article on her in a magazine last week, they compared her to katy perry too. I think ur totally right x

  8. I went to uni with her,she is a sweetheart.
    And she has delightfully good hair!

  9. I love Marina! Everything from her quirky style to her song lyrics and fab voice!

  10. yes i agree! england's katy perry! i think her style is too hard for most to pull off but she sooo suits it!

  11. Is it bad that I actually really want that hippo dress?

  12. Oh I love her. Great fashion sense and so beautifully curvy. That's the body I wish for. And that fashion-confidence.

    Jet, x

  13. God I love Marina, I first saw her last may when she was rather unknown and she wore a silver and black cheerleader outfit and covered what you waitin for by Gwen stefani. Amzing!

  14. I just don't know how to feel about her..I so badly want to like her..

    Sarah Betty


  15. I love her! It's not normally the kinda music i listen to either but i love all the songs i've heard, my favourite at the moment of hers is hollywood (i think that's the name!) it plays at my work and it makes me want to sing along but that would just torture people!

  16. I am in LOVE with Marina! I love her style and her music! I just keep repeating the songs in my boyfriends car! The lyrics are stuck in his head! :D



  17. squee! I randomly saw her at Bestival last year on...you can't even call it a stage, she was just stood in front of us performing. So good! I love seeing people just before they hit the big time. She wore an amazing waistcoat, got a snap of it in this post:


  18. Love Marina so much. Definately my favourite artist around at the moment! Saw her live in february and she had the most amazing outfit! I love that she can look so glamourous but can also stand out and wear some very eyecatching clothes! Millie xxx

  19. I love her mad eccentric style. She's crazy and its great!

  20. her body is siiiiiick!omg she is so the british katy perry, looove her makeup! gona download her album


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