Shop 'til you drop (this is an order).

Seeing as the look I'm going for lately evokes the words 'sweaty' 'maternity-wear' and 'oaf', I'm holding off on the outfit photos, for your own safety. I'm actually getting really annoyed with having to wear very minimal and floaty clothing because of the heat and am really wondering how I'll cope in Madrid (2 weeks until my holiday! Don't think I've mentioned it on here yet?)

This kind of leads me to my next point. Here are many of the items available in my blog shop at the moment. As my financial situation is so hairy, I have barely any money to fund a new cool holiday wardrobe (nearly 40 degrees in Madrid at the mo!), let alone pay my bills! So if you see anything you like here, please do leave a comment (or leave one on the shop blog itself) because your help would be so greatly appreciated!

[All prices range from 5-15 pounds, click here to see the gory details of each item in the shop!]

Hope you've had a lovely weekend. I've worked all weekend, but we had friends round to watch The 4th Kind last night (SO creepy!), and Alex cooked me a lovely Spag Bol tonight so it's not been all bad. Alex is going away tomorrow with his friends to his family's flat by the sea on the South coast, so I will be a spinster until Thursday. Kinda looking forward to watching Escape to the Country hassle free, though! Might even let Roxy sneak into bed for a hug! (Good god, I hope Alex isn't reading this. I will literally be dead meat!)

I'll be back tomorrow with an outfit post (hopefully)!


  1. Fund situation is also dire here! and I have no holiday to look forward to.
    Madrid!! sounds fab, very jealous.

    X x

  2. Ooh I love the denim dress, but unfortunately I'm post-mac collection broke at the moment! Have fun in Madrid <3 xx

  3. I'm sorry your funds situation is so dire..
    I really like a couple of the dresses, but I know I'd never squeeze myself into them! :(

    So jealous you're going to Madrid - I'm in desperate need of a holiday - anywhere! Just a change of scenery from here. In fact, where do you live? Need a flat-sitter!? :p


  4. I so understand the financial situation :( My ebay store is getting added to by the day! I would buy a dress or three from you... but I don't think they'd fit me! :( Have a lovely time in Madrid m'sweet! xxxx

  5. Oh my goodness, Madrid! Lucky you! Have fun being a spinster :)


  6. I was in Madrid this time last year, it was 43 degrees and almost unbearable! If it gets too hot I'd recommend going to the park next to the palace and dipping your feet in the pool - it's heaven! x

  7. Let me consult the bank balance! I have no hope of fitting into any of the clothes but I do have size 6feet so may well be tempted by something...

  8. Oh The Fourth Kind, is it any good? I watched Paranormal Activity and it scared me shitless, so I'm not sure I'd have the guts to sit through that. Have a lot of fun in Madrid (:

  9. well i wish you good luck on the holiday xx love your blog

  10. hello! <3
    Madrid sounds amazing!
    I love a bunch of those shoes but unfortunately they're not my size =[

    i was looking through my new dELiA*s catalogue today and saw this and thought OMG gem would lOVE this.

    hope you're having a great summer!

    -Kristin H. =]


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