A little help from my friends?

Hi guys!

Cosmopolitan have launched their first Blogger Awards today HERE... I just thought I'd put that information out there. :)

SHOULD you wish to vote for me, please do so in the 'fashion/style' category. As far as I know I've never been nominated for any type of blog award, and certainly haven't won anything, so to receive a couple of tweets from people voting for me today for this Cosmo thing is just the loveliest feeling in the world. When I started the blog nearly 3 years ago, I never imagined anyone would even read it (and that was true for about 2 years!) let alone consider it a favourite. I hope you already know, but I just appreciate you lot so much.

Enough of this emotional BS! Onto some consumption, that's what blogging's all about right?! I've added a few more items to the blog shop, and there IS more on the way but I'm going out with work friends tonight so it'll have to wait! Click on the lolspeak below! (Does anyone still lolspeak? It's still such a major part of my vocabulary!)

I can haz ur moneyz?



  1. Of course I'd love to vote for you! I've linked up a few of your posts on my blog today too x

  2. I just voted for you :) Good luck!!


  3. just voted for you lovely :) xx

  4. just voted, and would a million times if I could. xxx

  5. just voted for you! wrote the longest essay ever, hope you win!! X

  6. I will vote for you for sure! And Gem, you need to do stand up as well, you always crack me up! xox

  7. Hello lovely! Of course went and voted for you :) just so you know, I started reading your blog baaack in the days (you were still peroxide blonde ;)), I think in your first half year of blogging? So surely you deserve an award for keeping me well and truly entertained for all these years! Your blog is so funny and candid, I love the irony of your style. Priceless.

    (ok, this comment is getting a bit too sweet and lovely, so I'll end it here ;))

  8. Voted for you ;)
    You deserve to win, your blog is amazing!

  9. I thought I would talk on this since theres more chance you getting it.

    Well I live in hyndland which is RIGHT BESIDE partick. You must go to byres rd, plenty of vintage shops, including one that my friend owns called 'Glorious'. There are nice bars and cafes down there, and botanic gardens! have a great time! xx

  10. also my mum owns a 50s inspired tearoom called brewhaha in town in buchanin glalleries. If you venture into town and you need a refreshment, it's the place to go!



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