The calm before the storm!


I hope you had a nice weekend. I had a very uneventful one. I worked Fri, Sat and Sun and spent the nights just chilling with Alex, watching films and reading. It's all go this week, though, as we're off to Madrid on Sunday!

I haven't mentioned my holiday on here much for some reason! I guess it's just crept up on me. We're catching a sleeper train to Madrid (Alex hates flying), and stopping off for a couple of nights in Paris on the way back. Amazing! Shopping recommendations for either city would be much appreciated!

So anyway, this week is a busy one. Tomorrow I'm going strapless bra shopping, as I am aiming to wear nothing but strapless tops in Madrid as I don't want strap lines. It's my first 'hot holiday' since I was about 13, and therefore pretty much my first tanning opportunity since then, so I don't want straps to spoil it. On Wednesday, Alex & I are hitting London for some holiday shopping. I'm going to get most of my holiday gear in Primark, as I am an endless pauper. I can also finally spend my £55 Urban Outfitters voucher from the uni girls, which will be awesome! We're also nipping to the Debenhams Christmas press show.

Thursday night I'm going for drinks with work friends, and I've told them all I'll paint their nails leopard print is they each buy me a drink. A good way to save money! God help the last person whose nails I paint, after all the 'free' drinks! They'll probably have entire leopard print (ish) hands. Friday and Saturday I'm working, and then it's off to Madrid on Sunday! I also need to pack at some point. Dread.

Here's today's outfit (Unfortunately I look like my face is frozen by botox - I can assure you this isn't the case!):

(Dress - a £7.99 h&m bargain! Sandals - Tesco, Jacket & Brooch - Topshop)

Here's a floaty leopard print dress I bought in Dorothy Perkins for a tenner (with discount), which I will probably hang onto unless I find a similar one for 0.05 pence in Primark.

(My fave sunnies, £4.99 from h&m)

Any ideas for what I can wear to stay cool in Madrid's sky-high temperatures? Like I said, it's my first hot holiday in ages, so I am clueless! I'm guessing a hat will have to be involved... Hopefully I'll find a cool straw hat in Primark. Luckily I have a long fringe now... Last time I tried on a hat, I looked like a bald man because it covered up all my hair and fringe. It was embarrassing for all involved.

Gimme tips on how to stay cool, please!! And perhaps how to be cool? I'm stuffed when it comes to either!


  1. Love both these looks, you manage to wear leopard print without it ever looking tacky which is really cool! I don't know what to suggest over than airy sundresses all the way! Buy them a bit longer so you won't have to wear leggings underneath. Have a great holiday!!

  2. Gemmm, how exciting this holiday sounds! Indeed I agree with the strapless tanning sich - nowt worse than unsightly uneven tan lines!! Ooooer! Also.. i reccommend Hawaiian tropic spf 20 spray oil - it helps boost your tan gradually and keeps your skin marvy and soft! Plus spf20, there's other products in their brand with higher spf :D If you burn easily/end up burning remember have some aloev vera lotion and stuff - no one laikesss nasty peeling! :(

    Awesome about the drinks + leopard print nails err 'swapsies' ?! can't think of a word!! AHH, that h&m polka dot dress.. was debating about whether to get it or not!

    Ermm trying to figure out if i had any tips of staying cool (my holidays usually consisted of a week or so in hot,muggy, humid, HOT hong kong!) but usually: anti mosquito stuff (errr, i don't know if madrid gets em, totally unsure..) aka AVON green dry oil spray, think it was like called Woodlands fresh.. super rad!

    /end of ramble ramble :$ !! xxxx

  3. I went to Madrid when I was 16. It's a fabulous city. I can't actually remember anywhere we went though. I was 16 far too long ago :/

    I used to have really short hair. I couldn't wear hats for 5 years due to the same bald man issue.

  4. Ooh, Madrid is amazing, you'll love it there! And yes the weather is a definite plus point. :D
    I just got back from Florida where it's been about 35ºC every day, absolute nightmare to pack for! I wore a different kind of top each day – thin strap, thick strap, sleeves, bandeau, etc. and I got away with no tan lines at the end of the week so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself! So I don't know if that'll work for you but it's worth a go. :) I actually just did a blog post about holiday packing if you feel like having a look.
    Love Sanchia xxx

  5. You look gorgeous in both these outfits! I love your sandals.

    Hmm, when I went to New Caledonia all I wore were light cotton dresses and a few strappy tops with shorts. I usually had to keep a cover up handy though for any long periods in the sun because I'm so pale and lobster is not a good look on me. So advice: stick with dresses and don't get sunburnt :)


  6. A bald man, lol! I LOVE your outfits as always. Oh my gosh, I'm so envious of your holiday, have a wonderful time in the sun! x

  7. Do we have a winner of the Tesco competition yet? :-)


  8. Love these looks! You could always get a paper fan, that will help you keep cool. Other than that floaty outfits and probably staying inside between 11 and 3(the hottest part of the day).

  9. Have a lovely time in Madrid and Paris! By way of shopping, Printemps is lovely for a little wistful wander, so many gorgeous bags and clothes, but it's quite high end! Gorgeous dresses in both of your photos! And the H&M sunglasses are so perfect :) And finally, to stay cool (not that you aren't already, obviously!) I really recommend The Body Shop's Vitamin E Face Mist. Seriously, it's a godsend!

  10. I'm so jealous... wish wish wish I was going away! Your nails for drinks idea is crafty, haha!


  11. I'll look forward to your post about Paris - I'm off in August!

  12. Have fun on your holiday. Make sure you pack some P20...it makes sightseeing/chilling by the beach so much easier and is the one suncream I swear by. I wish I could do strapless bras but I always find they make me look a bit....weird...so I try to switch between halters and straps.

    Clothes wise...light natural fabrics, if going to be out late always pack a cardi though cause after a day in extreme heat you can feel a bit cool at night.

    Have a lovely time...am mega jealous!



  13. Definitely go with any lightweight, light-coloured clothes in the day, but if you can, when you go to the beach, get yourself a big umbrella so that you can stay under it when not playing in the Mediterranean.

    I even found a tip on how to properly install such a gadget right here.

    And there you go, mademoiselle !

  14. In Paris you just have to go to Galeries La Fayette. There are two in Paris but its the North one you wanna go to. Not only is the main building itself super amazing but the designer shops in there are to die for. You may not be able to actually buy anything there (I know I didnt!) but its such a lovely place to just wander around and dream ......

  15. love ur dotty top!
    its cute!


  16. if you dont like that leopard dress you can always pass it over to me ;)

    when i was on holiday i just wore shorts and vests and whatnot, occasionally wearing dresses in the evening. id reccomend taking a big scarf like i did as you can wear it as a scarf/sarong and as a cover up your shoulders if you actually get burnt!

    have a lovely time!

  17. definitely go for airy dresses...i swear ive been living in them in turkey and they are perfect...but not too short otherwise you will be flashing the knix all day and you dont want to be worrying about that...
    and i wouldnt go for a strapless bra i would go for a bandeau one without structure as it will be a whole lot more comfortable
    have a great holiday:)

  18. Galleries Lafayette in Paris is amaze, you've gotta go to the basement level for the affordable clothes, really different to any high street stuff but the same price, woo!
    Also the beauty dept is worth a look just for the incredible domed glass ceiling!

  19. I really like your first outfit there. Have a great holiday :)

  20. Lightweight dresses and some layers for evenings should get you through the heat. Definitely don't forget a cardi for evenings and whack on the sunscreen - sightseeing when sunburnt is not at all fun.

    Hope you have a fab time on holiday. It all sounds super exciting, especially the sleeper train! I have glorious visions of you in black and white film scenarios so don't spoil my illusions and tell me it's like a tiny hotel room, haha.

  21. Keeping cool in extreme heat calls for really simple outfits! Cotton, floaty, flat shoes, over the body bags... I'm so jealous of your holiday. I want to go! :) x

  22. great outfits! hope you have a fab holiday xx

  23. I went to Florida for three weeks in April and it was definitely hot hot hot. At home, I tend to wear dresses and skirts - I only own one pair of black trousers and no jeans.

    I bought some shorts for my holiday and wore them with floaty vests, tucked into the shorts so there was actually some shape, and cute sandals. It was the only thing that worked for me (dresses were out seeing as I spent nearly all of my time at Disney parks, which involves lots of rides - however tame!) but otherwise I would have gone for floaty dresses - maybe with a waist tie to retain some shape?

    Have a lovely time :)


  24. You'll love Madrid, remember the gay district though it's not really uber cheap still great to browse (that's for vintage not er gays). Um yes!

    Staying cool, hat is a must. Made such a difference in Portugal! They only suit me now I have a fringe too. and keep piling on the suncream.

    Love the leopard dress. I'm in love with 7.99 leopard print wedges in H&M but I'm too skint to even buy those! *sob* I keep looking at 99p dresses on ebay too :o/

  25. My only tip for you in Madrid! Stay safe, hold onto your bag! I was there for a week and was robbed! twice! Other than that very cool pace!

  26. when I was in Paris last summer it was so hot and all of the Japanese tourists had little parasols so they had constant shade! I was so jealous of them because I was so hot.

  27. I got a straw hat from primark, ripped off the black horribe ribbon stuff and replaced it with some nice lace. I got some other colours of ribbon so I can change it to match things :) x

  28. I was just about to suggest trilby... it's a common suggestion but I worthwhile one all the same! other than that, kaftan perhaps? And maxi skirts make great cover ups. On the beach I'm planning on wearing a lacey tshirt over a bikini in the hottest part, my theory is it will be light and breezy enough to keep cool, but the pattern should move so I shouldn't get unattractive lace tan! (although actually, that could be cool!) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  29. Love that leopard dress! Great idea selling leopard nails for drinks! My tips for staying cool are make sure you have a hat, clothing that isnt too tight, a mini fan(god send when your in a place with no breeze!) and lots of water!

  30. Have a fabulous holiday :) jelousssssssssssssssssssss xx

  31. it's so cool that you get discount from all of arcadia!! you must be on holiday right now, lush! i must say as a fellow big brother lover you have a great week to catch up on!!! fab task and john james and josie omgggg!xxx


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