Legs are the new Nails

I gave into my Leopard lust and bought the leggings from Topshop yesterday. I was kinda freaking out about how I'd wear them, but after tonight's epic dress up session, I am feeling much more inspired!

I wore the first outfit to work today. It was the first time I'd ever done the controversial leggings-as-trousers thing. I found it strangely liberating, and luckily my worries about the crotch scenario were unfounded. (I won't be needing any of these!) I do find the print makes my legs look quite chubsville, and for the first time in my life I look like a pear shape rather than the usual 'top heavy', but I don't really mind that. I think curves are cool.

So here are some of the looks I came up with, some good, some not so good:

'Rocky Ibiza' as this look was described by a co-worker earlier today! Kinda bland, but fine for racing around Topshop all day.

[Vest - Topshop, Sandals - Tesco]

A kind of Vintagey Geeky look.

[Top, brogues, headscarf -Vintage]

Rock-ish. Don't like this look much. A bit of a bore. On a brighter note, these are the comfiest heels I've ever owned.

[Top - My Tuesday Tipped charity shop tee, Topshop heels]

Clashy. I really like this little look and the top matches my toe nails which is always a nice touch! I rolled the leggings up to give them a cropped look.

[Top - £6 in the New Look sale, Necklace - h&m, Clogs - Moheda via Sarenza]

I need to go jersey shopping and find some cool baggy tees to wear with them, but I'm glad I've got a few ideas flowing until then! The leggings work out at about £16 with my discount, and I think that's quite bargainous as I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out of them.

Can you think of any other ways to style these leggings? And what do you make of the trousers-as-leggings thing? Am I a walking faux pas?


  1. I LOVE the leopard leggings! I want some. I am proper chubbs though so would have to wear them with long tops. Even then I know fat girls shouldn't wear leggings, but I love them!

    With the mint green top and the head scarf is so cute!

  2. Oooh, I love them all! I think I like the geek vintage look the best, haha. Very cool Miss Fatale.

  3. I think some people should stay well away from the trend but you look fantastic! I love the first look the best. You have the figure to carry it off and you're right, curves are cool. Sadly I'm too self conscious about my bum so I wear leggings with either long shirts or dresses.


  4. i've been searching the high street everywhere to find leggings suitable as pants! my rule is no camel toe obviously or if i can see the pattern of my knickers through them, no matter how faint, they're not pants! these look so foxy on you, but if you think they make you chubz i dread to think how they'd look on me!

  5. Oooh sweet sweel missus! I have to say you defo rock the leggings :) I think the first one is my fave too, looks super comfy. I'm always frightened about wearing them as 'bum tights' as David calls them but its just because I've seen girls in town with black ones on (that arent as thick as the patterned ones) and you can see through them :I But these are gorgeous. and no way in hell are you chubs! :) my wee anchor and diamond are in almost the same place as your eiffel tower :) auw! xx

  6. loving the looks. Especially the vintage one, very chic!

    Try team them with a red top. I love leopard and red together! Trashy? Perhaps. But who's to say that that cannot look good?! ;)

  7. these leggings look fabulous on you and i think they give you a great figure so need to worry about that my dear!
    i love that vintage look and the clashy one is gorgeous too
    ha the camel toe link made ma laugh out loud
    i used to wear leggings a lot in the summer but only ever with long tops
    i hate going to clubs and seeing girls wearing tight black leggings and a ridiculously small crop top - put it away love, but i think you look fab in these

    belle x

  8. I <3 those leggings!
    I want them :)

  9. Hells yeah D.I.Y. fringe!! That top looks great on you and the leopard leggings are killer!

  10. Love the second look, definitely my favourite! The first 'bland' one is great as well, simplicity never hurts when you're playing with leopard print I guess.. or maybe I'm talking rubbish! I like anyhoo ;)

  11. Gemma! I'm shocked! Leggings as trousers ENRAGE me; don't be wearing these anywhere near me or else you'll receive a stern "LEGGINGS ARE NOT TROUSERS" hollered in your ear! ;)

  12. Ooh they look great! I think I'm going to have to invest in a pair!
    I love the look with the blue polka dot top!

  13. you have made me not want to hate lepoard print.
    on me no way, but i can actually look at it now.
    :) xxx

  14. I can't believe there are anti-camel toe panties available to buy! Who comes up with this stuff! I can't say I am a big fan of leggings exposing the crotch area, but with print on them seems to make them more acceptable than plain black leggings!

  15. Don't make you look chubs at all!!
    Love a bit of leopard print. And I never would wear leggings without something covering the crotch area, but these seem totally wearable.

    The clashing look is great, and the comfy heels look amazing.

    X x

  16. As a general rule I do object to the whole leggings-as-trousers-and-crotch-not-being-covered look but I think I may have to bend the rule a bit now. The leopard print leggings look great and you don't look chub at all!!

  17. You look great! Leggings as trousers can work, just in limited circumstances! This is one of them! xx

  18. I love the leggings, they look great on you! I think 'leggings as trousers' is much easier to get away with when they've got a lovely pattern on them!

  19. Great leggings! I love leggings with patterns, I seriously need to get some!! :)


  20. H&M do some great long hankerchief style t-shirts for £7.99 that look great with leggings, if you're not so gifted in the thigh department (like myself!)

    You have great legs though, and look cool wearing leggings as trousers.


  21. Love the leggings! I have some zebra print ones I bought about a year ago - I'm just not brave enough to wear them.

    Lou x - craftyandquirky.blogspot.com

  22. love them.... though im not convinced on the leggings as trousers....



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