World Cup nails + a request!

Good evening guys!

Thought I'd share with you my craptastic Nail job I did the other night in preparation for the first England game of the World Cup (what a let down it as!) I got the cringey nail stickers in Sally's, and used my White Barry M and Grey Models Own nail varnishes for alternate spots. It took forever for some reason. It just kept going wrong and I was about ready to chop my fingers off at the end of it! An omen for the frustrating USA vs England match that was to follow, perhaps!

On another note, do you have any requests for future posts you'd like me to do? Am writing a big blog to do list and just wondered if there's anything you'd like to see me post?

For this week's Tuesday tip, I can't decide between 'Random things you can do with hair straighteners' (I'm not giving any more info on this post away yet, but I have discovered a couple of nifty tricks!) or a few blogging tips I've found useful in increasing my blog's popularity that others may not have thought of. I'll post both ideas at some point, obvz, but which would you rather read on Tues? As always, feel free to comment or email me new Tues Tips ideas!

Hope you've had a scrumptious day. I'm watching come dine with me and eating some Terry's Chocolate Orange (only £1 in Tesco at the mo! Why do they do this to me?!)

So yes, don't be shy, give me blog ideas and tell me what Tues tip you'd like to read about more! I'll heart you forever!


  1. id like to see the blogging tips first!! xxx

  2. oo I can't decide! ... Just do both, hehe ;)
    Those nails look they took forever, such a good job!

  3. Blogging tips, s'il vous plaît ! Merci ! ^^

    Oh, and I just noticed you changed your userpic on your Blogger account... I like it! :)

  4. I'd like to see the blogging tips!

  5. Blogging tips would be good :) But definately do the hair straightners too!

    I havn't actually got a blog yet, I'm just addicted to reading other peoples. I need to pluck up the courage and start, just not sure where! My uni exams finish on wednesday so I'll have no more excuses after that and I can get cracking :)


  6. Hair tips!! my hair is a very similar length to yours, maybe a little shorter, so would love some ideas!!
    Love love love your blog by the way! xxx

  7. I love the nails, they're cute!
    Hmmm I would like blogging and outfit tips pretty please :D


  8. Blog tips! And still hoping you'll let me interview you ;)

  9. ooh blogging tips please!
    I'm loving those nails haha, im thinking its more the english being rubbish at everything that ruined the match though!
    Maybe daily make up routine would be good?

  10. I love the alternate spotty nails - really effective :)

    I am not in a position to give advice/ideas on what to blog about to anyone I'm afraid - I am still an officially rubbish blogger.
    I'd be happy to read either of your post ideas on Tuesday - does the hair straighteners one involve drying or ironing, damp or creased clothes? That's what my friends always used to do before a night out!

    Enjoy your chocolate orange :)


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  12. I think the blogging tips would be good :) Although I can't wait to see the straighteners tips :)

    Maria xxxx

    P.S. I love the nails :)

  13. I am intrigued as to what you can do with hair straightners!

  14. I'd say blogging tips! I'm finding it hard to get followers even though I only comment on fashion and beauty blogs like my own! x

  15. Blogging tips are always good, but don't give away your trade secrets! :)

    Loving the nails! Too cute. x

  16. yes blogging tips please! although i am intrigued by these hair straightener tips too hmmm

  17. Blogging tips would be cool, I'm always eager to hear how the well-loved blogs have spread their wings.

    Thanks for the heads up about tatts lovey! I'm taking your advice and going somewhere different... and the Bepanthen (sp?) hint they did explain, but not the clingfilm... so it seems we have both been partially robbed of a first time tattoo perfection!

    Claire @ Jazzpad

    P.S. I've given up on the World Cup already. One match in and I'm disappointed!

  18. Blogging tips would be great!!


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