Duck Hunt

[Remember that awesome Nintendo game Duck Hunt? SO good!]

I am trying to type but Roxy has decided to take up residence on my lap. Like so:

EDIT: I have just evicted her because it's impossible to babble at length with her on my lap! Bad luck, guys! :)

Here's a couple of pictures from Mine and Alex's walk to the river yesterday. We were on a mission to find the ducklings, which we eventually did! I have such a baby animal obsession. Is this weird? When Roxy had kittens it was THE most exciting time of my whole life. And I've done some pretty exciting things in my 23 years!

[Can you see the little duckbaby on the right eating the bit of bread someone had just chucked in at that second? So cute!]

Also, besides our stripping ho (scroll down in this post) of a neighbour, we now have a house full of rowdy students opposite us that like to stand out in the street being noisy all the time - especially at night when you have your window open because it's so hot. They have kept us awake about 6 nights in the last 10. They also park their car on the street even though it's double yellow lines. Essentially, we hate them. So when their friends parked outside our house on Monday night, literally obstructing our gate, it was the last straw for me.

I left this little beauty on their windscreen:

I know I'm a bit of a busybody, but I can't help myself. I just believe in the old fashioned values of respect! I actually believe I am a granny trapped in a young[ish] body. I have been known to note down the car license plate number of erratic drivers on the roads and report them to the local police. I KNOW this is completely lame, but I just get so mad at dangerous drivers. And noisy neighbours.

On this highly strung note, my neighbours will be pleased to know I started trying Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles today, because life is stressing me out so much, and I'm pleased to say I've had a really nice day! I'm not in a state of constant anxiety. So this is good! I'm hoping they will help me relax on holiday too. Whenever I'm in another country I am convinced that anyone that looks at me will mug me and that our hotel will set on fire while we're sleeping. It's ridiculous! Well, that was the old me, hopefully with my herbal helpers I can quite literally take a chill pill!



  1. Gem! I understand your pain! My family live in a little cul de sac and the opposite house is rented out and people keep parking outside our front door! Bahhhhhh.

  2. Ahh I'm the same with worrying, I'm such an old fart! I'm convinced it's because I'm the oldest and I practically have to mother my mother too!
    Me and my sister used to have that Duck Hunt game, amazing! I'm pretty sure we had a pretend gun too haha!

  3. Gem i suggest taking a stanley knife to the offending car tyres (trust me, they'll think twice where they park in future ;-))))
    Cute ducklings, i love having a stroll canal.

  4. LOVE THE NOTE! haha! and the duckys!


  5. oh you do make me giggle :)

    stupid freeking neighbours, mine is recently divorced, and he thinks its fantastically funny to go to the local pub, get horrifically drunk, invite everyoneee back, then stay up till 4 in the morning listening to really, really bad folk/country music. then get up at 6am, to go to work driving his white van, leaving a ton of dishvelled party goers (middle aged may i add) to work out where they are.

    i live in a tiny cottage, its hell.

    my mum has shopped him precisely 10 times to the police for drink driving, and he hasnt got a clue why he keeps being pulled over randomly and breathlised. the bastard.

    thank fully hes some what grown up since he got a new girlfriend.

    and dont even get me started on the prats that dont slow down at a traffic light and nearly run me over - now i just have to resort to bad language and my middle finger - how classy. so much anger!

    but go you! and your little (but very powerful) note xxx

    p.s sorry for the ramble
    pp.s i thought your boyfriend was henry holland at first - it must have been the quiff!

  6. I love those pastilles! They helped me calm down on my flight to and from australia, i've recently developed a bit of anxiety with flying and this did wonders (maybe it's psychological?).

    I am also like you with being a bit of a granny (i am generally appalled with some of the youth today!!) although i haven't written down a number plate and contacted the police but this is a good idea!

    As for the students parking on double yellow i would be inclined to report them to the council but i don't know if they would actually do anything about it.


  7. That notice is far politer than anything I'd leave! Hope they took some notice of it. If not, a call to the traffic warden department of the local council might in order *evil grin*

    The ducklings are sooo cute but obviously topped by Roxy's kittens! Check those little sweeties out. Did they all go to good homes?

    Love the stripy tee by the way :)

  8. Haha baby animals are the BEST! Didnt you see my last post :p Roxy is a cutie, I miss having a cat around the house. Well done you for getting your neighbours told - stuff like that makes me absolutely raging. Oh oh, my doc put me on medication for anxiety about 4 months ago and I feel so much better, its nice being able to function without worrying about the sillest day to day things :) you and your man are a b-e-a-utiful couple! xx

  9. Firstly, can I say I love your sunglasses! So cool.

    Secondly your neighbours sound awful! I get so annoyed with the youf of today, the other day I saw a boy, who was only 11 or 12 just drop a sweet wrapper on the ground when there was a bin about 20 seconds away. I realised exactly how middle class I really am, beacause I was not only shocked that he dropped his wrapper on the floor but that he was eating sweets before breakfast!

    I think your note is completely justified!

  10. That sounds very stressful! I am quite the anxiety fuelled person myself, it drives the boyfriend mad!
    Speaking of which, look how cute yours looks on that bench! What a sweetheart.


  11. also, forgot to mention this, but you are a legend. i would have put that sign on their car and then grated cheese into their grill.


  12. Good for you for leaving that note! I would have done exactly the same thing. The slightest things annoy me lately and i always have to have a little ramble to myself! x

  13. That well-worded note has made me smile :) My Gran once tied the neighbour's car to a pole and knotted it so hard they couldn't remove it, one of the finer moments in our lives! x

  14. think i actually love michelles gran ^^^^
    how fab is that !
    what was the outcome ?

    gem - you and your boy are the cutest couple ever, your like the perfect complimenting couple !

    oh, and my hampster just had 5 babys, so im currently in love with mini animals too - im going to do a blog post about it, cause the story is tres upsetting - so keep tuned for pictures !! (they are the miniest of mini hampsters!)

    loving your look for your stroll



  15. i think you look so lovely in that outfit!
    haha your note on the car made me laugh
    my friends always laugh at me when i drive because i am such an old woman, literally never ever break the speed limit
    dont you just think that canterbury and the kent area has the worst drivers ever!
    i seriously hate driving around canterbury town because there are so many idiots that constantly pull out on your grrrr!
    belle xx

  16. Haha I have LOVED your comments! So much neighbour rage going on, glad I'm not alone!

    Laura - Yeah the gun was the best bit!!

    Lucy - Haha that is plan B!

    City Girls Fashion Box - That sounds like such a hideous situation! Glad he's settled down for now. I have terrible pedestrian rage too, I can't bear when they don't slow down at Zebra crossings. My middle finger comes out in full force!

    Gemma Hayley - Yeah I was thinking it could all be a placebo, but either way, if I've chilled out, I'm satisfied! Am going to contact the council about the car situation, but our local council is the shittest of the shit!

    Alex - They did indeed go to good homes. I was positively militant when it came to finding only the finest homes for them, haha! Was so sad to see them go though. I was in mourning! Got Roxy spayed after that unplanned episode!

    Rogue - see your own blog for my reply! :D

    Harriet - Why thank you, the sunnies are H&M £4.99! Haha your comment about da yoof made me laugh!!

    eleanor - On behalf of the sweetheart boyf, thank you for the kind comment :) Maybe these magical Rescue Remedy sweets would work for you if you get anxious too? x

    Claire - I LOVE the way you think.

    Michelle Chai - That is the most amazing thing I've ever heard! I think your Gran and I could be good friends ;)

    Danni Tee - Such a lovely comment about the boyf & I :) Thank you. Can't wait to see the Hamster's babies, not looking forward to the sad bit though.. :( xx

    Belle - Thanks lovey! IF I ever learn to drive, I will totally be a granny driver too. Speed limits are there for a reason, FFS! :) Yeah being a pedestrian in this town is shit, and my boyfriend HATES driving around here too. Boo! x

  17. Ugh they sound horrible- good for you I say!
    I've used rescue remedies before- i like the spray cos it's so easy; especially good before exams!!


  18. Gemma, your note was more polite than I would have written - but next time - write it in lipstick on their windscreen, they'll have a bugger of a job getting off!!
    From another grumpy old fart... Anna x

  19. Such a random post but I love it! Especially the note and use of rescue remedy. I took some to NYC but haven't even used it, which is a bit of a waste, as I've been plenty stressed! Maybe it's best for the journey home, especially going through check in/customs etc?

    Kb from I Want You To Know

  20. I love baby animals too so fluffy and cuddly. Yesterday I saw loads of lovely baby rabbits on the side of the road.

  21. Aaaah cuteness! I'm surprised you didn't steal one and cart it home.

    Noise does indeed annoy! :( Good on you mrs, hope they take it as a warning sign rather than encouragement to make more noise now they know people are listening...

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  22. Hahaha, this cracked me up. I'm a bit crazy when I'm on holiday too, particularly thinking that every person I see is going to mug me.

    Also, the baby animal obsession? Totally normal. I'm obsessed with piglets. To the extent that I actually squeal loudly when I see one on TV. Ridiculous.

  23. Well done for leaving the assholes a note!! I've done the same with a neighbour's daughter who parks bang on the corner but about 10 foot away from the kerb so I have to do a 35 point manevoure just to get in my parking space (whilst squealing and flapping my hands!!)

    Cute baby ducks! I love them, especially when you see them walking around with their mum just cruising around the park, eating some bread.

    X xx

  24. Anyone who doesn't love baby animals is just weird! We have annoying noisy neighbours, aswell as a million children(slight exageration) and people who don't know how to park! I have been known to stick notes on windscreens of people who insist on parking in our allocated parking spaces!

  25. good for you! you shouldn't put up with dangerous drivers, they're a potential hazard for all of us

  26. oh i love baby animals too <3 my cat has had 3 litters of kittens and her daughter 1 litter, they are always so sweet x

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Good on you, reporting to the police! I'm glad someone does, it's the only way people learn! xx

  29. Aww cute photo of you with your cat! I was just having a snuggle with mine.

    I just stumbled across your blog and I'm really enjoying it! I'll be following for sure :)

    I think I might need some Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles. Would you say that they helped?

  30. Another comment because I'm clearly obsessed with you haha!
    I've tagged you for the 8 questions tag - see here!

  31. So glad that your duck feeding was not interrupted by random tramps questioning the sexual morals of ducks x

  32. I came here via Selina and i have to say I know I'm going to be a full time reader now!

    "I actually believe I am a granny trapped in a young[ish] body."
    Haha!! This is me too.

    About living with erratic neighbours, I live in the country at the moment the only complaint i have is that our neighbours trees are so tall they block our sattelite signal, so i only can watch 4 channels (First world problems yadda yadda) but I was thinking about living in an estate the other day, english estates especially are so compacted together. No privacy and shitty neighbours! I'm moving to Glasgow soon so who knows where i'll end up/

    I'm not making sense. It's the hunger. brb gonna eat now.

  33. Ahhh! I saw those very ducklings on Sunday! The water is so clear, and there were two young chaps with an old toy sail boat on a bit of string, so sweet! I'm sorry to hear about your shitty neighbours - reminds me of the bits of uni life I HATED! I can also relate to the grannyness.......

  34. Ahhh! I saw those very ducklings on Sunday! The water is so clear, and there were two young chaps with an old toy sail boat on a bit of string, so sweet! I'm sorry to hear about your shitty neighbours - reminds me of the bits of uni life I HATED! I can also relate to the grannyness.......

  35. Haha love what you left on their windscreen!

  36. hahahaha great sign! hope things are improving? our ice cream men neighbours had a fight with the house two doors down in the street! i have a tuesday tip request: how do you meet such a lovely guy who will take you duckling watching?!

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