Tuesday tip: A trip down mammary lane!

Ha! Sorry about the title... I couldn't help myself.

FIRSTLY: Do check out the fun interview I did for Lauren of Glossary Zine, here!

Secondly: I also did one for the lovely Fritha Louise of The Fish Tank the other day, here!

Apologies for the delay of today's tip. I came down really headachey at about lunchtime and haven't been able to focus properly. I think I might need to get my eyes tested because I am getting constant headaches at the moment.

Anyway. Alex was the adjudicator of today's tip. I showed him it this morning and he agreed it definitely worked, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to convey in photographs... So I'll post it anyway for you to try IRL, if you think it's useful.

This tip is mainly for the boobalicious lady. It may be common knowledge to some of you, but I only really noticed the difference a couple of months ago. Basically, the longer your necklace, the less prominent your boobs look. I find a pendant necklace seems to make everything look more in proportion, whereas a short necklace only emphasises the gap between it and the boobs, creating a slightly saggy optical illusion and making the boobs the main focus, as they look rather shelf-like!

I don't think the difference is too obvious in these pictures. And due to the slightly different angle, my boobs actually look saggier in the second pic! FML! But I guess with the second picture the boobs aren't so 'HIYA'! And that is the whole point!

It's not the strongest Tues tip I've shown you, but I tried my very breast under the circumstances. Ha! And don't go thinking I've hit a wall, I've got PLENTY of awesome tips lined up, but I just wasn't up to it today.

♥ Whilst we're on the topic of all things boobular, next time you're bra shopping, DO ask the advice of one of the bra specialists! I was in Debenhams the other week, and thought I was in complete control of my bra needs. I merely asked a lady to check the stock room for the next size up in this bra, and she quite literally hijacked my breasts. I felt a bit uncomfortable at the time, and kind of wanted her to bugger off because I knew my size etc, but I'm glad she didn't.

She took over and brought me some new bras to try on. They looked about the size of my head , but I thought I'd try them on and humour her. I could always buy them and return them the next day to save her feelings...But sure enough, I put one on and after some strap adjusting I was hoiked in and ready to go! I couldn't believe how perfectly the bra fit me, considering it looked like some sort of cutting edge siamese-twin headgear design! It really taught me not to judge a bra by its [gigantic] cover. I'm not sure whether it's TMI to discuss which sizes we're talking here, but let's just say I when I entered the store I was Drastically Delusional, and when I left I was Flabbergasted..!

I bought a couple of bras and have never felt so supported in my life! It's really put a spring in my step knowing I can walk at a pace and not be putting on a tantalising jiggle-show for the pervy Ladz of Canterbury. The lady was telling me that if we don't support our boobs while we're young, you will see sagging while you're still in your twenties!!! So this tip is a MUST! A must for your bust!!

I've clearly gone insane, which tells me it's bed time! Off to London tomorrow, and will be back with pictures of purchases (and anything interesting from the Debenhams press show) tomorrow night!

Bon soir! ♥


  1. I definitely agree with this Tuesday tip! I always prefer a longer necklace being rather boobalicious myself!

    Laura x

  2. I enjoyed the puns hehe x


  3. Great boob puns :-) made me chuckle!


  4. This post made me laugh. People should talk about boobs on blogs more!

    I'm an F too, and when I talk about it with friends they are like, 'are you sure? You can't be that big!' Yes, I'm quite sure, it's just because I don't make them obvious! And yeah, the size always looks massive on the rack, as if my boobs are as big as my head, or something. But it's so much better to be properly supported.


    PS. I don't know if it's available in the UK but Dimity So is an awesome brand, they specialise in D-J cups and do really nice stuff!

  5. hahaha while more in the camp of 'i must i must i must increase my bust' camp (cringe at judy blume), i worked in bras at debenhams so i'm happy they helped you yay! and also this post made me laugh so great despite headache! hope you feel better tomorrow xx ps i totally broke my google reader morals as i knew it was a tuesday tip day!

  6. Great interviews! (I actually read them. Very proud of myself hah)

  7. I also had this boob moment a few years ago as i was pretty sure something wasn't right. I them googled measuring yourself (a lot!) and ended up with a size I would never have dreamed of! I think there is a lot of stigma with bra sizes and anything that isn't 34 C seems to be usual when infact your boobies look almost the same as someone with 34C, just they're not.

    I am happy now with my bra size, although I still find sizes still vary a lot in shops but I found Brastop.com is a great site and have great offers for top (well fitting) branded bras.

  8. um this just makes me jealous. i have no boobs!

  9. Fab tip Gem :)

    I'm pretty sure I'm due for a remeasurement soon so I may well make my way to Debenhams. I seem to be hearing good stuff about their staff recently.

  10. I have no boobs either, I think I make up for it in ass. Also I love selinaoolala's reference to Judy Blume, I used to feel like those books were to grown up for me !

    Great interviews :) I enjoyed them .

    And also... I did a magazine just now (the other month) for my foundation FMP. Was yours on line or on paper? It's what I want to go in to in the future I think. Although I haven't even started my degree yet so this could all change !

    Oops sorry about the essay xo

  11. Haha all the puns made me giggle. Such a great post, interesting stuff about the necklace i didn't realise jewellery could do such amazing things for boobalicious girls. So maybe if i wear short necklaces it will make my small boobs look bigger? Haha probably not but that's ok by me.

    Hope your headaches get better and definately get an eye test, i kept getting headaches a few years ago and it turned out i needed glasses!

    Phew long reply! xo

  12. it's true! i noticed i keep my long name necklace on all the time now, this must be what im subconsciously tryin to achieve.. xx

  13. I thank Glossary for leading me to you! Love your blog! And, yes, as a busty lady I do find that longer chains work best :) (short necklaces makes me feel short and fat)

  14. wow! thats actually a really good tip! I'd never have thought of it.
    And I agree with the bra fitting thing.. I was appalled when the lady told me my actual size.. but I'm a lot more comfortable now!

  15. I think your boobs are fantastic! People pay alot of money for boobs like those!

  16. Your posts always make me giggle! And you've also reminded me that my undie drawer drastically needs revamping!

  17. Wow the long necklace really does make a difference! I can't stand wearing long necklaces though because i hate the way the pendant swings against my belly when i walk :( I guess my FF cup boobs are just gonna have to look as big and saggy as they really are :P

  18. Oooh did you go to the press show? How christmassy was it?! Haha. Felt weird. Loved my voucher though!

    Also, love the tips. I havent worn short necklaces in years because of that very reason!

  19. Oooh, I'm quite envious of your booballicious dilema! That top is cute and the long necklace works a treat. x

  20. I wish I had boobs big enough to want to make them smaller! Though I will take your tip of getting measured! Looking forward to seeing your post on the Debenhams press show!

  21. Love this tip but sadly I'm in the boobless camp :o/

  22. My mother will love you for this tip, it's her favourite thing to say to me when I show her a new outfit ... 'put a long necklace on with that, it will be much more flattering..!'.

    I used to hate my big boobs and felt that nothing fitted properly, though the last year or so clothing sizes seems to be more accomodating for a larger bust - not sure if others feel the same? x

  23. haha, I only just notice the title is mamary lane, genius!

  24. EEP! I just found you, and Im in looooove :) You are adorable! Plus your pillow case tee's are genius, as is your mascara tute. As is the tit-le of this post..get it..tit..yeahhh..

  25. I need to get new bras pronto! and get measured.
    hahaha loved the title!


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