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I've been having a cruddy couple of days. It must be the weather and not sleeping very well, but I've just been feeling really run down and unmotivated. I also checked my internet banking yesterday and it was minus LOADS, and I had no idea things had gotten so bad. Everything has just been a bit blah. (Please do check my shop if you want to help out my money scenario!!)

HOWEVER. Today has been good, I woke up feeling really bad and phoned work and told them I just couldn't face work today. So I spent the day sorting myself out. I temporarily sorted out the money situation thanks to Alex lending me some money to stop me getting charged by the bank, and I typed my entry to the ASOS Blogger competition. I'll post it on here if nothing happens, but for now I shall keep it under wraps. I'm really pleased with it. As much as I love blogging, writing an actual 900 word piece is totally different and you feel such a sense of accomplishment afterwards. Fingers crossed I win because the prize sounds super cool!

As I have no pictures for you, I'll do something I've been meaning to do for ages. Do you remember my magazine Gem Says? I wanted to spotlight the work that my illustrator friend, Sophie, did for the magazine. Semi inspired by something I saw in NEET magazine, I wanted to peg illustrated items onto a washing line and photograph it.

I sent Sophie the links to the items I wanted her to draw for me. She sent them back and they looked adorable, she really has such a lovely, simplistic style! Due to her own commitments, I ended up colouring the clothes in on Photoshop which was actually surprisingly easy and I'm really glad I learnt that I can do it! I then printed out the images and set to work in my garden!

Due to my overzealous photoshopping, the end result looks really digitized, I think. I don't think it shows that it is an actual still life shoot. But oh well. I still love it. So thanks Sophie!! ♥

Here's a 'behind the scenes' picture of the setup in my garden! I got lots of strange looks from passers by, and heard someone mutter something about 'modern art'. Ha!

Be sure to follow Sophie's blog to keep up with her little doodles and goings on!

I'll be back tomorrow after work with a pretty outfit to share.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend! x


  1. I love this!! Props to Sophie!


  2. Sorry you've been feeling crap recently - I really hope things sort themselves out for you m'love :)

    I really liked that page when I first saw it in your magazine - I didn't realise that's how you'd done it - it's so effective.

    I'm going to go & check out your friends blog now :)

    Take care love,


  3. Hope you feel better soon.
    I love reading your blog as in a non creepy way a lot of stuff you do reminds me of my life living with the boyf, though I prefer asda for big brother snacks.
    ugh just read how that sounds and it sounds very stalkery - apologies.


  4. Ooh I actually had no idea this was how you had done it, I thought it was just all made on the computer :) I love it! x

  5. Wow, that is seriously so cute! You (and your friend) are so talented!

    Sorry you have been feeling like crap, I hope everything gets better for you gem!


  6. I've been feeling out of sorts too, and I reckon you're right: it's this beastly weather... anyway, feel better soon!! :-)


  7. Uck, this weather is not fun is it? I don't mind the sunshine but not being able to sleep because it's so hot is driving me nuts. Hope you're feeling better soon :)

    I love the page and the photo of the setup is so fun - I had no idea it was done that way!

  8. Aww hunny, sorry to read you haven't been feeling well and you have other troubles too... I hope at least some of it will sort itself out soon. I'm in a lot of money troubles too, at the moment, so I really know how you feel :/ BUT I don't have all those wonderful clothes to sell! I'm sure your shop will come in handy and you'll get back on track soon! :)

    That's awesome how you did this feature for the magazine, I was actually thinking if it was an actual photo of drawings, or someone just drew it on the comp on a brick background! Love it. Your friend's doodles are great, I added her blog to my 'follow' list :)

  9. haha your 'modern art' is very cute!

  10. So cute, you girls are so talented. I hope things get sorted out soon.

  11. A massive thank you Gemma! Not only did I have a wonderful birthday weekend but I come back to find a bunch of new followers.. I suppose this means I should stop being lazy and get on with the backlog of work, eh? :) ♥

  12. Lack of money sucks, I know the feeling oh so well at the moment! Hope your blog shop helps the situation! Love the little washing line :)

  13. This is lovely!! An amazing idea- I especially love the second shot, it's great :) x


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