Tuesday tip: Fringe t-shirt DIY!


This week's tip is a good'un for two reasons. 1) It's a more subtle alternative to the crop top, for those who aren't keen on baring their midriff to all and sundry! 2) It's better than wearing a normal t-shirt in these hot hot hot conditions, as you are fully ventilated!

Eagle-eyed readers may have seen me do a similar post last year, but I thought I'd do a proper tutorial for the fringed t-shirt as a Tuesday tip. This idea is entirely mine and I've never seen a top the same as it in shops (Urban Outfitters have dabbled with fringing but not in a crop-top way) which either means it's not a very good idea, or I am a highly gifted and innovative designer. I'd like to err towards the latter, but I'm sure you'll tell me straight!

Here's a before and after:

So, you will need, scissors and an old t-shirt, or a cheap charity shop one. I say 'cheap' but I bought mine earlier for £2.75 in a charity shop which did sicken me a little, but I just thought the 'recycle' motif was appropriate for a DIY project :)

Take a crop top and line it up against your t-shirt (or estimate the appropriate length if you prefer). Draw a line in chalk. This will be where your fringing stops (any higher and you will be flashing more than your midriff!)

Snip the bottom hem off the t-shirt, so the fringing is all the same, without chunky bits at the bottom.

Cut up the middle of the shirt first and start snipping your tassles! I snipped mine just under a centimetre wide (but if you click the link from when I did it before I did them thinner and that looks good too, but takes longer). Snipping the middle and doing one half first rather than working from one side all the way to the other in one goes helps to keep your tassles straight. Don't worry if you cut some wonky, though, it doesn't really show!

Now you have this:

But I decided to cut the neck off mine and give it more of a scoop neck. I find the easiest way to cut across the neck of a t-shirt is to fold it in half first. This means the result will be totally symmetrical.

And you're all done!

For a more shapely look, you can take two of the strands at the back and tie them in a bow so you're more cinched in.

There's lots of scope to make this DIY suit you. If you love the full-on crop look, you could cut lots more fabric off when you chop the bottom hem off and just do the little fringey bits a couple of inches long. You could also do the sleeves too if you like!

Find an old t-shirt and give it a go! Not only will you look cooler than everyone, you will be quite literally cooler than them too!



  1. fab diy dvrling! i'm a sucker for any & all diys ;)


    P.S. - I have to go find some good tees to cut up now hehe

  2. LOVE this tip.
    I'm thinking about doing it for sleeves and using it with a long sleeved top to make normal sleeves with a fringe.

    thanks xx

  3. I LOVE it miss fatale
    Definitely going to give this a try ... once I can sneak some of my hubby's old band tees out of his closet without him seeing ;)
    You're the DIY queen!

  4. God, I'm so thick, I can't believe I had to wait my whole life for you to tell me that folding my t-shirt in half makes cutting scoop necks easier. & there I was crying over wonky boatnecks all that time. Brilliant tutorial, nice one girl! Will msot likely try it out if this crazy heat carries on.

  5. this is such a good idea, i'm going to have to try this out! xx

  6. YOU ARE A GENIUS!! Going to be buying and cutting up tops all Summer I think!


  7. Flip, that's a great idea! Best tell your Topshop boss, you'll be designing soon!

  8. Such a great DIY idea! And I also love the tip about tying two strands at the back :) You clever girly! XO

  9. I am loving this idea, although i don't have the midrift for it, but a maxi dress would also be cool.

  10. This looks so cool on you! It would look AWFUL on me, but I love it so! x

  11. i love this tip, thanks gem. now i have this and the bleach top to try out over the summer :)

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  12. I love Tuesday tips! This is genius because there's no way I'd bare my tum in a full on crop but this is a good compromise.

  13. Cute! This is such an easy way to modernise your t-shirt on a budget! I've done this with a few things over the years, fab!

    Corinne x


  14. Love this, slightly concerned about trapping myself in doors/hooking on things etc though. :)
    I cut the necks off loadsa stuff otherwise I end up with a shelf boob.

    X xx

  15. Tuesday Tips is pretty much one of my favourite things on any blog - you've got so many good ideas! Got a feeling a lot of my tops are going to get the fringe treatment ;) xxx

  16. such a cute idea! you look so good, but i'm not quite sure about flashing my pasty belly to the world, though. hmm.


  17. such a great post lovely! I'm currently dreaming about all the t-shirts I can do this with!

  18. what a cute idea! i love how the top is still so versatile :)

  19. I love this! Cute hair =).
    Following you now =D

  20. I enjoy DIY project~ this piece makes me want to dancing...or at least moving my body!

  21. Ooh what a fab idea, this has inspired me to rake through my wardrobe and find some things to customise! I think a tshirt like this would look great with a bright high-waisted skirt underneath.

  22. Fab tip! Need to raid the wardrobe for stuff to cut up now!

  23. How weird, that top is actually from H&M boys kids, my brother has it! I've actually tried to squeeze into it a few times, but I really need to face it, I'm not 9years old anymore.
    It would be mine

  24. Love the idea, may have to give it a go...*goes rooting through BF's old tees*
    Just discovered your blog after adding you on twitter (good old #ff!)
    Love the blog :)

    Nikki x

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